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Part 7 . Lethargic Thoughts


Part 7 : Lethargic Thoughts

02 August 2011


 Part 7 . Lethargic Thoughts 



In flashback'.




The one mistake , of his spoiled youth and lack of decision making  of Dharmnath khuranas life lead all the complications .




When he(Dharmnath) took over his fathers business he was a spoiled brat , he started physical relation with his secretary 6 ,7 years elder than him Pamela Anderson a British lady .Pamela was a careless stupid women even she realized that she is carrying only when it was really really late and was not actually sure whose it was. When she delivered an Indian Baby ,and only Indian she had ever slept with was Mr.Dharmnath her boss ,and he was not a complete kameena he gave him his name but not rights of son ,Dev Khurana.


Later when Dev was about 8 years ,  His Father Maanavendar Khurana threat Dharmnath that he will throw him out of his wealth unless he be a real gentleman  true Khurana ,and his father became successful in making him realize his mistakes in past and tie knot with Rajkumari Amruth Kaur,and they soon had Maan.


But when Maan was 16 Dharmnath was diagnosed with blood cancer , then he decided to make his will,with Maan only as his successor of Khurana Empire .Out of many clauses which will be there normally ,there was, one special 'silly one funny looking '.


The will ensures that Pamela and her son should be given 20000 pounds every month and they didn't had any complaint and not bold , strong enough monetarily and mentally to go against Rajkumari Amruth and her son Maan. They were already settled with what they are given.




If maan dies according to the will all the empire  will be solely belong to Amruth and Savitri maan's Daadi and Dharmnath's mother.After them it will go to some charity organization, but Pamela and her son will never become owners unless..


He added a clause which was not serious at all at first look..


If and only if Maan "Not able to take care of Khurana Empire " the 68% share that Khuranas hold will go to Pamela and her son dev, Savitri and Amruth will be given 100000 allowances monthly, Dharmnath added the clause ..just  in case if Maan turn to a spoiled one just like him in past and the women will not be actually able to handle him like in his case , and he would not be there for maan as his father was there for him(Maanavendar to  Dharmnath) to help  ,,, Savitri and Amruth can threat maan with that clause if they want in case Maan skip from their control in wrong way  ,and the fear of losing property will make Maan  a good person indeed !!!! .It was really stupid and childish expected from a man like Dharmnath then , may be his stupid past showing up in his decision making or the strong medicines and radiations blocking his fore vision.


But nobody bothered it at all .Because Maan was the best, a person could imagine in any. Best in studies sports , after all people used to say after all he is Rajkumari Amruth's son , Truly Royal in everything.




One accident in Main highway slide downed the huge truck containing waste water , which fell on Maan's car stuck in traffic below the over bridge . Almost all cars under it crashed to ground in no time , Maan being expert in Martial arts quickly saved himself by sliding in the gap below his seat, he was packed between seats. There was not a single scratch on his body but he felt difficult to breath as the dirty heavy smell of waste water from some factory surrounded the atmosphere and he controlled his breath body activities to survive in that limited oxygen by his Yoga techniques .tried harder '..but eventually he  fainted.




When he regained conscious he felt like he died and he is in heaven and Geet the angel serving him playing with him .. 




Flashback continues ''...







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