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Chapter 3. Baby Tom and love stuck Jerry

Chapter 3. Baby Tom and love stuck Jerry
12 August 2011
Geet started again "Mujey Kisee bhee keemath pe Ghar pahunchado .(take me home at any cost).,otherwise I will tell Bheem bhayya that u torn my blouse and steal my milk.."

Maan felt dizziness and his eyes got blacked out and he lean the car bonnet for support ,not to fell , looked disgustingly at the Barbie doll in saari in front of wondering

"ye akhir cheez kya hi " (what is this thing??)

He cant believe she eighteen , well he had some biological proofs too. But ,and she is no way this extent stupid , definitely there is some mystery

But then he cant stop asking . "are you really eighteen .."

Geet scared for a moment ,But she did not thought about why that question in that hour and that situation. Well that's geet ..with full confidence she retreated

Geet :"You want to see my certificates .. , I am eighteen  only , otherwise how will they let me sit in school final exam ..bolo bolo'" she argued

Maan nodded in agreement that what he usually do , he cant win over her .
But his mind warned
"zaroor koi gadbad hi"

Well this is Maan and Geet , the totally pampered children of Khurana and Iyer family,
Even without thinking about the scrappy situation they are in , their life next moment in between a communal riot they are arguing about age in certificate.

Its not just today their tom and jerry fights started.
Geet is the stupid Tom thinking too much about herself often get landed in stupendous situations  ,
 where a little much clever Jerry Maan is love stuck  after a special day in his life that he cant just forget''..

, but very 'small" in front of "brilliant" in mathematics Tom.
Geet is very excellent in Mathematics , she is daughter of an x- IIT professor Dr.Shivanad Iyer a world renowned mathematician ,Maan's tuition teacher, where as maan a zero , no minus in Mathematics person.

And the most funny thing in their Tom and Jerry life is here the stupid Tom never get hurt, its always Jerry be in trouble , because Jerry himself don't want Tom to get hurt.

Now the threat of mob ,violence , riots etc just got temporarily shifted away because of the burning truck hindering the exit to main road.
The street they chose to hide seems to be a dead end , the other end seems to be some house Gate.
Maan :" first you call your family and inform then give me your mobile"
Geet:"shiv Shiv don't you know that school kids not allowed to have mobile"
Maan:rubbed his forehead in frustration :" But you are eighteen , no more a kid "
That geet will defenitely Agrees ..
Geet" ha ha ..But I am still in school .."
Maan:"Now madam u are not returning from any school right"
Geet : " what you mean by "now" , its only vacation after that I have to go in school .."

Maan now really got pissed off , "issey tho bathem karna hee bekar hi"
Geet:"give me your mobile I want to talk to bhayya.., ha I know u may be worried about money , I will pay you once I reach home ,or u can cut it down when u give me next month fees "

Maan thought how I am going to live with her rest of my life , she really thinks I asked her mobile to save money.
Geet;"stretched her hands " Give me mobile " and she giggled when the wind find its way through the stretched hands and chilled her nipples exposed under her sari pallu due to tore blouse
Maan:"why are you laughing"
Geet"mujey gudgudi ho rahee hi""I am feeling ticklish"

(Magicia thinks thank god he did not asked where lol and as @softlyspoken commented she did not tell herself where )

Maan thought "this is special rarest sample species .she is feeling ticklish '
Geet: impatiently cutely "doo na'.."give meee

Now Maan felt ticklish at heart hearing her cute complaining tone.

Then they heard exploding noises , and they saw bottles filled with fuel and fire at the end are flying to both sides of the street to burn the shops , one bottle fell just a few steps away from them near the truck and exploded.

Geet in a jerk ran and  hugged Maan and wrapped her legs around his waist ,clinging to him
Maan said " Patting her back lovingly its ok Geet its Ok .. "
Geet cried "Mujey Ghar jana hi , Thara deedi's family will already be there and rituals too started ..mujey ghar jana hi .." whimpering she blurted out.

Maan:"ok ok ..lets move away from main street , its danger to stay here in street and car ..get down lets move .."
Geet:still clinging to Maan"no no..U take me like this ..i am scared .."
Maan, [ she is heavy, but it's a golden chance ]  happily hugging her to hold in his embrace and walked with heavy steps towards the gate at the other end of the street.

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