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Chapter 34. The bird still in Its Guilty Cage

Chapter 34. The bird still in Its Guilty Cage
21 August 2011

Next day Maan in press conference declared his reluctance to take his empire back as he know his mother is doing well and he wanted to go back India Join his Grand father ..and start something Over there for a while ' He need a break from all these '

. Well in the business world , Young Khurana funnily blamed as coward Khurana , but none dared to make fun of it , because it's the much expected reaction from any victim ever tackled or handled  by the Corelenios ''.

Day 3 :3  the days after the mishaps with Geet'..
So many have doubts '
Doubt clearance : read post above


And Maan ,as the some certain BIG Maan Singh Khurana retuned to India , but to Media it was his first ever 'alive' visit , to be with his grandfather Raja Jai Singh at Delhi. Press conferences Introductions which was unnecessary, rumors of Young UK industrialist entering Indian politics or build another Empire ..an all types media fiasco ..Even some gone far about his marriage and the girl in his mind 'in Gossip columns ' And one style magazine even decided another big tycoons daughter as his would be fiance and the reception dress she is going to wear on her engagement.

Most news papers where given emphasis on Maan's marriage first , Most of the stories that happened to him already reached India too , so in Indian way for most of the problems in a guys life can simply solved by marriage only .. So they gave verdict that Maan coming India to find a life partner .. So his intention , his leaving his Huge huge ' Empire back at London and coming here ..did not arise much chaos or confusion ..

Day 4th  ..  Maan , woke up at MP quarters at Delhi at 8 o clock ,  from his last nights just three hour sleep.  Last night after the press conference and Party on his reaching India , he was busy in video conferencing with the experts team he had deployed three days before , the same evening Geet was attacked ,at Junglepur  on his secret Mission

Sajjan Kameena

Day 1:
From last night its starts..:'''..she will live for her ''.and with that new born self love she reacted tried to protect no more numb , she rose and cover her chest with hands , dragging the spread in nearby bed she escaped to the next room locking herself inside it  crying loudly leaning her back to the door.

She heard Sajjan Leaving and heard the conversation outside.

She cried ,cried and then realized something frantically rushed to pipe and washed herself 'madly put water her whole body ..crazily madly cleaning herself every part of her 'she strongly flushed water in to her *shh*  trying to wash out the tiniest bit of filth ' dirt ''. She cleaned herself until the water finished dripping from tap and she tired to death fainted below the tap ''.


She woke up in a jerk when the water fell on her face from tap . Realized where she is and suddenly closed tap , scared to make tiny bit of sound .. ..but vigilant 'like a panther she ..took her steps near door ..trying to catch the situation noises outside.

She after a while able to gather herself and understood the situations outside .

It was morning about 8 o clock , she heard a woman ,authoratively shouting about not having water and servants sacredly answering her . Hearing a women's voice brought new life in Geet ..But '..

Then she heard her shouting ,

Sajjan's Wife takurain 

Geet scared , the way the woman spoke the abusive language she used .. And the way she quoted her made her scare more .. Now she feel more scary , this cold isolated room of purana haveli converted to bathroom recently (it seems..) had became a shelter for her , the darkness and chill in it was giving her some protected feeling ..she scared thinking what if she thrown out ''..

Then the "BANG.."  they started to break open the door '. The sounds ..the chaos ..

Geet tried to open the closed window , alas! ..then she ran around like some mouse trapped and she understood there is no escape ..
Geet felt again defeated helpless and dragged herself to the corner and sat hugging her knees .., whimpering ..   In her mind all she could see that time was Maan's staring eyes which she was unable to look and his bruised lips ''and poor she could relate it to only the depth of the sin she believe she committed only.

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