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Chapter 13. Mama-caring

Part 13: Mama-caring

03 August 2011


Chapter 13. Mama-caring 

With that said she gave him another kiss ,in his cheeks, hugging him tight , laying on his bare chest ,her another hand rested on his chest , and her fingers unknowingly started to play with his small cute nipples barely big enough to catch, ,pinching it caressing it , softly  then hardly  . And remained in the hug making Maan loose all his control..and he . All the wild thoughts run in his mind '. His all body aching hard to feel her ..his breaths got faster ' and in his mind .he did ''.  And he *shhhed* wetting the boxer he wore and sheet below him..


With that gone he came in to a relaxing mode , all his nerves  just rested in peace. Then he saw Geet was staring at him, with big almond hazel eyes , yes even though not a single muscle moved other than *shh* discharged , his breaths were not in rhythm , he was trying hard to breath. Seeing her little scared eyes the last thing he wanted is she pity on him , but yes Geet is his special , as if she read his mind [not everything lol] 


She checked his pulses ,his eyes and then stood her with both hands in waists , angry little disappointed looked herself turning left and right ..

"Yar meim Ithna bhee Moti Nahee hoon ki Meim Aakey girey and u pahelwan, cant breath .. Meim ithna heavy hoon kya .. " with a doubtful face ..

[he sighed in relief ]


She then blushed , shied ..

[drama queen , now what ..he murmured ]

She came closer to him .."thum or kuch nahee sochna ..ok " she giggled

[he just wished the earth tear apart and take him , did she know ??..then it will not be the reaction he might have been getting "madhumakki chtta " that she was planning to give Munshiji on the other day when he discarded her demand of hike in her salary ..]


And now softly hugged him , When I hug you like this , na .i feel , .i feel '

[ maan huskily what you feel geet tell me ..what ...'oo don't hesitate ..]

I feel like a teddy ,

[maan bang!!]

u could nt be  my doll don't worry but you can be my huggy teddy .cuty cuty chweet ' ummah '.


[maan smiled at his own thoughts ...i could nt be her doll and ..i am worried ladkee .., me lost something great  , so now i am getting compensation ..., and her one "ummah" was enough for him to forgive her for any of her "brutal tortures"]


That night she slept hugging her huggy teddy ..


Then next day , when he woke up , from his first ever sweet sleep when Geets soft singing woke him up ', she was ready with her sponge and warm water to clean him ..merrily ..dancing in her thoughts . .god knows what ...


Reality hit him , what if she find , he always liked Geet cleaning him, innocently softly ' ya he gets sweetly tickling-ly embarrassed ,,,well she is a beautiful girl he a handsome boy  , than Bindiya biting lustfully her lips and making disgusting faces and pity on his vegetative state yet cant control gaping on his sexy body  eek , or Keasar an d Romeo busy in their stupid talks and rubbing hard..


Geet "okee huggy teddy u ..shy mama goig to clean you '"

[what ! Is she going to call me huggy teddy ..eek ..and she .. Mama  ' my foot better was cuty dolly no .huggy teddy is better ..oo whatever ..]


After removing his boxer and noticing the smell , she passed a confused look ,[maan looked ..just not at her .(.in his mind babes don't get confused ok)]


Then chirpily said .."ooley ye kya , meri huggy teddy choo choo ..oo  no no , don't cry ..mama not going to scold you ..i loveee ..u know mama happy ..i am going to Sapna's house today , her mother called 'no more boring days and u too will be saved from me.."


[Maan '.was unconscious in embarrassment , then the last words u knew u were a torture ,, ..'Is that Sapna's mother don't have nay work ..and u are finding my company boring ..  Lol ' Geet was thinking she is giving a favour for Maan with her absence , while Maan asking my company boring ??  Unknowingly register his desperation for not being with her ...]


Teaser: Sapna getting Married ..And Drama Queen's rehearsals  ..



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