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chapter 9. Royal Malfeasance


Part 9:Royal malfeasance

02 August 2011



 chapter 9. Royal Malfeasance 


Still in flashback'




Amruth a true Kshatriya knew tactics of war and triumph. Within no time she made arrangements for Maan's funeral at India, declaring him dead officially to the press .


She knew well in India it is easy to hide things with money and power.


Her father Raja  Jai Singh is an M.P and a Maharaja of RajGhat , a feudal state in India. Arrangements were made according to Hindu rituals nearby River Ganges , and its really difficult to reach there , at that climate of heavy rain , But Amruth gave the statement that all the funeral arrangements is according to Savitri's wish only who is in really ill health due to the sudden demise of her young grandson .They want to ensure  "Moksha" for the young prince , died in really very young age by performing such an "Antim Samskar"


On their way to funeral place Savitri's condition become worst and she is made to stay near by Khurana Mansion at Phulvaadi .


Phulvaadi is a small town where Khuranas had their Flower farm.And Doctors were rushed from Sanjeevani Medical College to attend Savitri , All went well according to Amruth the master minds plan, she just don't want to take any risk .She wanted best possible treatment for her son , from Dr.Shashank one of the best Neuro Specialist in the world currently dean at Phulvaadi medical college .No need to mention who got medical attention at Khurana mansion .




Then after two days Savitri and Amruth returned to England , after Maan's "Nimanjan" ( Ash immersion in Ganges ..its for Moksha of Atma)




Later Maan moved to the estranged sheep farm of Khuranas in same village , which was used as Munshiji's office, Because of his Asthma he cant work anywhere near flower farm .


The sheep farm was brought by Khuranas long back when mad-cow disease was spread and almost all their farms in England was forced to shut down by Government. Just in order to save their reputation in market by fulfilling the last orders they bought the Sheep farm and later shut down withdrawing themselves completely from Meat and Poultry business .




Munshiji is very fond of Maan from his young age , Maan used to visit Phulvaadi whenever on his vacation he get bored by his Nanaji' Raja Jai sing's diplomacy and politics classes.


Munshiji never thought he will see his energetic , intelligent Master in a condition where he cant even blink his eyes.




Dr.Shashank very close friend of Royal family knew well the delicacy of situation and he too tried to portray his intensive examination treatment sessions natural and normal.


As directed by Amruth and his own will every evening Munshiji will remind Maan ,about him as Maan Sing Khurana , just in hope one day Maan know what and who he is ..




It was Dr.Shashank's efforts that brought life in Maan's senses, not only his innovative treatment methods and medicines but most importantly the magic of Angelic presence of Geet , unknown to both Dr.Shashank and Geet herself , but not unknown to Maan.




Flashback still continues ..but now Maneet only



Yarro pehley pehley Pyar meim jaisey boy friend girlfriend ko gifts deney meim majboor hotey hiWink , jaise mera pehla pehla ff ko like keejiye and humey utsah (motivate) keejiye ...





  1. hhaahhaahahahah...............................................flashbac is quite cool..i want maan to gt healthy.....oe rokk apne heroin ko..........come onn MSK

  2. Waiting to see maan in good health....nice update.


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