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Chapter 11: Age Of Innocence

Chapter 11: Age Of Innocence
18 August 2011

Maan self thought before I marry her , I should learn Karate and learn how to break things with head , stone ,glass, ice 'because with her beside every time u need to bang ur head on something to not get mad '''''.DEEEP SIGH
Susu ..and The Arnie told his little sis ..eek what a weird family ..]
Maan never had a sister or cousin sister so close so he don't have any clue about handling girls in sister relation ,and tackling their innocent doubts especially when they are immature and super intelligent, when the mother of the girl herself is extremely innocent,  And how a brother had to deal with it without losing his dignity and pride .

Next shock '.Doctor Geet ..serious tone "Do you have any problem doing Susu ..,In car also I noticed .."
[ did she ..??   What she noticed '..That idiot do have any clue what could have happened , she is '.now its my pride I have to ,,]
Maan: almost raised his voice .." It like that only ,all men have same , u should refer some good books or check internet ok ..u idiot " bechara finally lost his all temper.
[[Geet thought  ...idiot 'how could maan stupid , call Geet Iyer an idiot ..eek ]]
Geet "Eeek Maan stupid , I have seen it in real ok , of real men have not like urs stupid , really smart boys ''.  And u want me to check internet ??"
[Maan felt suffocated . What she meant by real..all the words she spitted started to spin around his head ''..and 'men ..not man ..but men ]
She was fully violent ready to fight '.
Maan reluctantly with voice shaken  asked 'u , whose where ?  What "
In the same range of anger she continued .." I have seen it with Arnie and Rahul "
Maan shocked ..Arnie and Rahul ..OMG the hottest dudes in his college''..she saw '.Arnie 'her own brother 'and Rahul'..his friend //'..That means .. GAYS?!!
And his sister knew IT Wow ..just Great'terribly awesome  one moment he felt very happy 'he don't like both College Heart Beat Arnie the Best Student of the year  And College topper ,Cricket star Rahul'..   GAYS 'he wished he should nt have left mobile in charge at Robindos   ]
She continued same pace...'killing Maan dipped and suffocated in sulfuric acid ..
she continued .." I have seen it with Arnie and Rahul ,and they all ways win in the susu competition because of this thing " with that said she made a face and sat at another corner
[tears escaped from his eyes ..susu .. '..susu  Competition  .. Iske bhee competition hi kya '.that too  with guys 'Maan just broke the iron rode in to two by bending harder he was playing with , taken when geet dropped ]
[maan the stupid hit by the cupid just forgot to ask or think their age when they did it  still at any age its ' too much]
Maan sighed and sat by a corner in the ground he hit his head with his hand ,and sat head stooped hold by the hands he cant bear any more brain torture today ..over saturated '...
After a while Geet joined and sat beside , He closed his eyes chanted "Hanuman Chalissa" before anything conquer his mind by her exotic proximity. He has no energy left in his "Brain" to confront her further.
Geet smiled seeing his plight , she thought ,he is scared ,then  on something she shied ..turn her face to other side thinking about something ''a smile very cute heavenly touched her lips '
And Thank god , Maan Missed it ..His Babaji not that much cruel ... 
And Finally Maan don't know when he slept ,he is not some ..super human just a simple boy of 19 with a hot body '., and Geet too , both in Deep sleep in each others arms , and they both use Geets Pallu as their single blanket.


Dev "It could be somebody else '"his voice shaken  he was sure he is lying , because they can clearly see the Khurana construction Emblem on the bonnet And Lucky Khurana Got only one Ambassador car in which in old days he gave lift to Iyers Many times.
Dr.Bheem was checking his father gave injections , Dr.Anjali their neighbor was there to help him...
After leaving his father under Anjali's care Bheem furiously rushed to the drawing hall , " I am going.   With that stupid my baby will be in more danger that she by herself ."  He took his rifle . He do have a licensed rifle and Hunting is his favorite hobby.  And Dev reminded him with the pack of bullets in shelf making Nayanthara to pop her eyes out '     
Dev called Arnie and asked him to stay with Parents , But thinking something Arnie said ' Bhayya Please I think U may need here '"Appa Amma ' I should be going ..i want to see that Robindo first .."
Precap teaser : on next update  soon ..very soon ..if i see more likes '

The male and female body that never been physical closeness like they share now ,
Intentionally started their rubbing competition which will surely embarrass the souls it posess once they wake up . Again the same dirty chooha tried harder and 'harder' to come out and play , while the irritation in her nipples yearned another robbery of the serene 'milk'

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ps : I am sorry Mystery Girl Need me Most and i am not updating ..that need a lot of time and research ...another villain and villainous on the way studying i am very serious and want to do all stupid crazy dirty things ...and thats torture ...


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