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Chapter 9: Praise will get prized

Chapter 9: Praise will get prized
17 August 2011
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[He thought he will get mad'.
Ok ' u ask her straight that's better , and clear ur doubt ..
And again blackmail her ..not to tell anybody '..
 yes ask her '
What made her feel like this '.
Yes common Maan ask her ..

Maan:"hhm cough hmm kich hich  ..hmm  geet kich hicthc.."
She sang "Vicks ke goli lo hitchkich door karo''''''."
Maan literally banged his head the wall he is leaning '..

Geet:"what happened Maan "

Maan:"ho ho ..nothing ..u sing really well 'hi h" Shaking his head , gritting his teeth
Geet:"Really you thing so' , but everybody laugh '"sad ..,but the excitement in her voice

[Maan hmm  now u got it how to tame the tigress , praise ' , stupid maan thum ye pehley kyun nahee socha 'idiot , if you worked on it long before ,untill now she will be in love with you and this..'hum thum ek kamrey ..meimm  bandh hi''''."romantic maan's heart sang '"or chooha nahee ayenga .." the the devil in maans mind completed making fun of him'..uff ..ok start '.
'the devil maan warned him'Maan no no , is ladkee ka peecha chod de ..not good for u', romantic cupid man shot the arrow and killed devil and patted his shoulder , signed ..continue']

Maan" Wow geet , You are just awsome , u sing really well , you should learn classical
Hindustani' like" he don't have any knowledge in that ,she frowned

Geet :"hmm so u were just praising me "

[oh god how could this creature know .is she that much clever enough ]

"..what do you mean by I need to learn ' studying Karnatic for last ten years

Maan"[dhak there tho badee mushkil ..but he was not ready to just let it go .."]
"I mean u have to learn Hindustani too .."

Geet stood up angrily , her fisted hand in her waist ready to fight

"Acha I know what you North indies feel us south Indian , our karnatic not good enough to your  Hindustani '"

[Maan , thuhmara kuch nahee ho saktha devil maan smirked 'see I told u' angel man took a rope and hanged and died'' maan what you have thought and now  this became a national problem' ]

He instantly bowed in front of Geet folding his palms praying begging "acha meri maa , I am sorry , I quit I am not in to a fight "
Geet frowned ,twisted her lips'got more anger "maan how can u call me just maa , how'shook her head and throw her hand in air I looking that old .."
It felt like some thousand needles are getting pierced in his head he quickly changed the topic..
Maan"u hear some thing listen .."tried to listen brought little tensed look in his face
Geet forgot the fight , tried to listen ,all they could hear is wind blowing outside and some cricket voice from the bushes outside ..
Seeing Geet's frightened face his loving heart melted ''."don't worry it may be some small mouse "DDDIINNN  , he bit his lips ,,and shook his head and said himself in mind..
[Maan u are a real stupid .why bring mouse again .now think something fast  but he was super unlucky]

Geet:'ok ..Maan , u didn't told me why your Hand pump ,,like that"
Looking everywhere but not her he calmly said with full confidence in voice
Maan:"its like that only"
Geet" no , your is not normal '.u should see doctor , its very serious and important ,'
[tell me 'eek ..]
"u know if you not take care of it well .."
[maan started to feel dizziness again..]
u will get urine stone ..its really painful "
[hey babaji '.urine stone !!!  Now whats that , or is she mentioning its stone like..chee chee..maan u despo ' she things it's a chooha idiot ]
"one night you know Anjali deedi our nieghbour , ridz dad , got urine stone pain and he was crying and Bheem Bhayya gave him injection pain killer ..too much pain horrible'"
Maan asked "urine stone 'painful  " now he got tensed ...
Well he don't have much knowledge in that stuffs started to fear , he became the keen student.
Geet teacher with big big eyes and with cute animated descriptive ways  explained ."
She explained the whole story ,
But Maan babu was not in a state to understand anything he was just mesmerized by the enticing beauty in front of him at which he fell in love again and again ..just wished that moment never ends '.then he brought back to world by her brothers name '

"arnie ..and arnie told me..his stone got blocked in his hand pump and that's why he had that pain , he cant susu .."""

Maan self thought before I marry her , I should learn Karate and learn how to break things with head , stone ,glass, ice 'because with her beside every time u need to bang ur head on something to not get mad '''''.DEEEP SIGH

Susu ..and The Arnie told his little sis ..eek what a weird family ..]
My other almost completed FF
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