Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dark Fantasy : A Notorious Obsession

Intro :
Dark Fantasy : A Notorious Obsession
or Should i Call it seducing a Lesbian ?
29 August 2011

Me Magicia Don't believe and seen sky is always Pink ,It is blue most of the time ,white ,ash , dark ash ,red yellow crimson'and rarely Pink..And accepted the fact the not every rain will bring you rainbows beauty ...

I am very weak at giving intro.. Will try 'title ..obsession'.u will know updates what kind of obsessions'. Money power ego ...lust and love '.

Just scared of response as always ., yar ye weird ideas merey dimag meim kyun aatha hi..may be because me crazy  but I cant stop myself 'I came across again with my inspiration of the story ''''.  I am getting mad by my exams ' and again the inspiration''..

Just sacred of reaction of my friends buddies who supported me when I was nothing , and made me feel proud feel something  ,with my craziness at least I can make on an average 60 people happy ..LOL

After reading this you may have doubts on me'LOL ..please don't .. Actually I don't have problems with anybody .We are living in this world ..where we can see all types of people , I am not bothered as long as it does not affect me in bad  way ,even emotional .. So if two people loves ..its theirs ..

Now my buddies .many want me to complete FF and start another .and some waiting  '.but .this thing is suffocating me ..the plot I feel I let it out and wait response ..
And me believe if you try to be some one else just for saving a relation , adjust sacrifice be it success , it will never success in its real sense .. So ..being me 'I want to truthful only ...

So me Crazy Magicia again with another story ..waiting your response as a guy pacing in front of labour room waiting for sister (doc will be busy in stitching I believe sister come out first ..LOL)  to come out and say good news baby and mom safe '..

Character Introduction '  Three Main Characters  Only ...
Maan Singh Khurana  :  Doing BE Civil Final Year, heir Of Khurana Empire .Same as Story but young not yet started to Hate Women .Just a serious type College Boy ,Heart throb of Engineering College . One Girl man , Has a great Crush Over Geet Handa his college Mate '

Geet Handa :"Notorious because of her gotohell attitude , Beauty word is not enough to describe her , Great Dancer 'And strangely no boy likes her , because loving Geet Handa means making yourself yet another "Ass" 'Class topper , CSE Engineering Final year ..She is born to a famous yester years lead actress and Todays favourite "babhi" of films ..
Big Connections in film World Where she don't want to try her luck , she just hates it..
Her only friend in college is her Roommate Khushi

Khushi kumari Gupta: Maans classmate Simple girl Sweet , Not Hotty ..but simple humble 'like when she walks ..even wind too cant understand somebody moving '
Shadow of Geet , Her Roommate ..

Ps.I am not this ..type ..Just trying to understand them ...through my story , i myself ...and i dont hate them ... lol
and my knowledge in these subject is very less wink wink ..just my imagination with the help of internet ...

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