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Part 5.Your beautiful sin for which I was dyeing for


Part 5.Your beautiful sin for which I was dyeing for

31 July 2011



Part 5.Your beautiful sin for which I was dyeing for


Everyday Geet return from college at 5.30 pm , 17 the other nurses goes home and those half an hour Munshiji sits with him . Then the Munshi is kind hearted , he gives geet to settle down , and 18.30 she takes charge and Munshiji leaves . After that he all hers .










Flashback : Mother tressia did not liked her all , she was really against church allowing her to study further she insisted since Geet still under on habit of order ( again friends I don't know much if somebody know please help me so that I can change , do pm me or comment ) she can either take path of holy way or live as she wish , its like a probation period for both , geet to decide whether to continue the church to decide is she eligible .She has to follow the basics like simple life , actually it says poor , and being single that .Mother tressia , don't like geet because she don't like Rama Maasi at all , her being close with father benedict , she feared a non sisters closeness will badly affetc fathers reputation and their holy institution but dare not to open her mouth , but she continue to pester both geet and rama with new rules , extra works etc.




Geet feared her studies her only dream that she has seen ,will come to an end when mr.fernandes visited with his adopted daughter pinky . Long back pinky was adopted from the orphanage ran by father.benedict .Now pinky grown up she want to find here real parents before she go abroad after her marriage, and they met him .Well father was not able to help them much , but their visit helped geet. Father got pinky from district hospital , they informed father to take care of the baby , left by a family , it was evident was she was ditched by her parents just because of she was born as a girl .Their train was on next day , so when fernandes stayed at local lodge for security reason father advised pinky to share ramas cotatge on church premises .within no time bubbly pinky and geet became thick friends .


Geet never had such a friend all the time prayers and the girls she had as friends was from orphanage or like her , living on charity always prevailed by deep sorrow of their colourless tomorrow. Any way geet shared her , problems with pinky an dpinky instantly came up with solution , about geet doing job and study , because as she is getting married there will be vacancy in her call center , geet can study day tiem and work night , the call center pinky works as receptionist is not a busy one .Geet can sleep and study in between.


Then everything gone well geet joined one year went by smoothly. Because of recession , like it also turned to be a callless call centre and they closed it .Geet lost all hope about come back then Arman gave her this opportunity , While flirting with some nurse , she said arman that she turn down some opportunity to take care of a paralyzed completely in coma man 5pm to 8 am so that she don't miss her night duties and arman


Arman great friend of Geet visited the place and made sure of geets securty and introduced as a nurse to Munshiji .Even without the qualification papers Munshiji had to accept geet .The doc asked some basic questions and certified that she know things well she can be taken a s home nurse .In that small town it is difficult for them to find such a nurse  since most of the families having traditional values do not prefer their daughetr wife work at some parayee marths house .




And then Geets life started there. After college she will go , stay at Maans house , only one chowkidar was there at gate whose main duty is to have sleep only .


Geet named that old man ripwan winkle .


Flashback ends here




Maan saw her leaving , her eyes that he was seeing all these 3 years .almond shaped , big brown with all worlds love and naughtiness that never expressed executed, told everything the pain , the fight in her mind , the deep sorrow that's going to haunt her for a life time above all her fear of god . The only relative she has , as she coyly told him many times .., He just wanted to hold her tight and say that she did nothing wrong all she done was just his wishes 'that  decided only by god ..of his extreme prayers results dreams passion of all those years  when he was all hers .


He wished ..just wished her one more time  just once more she say say when clock tick 18.30 she giggling and say "now that u are all mine .." he knew she never can .


Part 6.Melancholy Reaper


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