Sunday, June 3, 2012

Jangal Mey Mangal : A tale of Junglee Jawani starring Arnav and Khushi

Jungal mey Mangal
or Arnav or Khushee Starring Junglee Jawaniie ..
Part 1 :
They ran and ran , for their life ..
In the dark they lost their way and Khushi tripped on a root and fell , before she could hit the ground , Arnav embraced her and they both rolled down the hill and they hit the water ..
Khushi closed her eyes and hugged him tightly , strangely she did not felt any fear , she know she is in his arms nothing could happen to her '
She was glued to him , and she encircled his legs around his waist , he hold her face above his shoulder and swim as fast as he can , he could hear the desperate yells of the goons following them , so on reaching the other shore , he still holding her hid behind a rock and watched what goons actions .
Khushi choked , and gets down from him ... shhh 'Khushi don't move.
Hum ..teee tee kkk arnavji she whispered hugging him
She was shivering , staying in water for too long will be dangerous for her .He hold on her hands and asked ..
Are you able to walk Khusi '
yes ..
And they both got out of water and get in to the forest '
Then Khushi was about to fall again in dark ,
Khushi sambal k '.and he hold on her , and without any delay she was again in his arms ..
Arnavji , no ..hum teek please you are tired .. I will walk ..
Arnav gave her an angry look , she could see the spark through dark
Arnavji Hum Kah rahey hi an ..i can walk '
Khushi chup ..bilkul chup ..
She knows there is no use in asking him again , she wished ,it end soon , he needs rest
Arnavji hum Kaha ja rahey hi '
Khusheee '
She got scared and just snuggled to him closer hiding her face in his chest ..
Seeing her cuteness , Arnav cant stop himself from smiling and he smiled
Khushi though hiding her face felt him smiling and looked up ..and saw .. Him smile and enjoyed for one moment then pouted thinking him making fun of her ,
Ap kyun has rahey hi ,.
He just said ..shhh ..
Nahee humey jana hi '
Kuch nahee ..ab chup raho '
Humey neechey uthariye ..
Khushi ..u heard me ..right
Nahee tho hum chillayengey
He instantly stopped ..
And looked at her ., because with Sanka devi he don't trust anything ..
U 'Thum 'he made the Ajeeb Specimen Saw reaction ..
Khushi nodded ..
And Arnav did nt had any option just dropped her down
Thum ..Bahuth Ajeeb Hi '
Ap Bahuth Ajeeb hi , Ithna Tired and still you trying ..and he wiped the blood on his face '.
He hold on her hands on his face and looked at her '
Khushi ' .. He was about to cry and his lips were shivering trying to speak ..Khushi lowered her gaze tilted her head ..waiting for him ''..
Rabba veys '''''''''..
Then they heard some sounds in distant ..sound of a vehicle roaming around
Arnav protectively hugged her
Seems they are still searching for us '
So ..we have to take shelter somewhere here '
Hum Road pe jakey ...we can seek help ...Right ?
Nahee Khushi they willb patrolling over there because they will be sure this what we are going to do ... ..we have to hide some place till dawn
And they search around and finds a hut '
Part 2 :
To their Luck It started to rain heavily , first rain of monsoon with thunders , stormy … they managed to get in the hut fast , however the rain completely drenched them again ..
Already they were shivering with the cold water of the river then the cold wind too .they felt like they will freeze right there
ASR after some research concluded
It's a hut may be used by the wood cutters or hunters , ..He procured some tools that could be used as weapons in case of emergency and placed in hand reachable areas.
Khushi was shivering … hugging herself
He said
Its raining for good , Now that they can not even think of searching for us in this rain, in forest , don't worry Khushi we are safe now …
Hum ..nahee dar rahey hi ..and she looked at him lovingly that said everything , her trust on him ,with him she will not fear , she trust him ,
Arnav quickly arranged a small fireplace and made her sit near it .. But still .. Once inside the comforts of hut , under the same roof ,again they started to feel the strange reluctance to touch or get close to each other since both intensely wanted to grab each other in their hugs but their past was stopping them somehow ..
Khushi .i think you have to dry your clothes ..
Khushi looked at him in awe ..
I mean ..he realized his stupidity , and he search around and finds some clothes in a box in a corner ,luckily it was clean ,it had some long white shawls , towels , blankets and all , and handed over the box to khushi ..he don't know whether she could use anything of it or not ..
Khushi shayad thum ismey .se .he don't know what to say
She hold on the shawls and looked at him ..hum…
He instantly turned the other side
She looked at him turning the other side and smiled …he was standing like a rock …
Khushi took off her dupatta and hanged in between them as a curtain and spoke softly ,
Ap bhee ..Kapadey sukha deejiye ,…
he turned and saw what arrangements she had made , and smiled and started to change , he squeezed water out of his vests and pants and quickly dried it .
He finished changing , and nonchalantly turned , thinking she also might have changed …
He stood frozen , he did not felt any more chillness
Her salwar and kameez was hanged around to get dried in wind , as the material is very soft and shifon type , she cant dry it in fire because it will catch fire quickly
She was in her red inners and the white shawl was draped around her waist and she was trying to put another on her shoulders as some pallu
Her curves where prominent as it was freed from her inners and make hi m madly desired for her
She finally pleated the shawl and put the pallu and turned and caught him staring at her ……..
The raw desires in his eyes was not hidden from her , and that triggered something inside her …
She stood there frozen , she don't know what to do ,,, all she wanted that moment is to in his arms ..
He tried to deviate his attention in indulging himself lighting the mantle , but she looked like a golden idol in the beautiful yellow light .. And he was completely confuses what to do , his restlessness was reflected on her beats and like some instinct she sidelined the curtain , barrier in between them ……
He looked her intensely ….. Her simple gestures of admittance, submission, everything magical ….
She felt the flesh on her chest get scorching under his heated gaze , she lowered her lashes and started to play with the edge of pallu ,then paused one moment and looked at him and instantly stooped her eyes down….
He took steps forward , but today she stood where she was , not tracked back ,,, his heart was jumping in joy .,and in a swift movement he took her in his arms ..
Part 3
nd …slowly laid her down ,on the stacks of hay ..loosened and dispersed around in to a layer of bed ,
When the rough edges of straw pricked her back it just added fire to her desire for him .. He laid
Turning to her, bending his elbows supporting his head with his hands, and propping his body up ,
beside her ,looking the gorgeous beauty, his wife , trembling and panting when his hot breath fan her face ..
The cutest possession he ever had priceless and precious ….
Lovely ….he whispered ..
Her closed eyes in a blink opened
He slowly removed the hairs falling on her face ..
His soft touches was mesmerizing and she find extremely shy to look at him and she again closed her eyes … , all he could do is smile sweetly on her reaction.
her blushing …
He stopped , when she couldn’t feel any movement from him she curiously opened and looked at him ,
She saw him smiling and his s eyes getting filled and then he just hugged and started to kiss her madly …
I am sorry Khushi ..i am sorry …mainey thuhmey kithna ..she could feel his hot tears dropping on her face ..and mingling with hers ...
She hugged him closely ..Arnavji …apney kuch nahee kiya … ap .bas … she paused and smiled ..
He stopped and waited for her , cupping her face ..
She smiled through her tears …
I am sorry ..
She pressed his lips with her finger ..shhh and moved her head in no ..
Ab ..kuch or math boliye …
Khushi ….
Nahee ..hum ne kaha na .. Kuch math boliye …
That was an order , how dare she .
How dare you
.he got instantly angry and then he smiled him getting angry like that and she too did not missed it , she too laughed and he hugged her closer , she hid her face in his chest .. When the ripples of laugher set down , they started to feel the heat of their closeness , their heart was full of happiness and overflowing warmth of love for each other ,and the young blood circulating their body started to charge every cell with passion and desire , .. And …slowly ..
His finger started to play along her back ,, slowly tracing lines and she begin to respond , snuggling closer to him .. And slowly he dig his face to her nape of neck and slowly placed a cute peck , and then another then another and eventually it turned to a non leaving wet kiss , and she submissively tilted her head giving him more access
They have been waiting for this for long even though they never admitted or give a thought about it , but like fire and flame it was always inside them and today when they got finally together it came out in its full demeanour ,
His hands were roaming madly over her body ,every curve feeling it and ravishing it and claiming his ..and she too tried to felt his presence on her completely pressing herself to him more and more and holding him tightly towards her as stronger as she could.
( ok my Arnie boy a perfect Virgin )
He was raw and totally inexperienced and his kisses turn to little more deeper and he slowly bit her earlobe sucking deep  while kneading her front and then pinching her erect nipples above the thin cloth of her inners …
Pleasure and pain took over her senses and she moaned .. Ehhh… hhh ..
He instantly stopped realizing doubting did I hurt her ..Khushiee ..?
He detached her glued body form him with force and looked worriedly …Khushie ..did I hurt you ?
She was too embarrassed to give an answer and was completely frustrated of suddenly thrown down of heaven .. She was not able to look in to his eyes where he was curiously looking in to her .. For him ..she matters more … he totally forgot what was he up to ..
Nah ..nahee ..kuch nahee ..Arnavji hum teek hi .. She being naive and shy had no idea how to explain her moan , and poor she too don’t have an idea
Dard hua and he instantly kissed the place where he nipped .
And then looked back to her ,on his instant kiss she just closed her eyes waiting for more to come but he was looking … grrrr
Khushiee .. Ab bee dard hi ..
Nahe ..nahee she blabbered … and she knows he is going to stop without an answer , now that she was totally irritated , the irritation caused by coarse hay bed started to itch her back more , she then remembered it and she just replied …
Vo .vo chubtha hi
What ..
He impulsively touched his mouth and stubbles around it ,
Oh ..indeed .. Not shaved , its coarse ,Char panch Din Se hath pair Jo bandh dey , he thought sadly
Khushe wildely irritated … seeing on what he is doing!
Lard Governor , ye kuch bee nahee samajtha ..uff .. And started to twitch her lips ..
Hum kya baath kartha hi and ye kya samajthee hi , kahee .ye misunderstood hokey  ye humey pasand nahee ye fir se doubt na kar baitey ,,how to make it up …
She really don’t wanted him to stop and she too naïve and innocent , cant think of her boldness cross that type of thoughts
She said showing her back , ye … gaas poose … mujey ..
Well Arnavji is not smart enough to understand her declaration darling I don’t have a problem with your stubbles , will you please continue your .. No ..he totally took her words literally and grudgely looked at the gaas-poose his current enemy … how dare it touch his sweet heart … then unable to save her from the gaas-poose his anger turned to her ..obviously ..
Pehley Kyun Nahee batahya …. Damn IT ..vlcsnap-2012-06-02-15h15m16s241
Thum Mujey Ab batah rahee ho ..Khushiee ..
and ..stood searching for something to spread around ..on the hay bed. How we are going to sleep on It ..
Khushi blabbered Ihney Soney Ka padey hi .
He heard: What .!
she corrected , hu kaisey So sakthey hi ..Vo gunday ..
He melted immediately .. Don’t worry khushi they are not going to come soon ..As long as it rains ..
He sighed ..and then got thoughtful , we need to take rest …
She looked at him realized how badly he needs rest , and , lard governor he is not going to let her sleep on hay , nor he himself ..then ..she turned the other side and removed the shall she was wearing as Pallu .. And stretched it to him
Khushi … his voice shivered ..
Ap Kuch nahee kahiye Arnavji ..Ap ..isey …
He know she wont listen and he took it and spread on the hay bed .. And when its ready ..he turned the other side ..and called her ..
She slowly turned and laid crossing her arms on chest covering her front , turning the other side
When he felt she laid , he too laid on his back not looking at her …
Then he cant stop ..he slowly looked at her back , perfectly carved , and beautiful round bottom and ..
As her beautiful red flesh started to glow on his eyes , he realized . The red marks …he felt pain , he slowly rolled near her and started to blow softly ..smoothly
then he did not felt enough ..he slowly licked and …she sighed … he paused then …continued ..and then ..he need to pull her dori ..  to have access ,,and he did .. she instantly turned and give him full access and … he kissed sucking softly …. stroking gently with his tongue … she bite her lips , still a moan escaped …
eeehhh ahha …
now he realised learned that sound was not of pain ..but … he smirked sweetly in dark . assumed what all pains she is going to have ….got more confident and ..continued …
slowly tracing his lips …
… behind her back along the spine , on her neck … she hold her breath waiting for him ….to turn her and …..
The Gundas wanted to stop search and take rest , but the phone call from their bozz , they cant give up , they all wore rain coats and cursing rain and their kadoos boz they continued their search and ..they found the red blood stain on the wall and decided the couples would be inside hut.
One of them Peeped …   Ohhhh   tho ….
They saw Couples getting cozy , they saw Arnav's back and they understood khushi laying on the other side and , by his movements , (he was blowing to sooth the red marks ) they understood they are not slept …
Well the Gunda bhaees ..Are Not complete Kameenas they are just doing their duty , remember how one Gunda Bhai ate the food thinking it should not be wasted ,..same spirit ruled them and they decided to give them their time ,,,
Chikna ,chamelis key sath …
he said to his senior …
He took out a cigerette and asked the other guy ,,
Chalo area cover kiya .
Yes boz , they cant ..escape now …and ..he he he …they wont now …..
.vo log fir bag na paye … hum log wait karthey hi …. And he laughed …
And they decided to wait …. Winking smile Embarrassed smile
Ok ..guys now you guys imagine rest … hallo …now give me comments ..arey yar ..thum log comment deney mey ithna kanjoosi kyun karthee ho ..uff ..
mujey ithna comments dedo then i will tell what arnav did next … considering SBB segment …uff banda ithna bold …dori se khel rahey they …uff

If You Like My OS ..Please try To Read My FF Too ..have Fun ..


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  2. Magicia tum itne naughty huuu! Arnav ki tarak. Loved it. Gunda baaaii dont dare to go inside lollz ha ha ha ha.

    1. No Gunda Bhaee is sweet ..look at him ... he will be waiting they can take as much a stime they want .....

    2. And Thanks You commented ,,,

  3. where do u get these SBS aur SBB ??? plz tell me now

    1. check this link

  4. hey awesome one do u write such scenes...*wink* grt work....

  5. wow that was amazing
    the gundee are just too sweet :L

    1. Gunda is handsome ..sometimes i feel he is body double of Barun ... so he is sweet too

  6. wow...just loved it!!! and the samajdaarr...hai..maardaaalaaa

  7. Mee tum bhe na...acha khasa mood bana ker gundy bech mein ly ayee.....ab to khud bhe yeh soch soch k sharam a rahee haii k gundon ko sub pata hai k ander kya ho raha hai......:-) another thing just have an idea abt the future track would you mind writing in detail abt it....if you can then I will send you my POV on the future events in IPKKND and if you think they are worth making FF then please do make some as i think you have good writing abilities and imagination.

    Regards: Nomannoor

    1. I would love to your POV ...But can not write as i am already writing One FF On Arhi ..and its in the middle ...and my maaneet FFs are pending ...

    2. ANd Thank You for Long Comment

  8. wow gunde ktne samajhdaar hn..really asr ki family or chaheete aman ko b inse training le lni da way nice os..

    1. Ya Anji Baby Should learn From Them ...
      and Aman Too ...

  9. awesome............
    ASR ne sirf dory khola .....tum to unse kya kya karvarehi ho.... naughty girl.....
    how dare you to allow gundabhai to peep on Mr.&Mrs ASR's sweet moments.....
    beautifully executed ....
    loved it......[Abina]

    1. shhh ..ayyo ..nan pavam ..if he just opened dori and leav eher like that will it be fair ...?? i was just giving women their right !...thats it !... and by that i was saving ASR from having badnami as a Gay ..if he just opened the dori and leave his wife to sing Bajan what duniya waley will say about his Mardangee ... So i just saved both ... Gunda bhai peeped and then gave them complete Privacy and protection ...

    2. i woke up and check why u havent commenetd .and lol me got your comment ha ha

  10. Gunde bhi ache hote hai ;)
    lekin iss Arnav ko kab se khushi ki dard ka kheyal hai itna :/
    ekto itne din bitay diye ladai ladai khel ne me aur ab goods train ke speed mai chal raha hai :x
    hurry up me also waiting wid da gundas :p
    Payel Das

    1. ha ha ..i wish it never ends ...and they trapped in the hut to eternity while gundas waiting it ...and after some 1000 sal we get a mysthical story ...beutiful prince an dprincess statue hugging inside mandir with gunda stautes waiting outside ..and whoever pray there will never get separate

  11. 7 sleeper's den with Coy ASR ;)
    Payel Das

  12. marvelous..


  13. hahah....kitna accha kidnaper hai....loved it...plz update soon

    1. yea , just naughty nowjawan kidnapper :)


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