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Chapter 22. Will You Marry Me?


Part 22. Will You Marry Me?

08 August 2011



Chapter 22. Will You Marry Me?


She saw the person out side through the peep hole , frowned ,,,,the person drenched in Rain ' but she know him'well 'very well..indeed




"But what he is doing at this hour , here ,'. Or is he know I live here , if so how ?


Or he is just finding a shelter till the rain abate '


All types of thoughts ran in her mind ..






The person saw light coming through the door gap ,sensed her presence and  knocked again '


She quickly opened the door '''..




"Rahul ..You this hour 'is everything all right you know ..i live here '" she let out all in one go..




Rahul smiled '


"Sorry to disturb you ..i never thought it will be late '


Actually I thought I would pay a visit before it gets dark '.


But storm ..and this rain..and my bike ..


Some problem with it and I tried to repair ..and now only its ok..


Sorry again'.but what to do'I want to talk to you today itself..."




Geet: "You came to talk to me ??... Ok get inside are soaking wet 'I will give you towel '." then she remembered Maan in Dark ..and Quickly gave him towel ..she wanted to finish the talk fast .


Geet " You got my number , if not you could have asked anybody Arman , Atul'"


Rahul : " hmm Kuch bathem phone meim karna teek nahee hi'.I want to talk to you something very important '.."




Maan's prayers 'The wind blown hardly dropped the flower vase at Maan's Side Table..




Both Geet and Rahul heard , Geet quickly grabbed the light and headed to Maan's room ,


Geet:" He is alone there , and dark ..he need light , lets talk over there .."




She placed lamp again in the dressing table and stood by the door leaning to its frame ..not actually letting Rahul , in .And Rahul stood in front of the Door .Maan can see him now..Maan was watching every expression of Rahul..He did not like him Just not




Geet:" how do you know ..i am"


Rahul little disturbed ," hmm vo vo ..Arman told me..that     .. That  you work here '" He talked in tone that ..


He wanted to emphasis the fact , that he know 'she 'work' there' but his voice shivered Maan can sense that he is lying .




Geet wondered , but only Arman knows that she work here .But he told Rahul, strange . Because not even girls in Class asked anything about Geet or her family even where she live to be precise .And she Know its Arman only helped her with "not answering" his friends ..Pinky's father paid a visit to college whenever a guardian needed ,and she called him Uncle ..and most of her friends decided themselves she is living with him only.


Not even Riddima know that she work here because sometimes when Geet say no to their evening movie plan she will just say " You want me to seek permission from uncle .." like that 'And Arman , told Rahul'Then there will be something really serious ..and Rahul is known for "his extra , "over" decency "








[Maan :.Liar '.Armaan  will never do that '


Maan cant forget the day Arman came there for the first and last time .


If that time Maan can at least move his Hands he could have killed Arman with his bare hands.


It was when Arman, came to know that Maan need a home nurse for night and Geet in search of job. Arman visited as he himself is the candidate for the post .


They were already impressed by Arman's bike and His Macho Cool man attitude .They all sat at Maan's room , he offered them the some costly cigarette the whole pack ..he said '


" the girlfriend I am having now ..wont let me smoke ..u guys enjoy .."


Romeo : what you mean by "girlfriend having now" ..hmm bhayaaji ..what is it u have "girl friends then and  there "


They all laughed , Maan felt disgusted towards the Macho ,Maan don't like smoking at all..


He quickly made friends with Kesar and Romeo there .


And then he asked ,about Maan a very mean way ..


"Romeo tu batha kuch bhee nahee hil saktha 'hi hi..i mean kuch bhee"


They all laughed .


Then Arman offered the key of his bike to Kesar have  a ride and Both Romeo and Kesar Left .


Then Arman did some basic tests himself as doctor to test the extence of inertness in Maan ..then Arman is arman , Geets friend ..he shhok Maan and tried to scare him with the pin trying to pierce his eyes .Assured Maan cant even blink..


Last but not the least Arman Came close to maan and whispered in his ear ..


"Agar one day u woke up from Coma ..and then seeing Geet around you ..Any bad thoughts in your mind ''.remember I don't mind sending back u in another coma that is for permanent ok '"


Maan really got pissed off ,


[Kaun koi Pari aneywaley hi kya ..Maan singh Khurana ..and some village girl ..Never ..Let me stand up in my feet Arman..Then .will definitely see you '.we have some unfinished business '




Then when he saw Geet ..he felt first .koi pari tho nahe ho'




Later when Geet settled there and .She became his life ..he just loved the guy Arman ..for his care and love and above all respect to his friend ..because once he made arrangements for her job there he never visited there ..because Maan knew he don't want his friend to feel any low.




And Arman tell Rahul .Never ,,even if there is something he will definitely call Geet and inform his visit ..Something is fishy ...




Geet listen call Arman ..this guy's intention ..not good 'call now..








Rahul: " I tried to speak you ,when u went church.."




[Maan : Geet went Church ''' ????]




Rahul :" but you left from there before I came there after parking ''.."




Geet thought "hmm may be Arman told her he was in Church ., She felt sad ..Because she was always proud of Arman's Nature .then tried ..if Arman approved then it will be something really serious ..Thats her trust on her friend , lest she knew Rahul saw her leaving church only , he did not gone inside and not met Arman'




Rahul was lying .. He had been following Geet quite a while'he clearly know where she lives and what she do ...


Well he has his agenda ..


He was trying to speak to her from college itself ..but then he saw she going church , "it will be perfect " he thought. Then he saw her suddenly leaving '..And he had another idea .He decided to take his bike and offer her ride 'and talk her over a cup of coffee..


But on the way his bike got some problem and it took a while to get repaired .But the matter was really important and he landed there making a story.






Geet: " Kya bath hi Rahul' You came here to talk and you are standing quiet '"


Rahul.: tried to cheer up the situation '..


"I am standing because , u never told me to sit '.,lol .u treat Ghar Aye Mehman like this .."


Geet:" Rahul its my patients time to have medicine and ..sleep 'could u ..?"




Rahul perplexed .."hmm ji meim Vo .."


Rahul:" I know everything about You'.   , I paid a visit to your village , Met Father Benedict '''.."


Geet was shocked but calm''.She stared at Rahul for him to give an answer ''




[Maan was not able to understand anything ..just numb 'why he met Father for what ''..  He had the answer just don't want to accept .. And he waited for Rahul to speak']




Rahul.."I know everything about You'.   , I paid a visit to your village , Met Father Benedict '''.."''''" I spoke him about us '' "


Geet raised her bows , Wrinkles formed in her forehead '.


Maan too ''..




Rahul : " he is happy for you '..but '...he told me to speak you first ''.. And here I am '''."






He was struggling to  form words ..then suddenly , he stood on his knees , his eyes fixed on hers '




"Geet will you Marry Me?"




Geets contemplated  on the fine Gentle man on his knees proposing , and the twinkle in his eyes , his anticipation 'any girl could ever dream of '


A smirk formed on her face ''''


Geet in her mind " Yes ''..Rahul'I 'will .."



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