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Chapter 12: Cheating games ..Baby I am Still sleeping .

Chapter 12: 
Cheating games ..Baby I am Still sleeping .
18 August 2011
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After leaving his father under Anjali's care Bheem furiously rushed to the drawing hall , " I am going.   With that stupid my baby will be in more danger that she by herself ."  He took his rifle . He do have a licensed rifle and Hunting is his favorite hobby.  And Dev reminded him with the pack of bullets in shelf making Nayanthara to pop her eyes out '     

Dev called Arnie and asked him to stay with Parents , But thinking something Arnie said ' Bhayya Please I think U may need here '"Appa Amma ' I should be going ..i want to see that Robindo first .." with a frown look ..

Dev Agreed.He know he can do better only by staying at Home .Dev called his school buddy and Shivanands former student , Now one of Assistant Commissioners of Mumbai .. Madhav Tripadi '   and he immediately send a police jeep with driver and 5,6 armed policemen for the Iyers help .How can he forget his Professor , only because of him his IIT dream became a reality though later he choose another route.

When they reached Ganguly house Robindo was out in search of Maan and Geet in spite of His own brothers wedding 'that is the information Arnie was able to gather from Them.

The Iyer Battalion searched  whole night turning the city upside down. Then Dev the Master mind informed them search around the car that burned what if stupid Maan of course will be scared too will be fainted .and hiding somewhere near it..and wished  prayed hard their baby sister safe around that coward. It was 8 am and curfew had already drifted at 7 am , still no contact '..then Dev came up to that thought

Bheem Asked the driver to take them that area . And the police already took control over the city in night itself and curfew drifted only at 7 am , and people trapped in the chaos where rushing to reach their destination created  a huge traffic bock  and  even at 9 am they were no where near the location .. They have seen in television


Well Maan is not the goody goody perfect type boys who woke up their own and do things .He was in deep sleep in the soft and sweet warmth of Geets Curves , and in sleep in search of more coziness he dig his face deeper and deeper between Geets small fleshy curves, and she cupped and let him drown deep and deep in her .

Every morning Before Raji start Pooja and start to sense Geet ,the one "WHO HAS TO GO ANOTHER HOUSE ONE DAY" missing save her from her mothers complaints  ,,
Either her dad or Elder brothers Dev ,Bheem will tickle her feet and wake their princess us with a sweetest smile in her sleepy face , which make their day ,A Day. , 

In her beautiful sleep  smiling she was waiting for her dad and brothers voice, "Princess wake up , make our morning 'goood morning' ". Where at Khurana house , Everyday his mom need to throw water on him to wake him up before his father use him as a punching kit for his Morning exercise.

Outside disturbances of Loud speaker announcements and horns started to disturb their sleep. They are in their half sleep just waiting to be waken like every other day of their life .
The male and female body that never been physical closeness like they share now ,
Intentionally started their rubbing competition which will surely embarrass the souls it posess once they wake up . Again the same dirty chooha tried harder and 'harder' to come out and play , while the irritation in her nipples yearned another robbery of the serene 'milk'

She being female and the natural hormones of feeling "conscious' make her the one who first opened the eyes .
Seen their compromising position and what they are doing , seeing his closed eyes in sleep she was sure he is in sleep ''''''''''''
She carefully watched what he is doing ..his eagerness to 'do something 'his impatience ''
''''''''''''.and ''''''''''she loved it ..she just don't wanted him to stop what he is doing '
She arched back and give him more access , and her hands already holding him tight snaked his back ..and his cling to his hair pulled him closer and closer '.

And the intense irritation between her legs and  slitherish wetting she cant understand properly  drove her crazy wild animalic and the unknown  pain she felt inside deep her lower abdomen wanted , made her adjust herself sliding harshly in between their entwined legs , to his maanhood throbbing to come out of his tight jeans  ,,,,,,

At that moment she was not herself , a typical primate with the most basic and beautiful instincts ,,made her mad she just wanted the vacuum of her soul to be filled right at that moment
 Note On Post Above ;;Please Read; 
Her hands automatically moved his waist pulling his belt and pants to get off , impatiently .
He snapped open his eyes 'Dark   he cant see anything and the exotic smell intoxicating him , giving extreme energy to each and every cells of his body 'His face was dug between the soft fleshes and she groaned bringing back to his senses when he stopped the nuzzling ' she arched back and his face slid under the fleshy Best ..  

He was shocked by the demand of her body , wild in passion and tenderness which he cant resist ' he try to lift his face up and look at her scared '., she stopped , realizing he is awake and what she is doing ' but 'she instantly closed tight her eyes '.

She wanted him to think that she is asleep and whatever she is doing in sleep , and he did ..!!!!!!!!!!!   Actually he too wanted to see she is sleep and seeing her eyes closing tight his male hormones covered the logic cells of his brain and persuaded him to do what he is doing ' The momentary stop in her hand movements was not at all registered at logic division ..lOl  and the slender soft hands with extreme energy her small nails which just became wilder like the claws come out of tigress dig in the exposed skin of his neck pulling it down..and down '.

And he immediately , the male hormones hit back of his head and made his head fall on the Bests  and with his mouth exactly falling cupping the *sshhh*  peeking out hard '..and...  and...

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she is only 14 ... ismey poor magicia kya karenga if her hormones are such big cheats ...
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whether will be able to give you the effect i wish u get affected .. ...

Please Try to Understand My intention is not to encourage *young sshh*  its just for fun .i repeat ..its not an instruction manual for forteen years ...

and Geet behaving like this in The FF only because ...
(She is only fourteen and she don't know whats right and whats wrong  and she was bought up totally fearless 'I will explain later 'how she is bought up in Iyers House ..  I have to think 'More about Iyers will be revealed later with Geet's age and all '.   physically she wanted that 'that's it '.and its natural  '..well magicia is not the one who decide it right or wrong ' I am just a onlooker reporting the scene 'hmm  ..and have a machine to know whats happening in their brains that's all ')


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