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Chapter 10. Drama Queen


Part 10 :  Drama Queen

02 August 2011



Chapter 10. Drama Queen


It was Dr.Shashank's efforts that brought life in Maan's senses, not only his innovative treatment methods and medicines but most importantly the magic of Angelic presence of Geet , unknown to both Dr.Shashank and Geet herself , but not unknown to Maan.


Geet started her life in Sheep farm outhouse and Dr.Shashank's treatment begin in almost same time. Second year of her college Geet's was so busy with her Pharmacology paper she barely get any time other than studying , Maan was fast recovering by Dr.Shashank's treatment . He regained his conscious but just not able to correlate his surroundings . Which was not realized by Dr.Shashank .


Geet was so engrossed in her studies , like she will fix her eyes in books she is carrying in one hand and other hand busy in cleaning Maan's body. Maan really irritated by her treatment towards him , it was his first time to get naked in front of  a girl , it was not that irritated Maan ,actually   lol what made him more angry unknown to him was the girl just don't had any effect of his naked body , he has seen girls dying for just one look from him .. Here this stupid 'Then his self confidence , of being him getting shattered  am I not that much good looking ..may be all the girls were shown all that interest just because of the Khurana tag attached to him , Is n't he handsome enough to attract a girl .? (attract any girl .lol .Magicia says yes baby u are ..)   or this girl may be a lesbian ' just not interested in guys '..his mind ( he is just 20/21 that time ) will fill with all sorts of confusions and he knew its just because of this silly girl '''why she is like this ''.well she is beautiful ..actually very beautiful ' but crazy ''..,what he did not had  a clue that she is coming after cutting and dissecting dead bodies daily, and his body has only one difference than a dead body is it is little warmer.




Dr.Shashank's treatment was going on smoothly without any disturbances and indulgences as he preferred , he was in constant contact with Amruth about Maan's progress. Amruth's joy has no bounds when she heard from Shashank Maan started to have control on his vital activities , that they no more needed to use Adult diapers .




Almost one year was over by then .Then the vacation '.Every friend of Geet went home and Geet was left all alone she just don't want to go back to orphanage and die again from the lively beautiful life she was having then , She continued to visit hospital and library but without her friends every corner seems trying to bite her up in her loneliness.


And Bindiya too wanted to spend time with her family on her kids vacation so Geet ready to take in charge during day time too , well she can earn extra money for next years clothing. And after lunch when Kesar and Romeo come for physiotherapy sessions  she will go to library, because she don't like Flirting Romeos presence.




Every morning during that vacation Geet take Maan for a stroll in his wheel chair to garden and valley around the old farm house. Then slowly she started to talk to him, she will begin like this ..


:" I know u cant listen me .. But you know ..when I see this orange colored flower I just smell oranges ..weird   right  but believe me I do smell oranges" and she giggle .


Maan will think "eek all girls are crazy ,thank god he never had  a girl friend"


Some other time ..


Seeing butterflies mating she will rush to Maan and close his eyes .." shh don't look not for you baby"


And Maan "^&^&**^W%" ha ha u guys imagine what Maan might have thought


And in nights , she don't have anything to study she will tell him all kind of stories , crazy ones , scary ones .. She will try to scare him in night as if he is  a chota bacha ..trying to show figures in cloud , Monsters 'and she will pat him like baby and get satisfied herself as if she succeeded in scaring him '


What he cant tolerate most is her fashion pared , she will take long big curtains or bedsheets there  and put it around her various fashions declaring herself ." see this is how Sudanese wear saari ""  "or some times like Buddhist monks .."and say this is like Buddhist  , ..i wonder why they are not using stitched clothes .. In that cold "


And sometimes she will show him Chinese style according to her only 'and will not forget to show some kung fu steps ..screaming "hee Haww " "chaum chewn .." and say "Sayanora"  benting down .. For her Sayonara is Chinese ...


And that time Maan's frustration have no bound , he will feel so helpless to the maximum , for that he is not able to hit his head and die , bearing ,viewing her tortures'




And in other times when they are not alone ...


She is a totally different person in front of Kesar , Romeo and Munshiji , seeing her matured and so polished classy  in front of them and comparing her pranks ,and disrespect , her treatment to him as if he don't exist ,even if he exist it doesn't matter to her attitude .. What she is in front of him when they are alone '..He named her Drama Queen




And one day evening she just barged in very angry unlike her making Maan curious 'She already shared him about that day , It was Riddimas birthday and Geet managed to take Riddima for an outing alone  from their vacation home  after seeking permission from Dr.Shashank for Arman 


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  1. And that time Maan's frustration have no bound , he will feel so helpless to the maximum , for that he is not able to hit his head and die , bearing ,viewing her tortures'

    loVED THIS LINE..............IT MADE ME LAUGH

  2. Ver good update.


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