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Chapter 7: The Three Musketeers

Chapter 7:  The Three Musketeers
14 August 2011

"Chooha maan ..i am sacred , it moved in my tummy , I may got a rat bite , I will die .. I don't want to die like this ..without even getting married ..'. Save me Maan me.."  She sobbed hugging him 'sat on his lap , without even noticing his pants are off.

He wanted to thank the chooha (mouse) , from the depth of his heart.
He was scared of her reaction of losing himself like this and super angry at himself without thinking about the consequences how can he just ''But right time god has send the chooha and 'saved '"Babaji thussi just too great one after other you are showering your blessings on me'.above all she on my lap in my embrace am I this much lucky ??"'.
 and in his greed he adjusted her in the way he wanted '.

Geet in a jerk stood up ..screamed "Maan Chooha , mouse , in your pants.. No it reached inners..., ok remove it , it will bite you '.  , she took the iron rode from the ground that used for breaking in home and with its hooked tip she cling to waste line of inners .. before Maan can understand anything she pulled it down''''

Now its time for Maan to scream

And he did , He was first time naked in front of a girl that too his first ever crush ,lady love.

Above all scared to death  seeing Geet standing, with rode in her hand the impossible girl is able to do anything 'And he was  damn sure that she wont stay without doing anything   and      It is not at all mattered to her with what she is messing up with if he don't be careful'..'that will doom his rest of the life ' his first reaction was scream ..a big .."NOOO, precisely  NAHEEE NAHEEE " just like his mom's daily soaps heroines'and in a jerk he jumped back as far as possible '.covering the *sshhh *  protectively with his both hands ''After all its his precious' Only thing he possessed only belongs to him, not bought from his Dad's money ... and really proud of..'

Geet : "chee chee , it was your hand pump ? All the while chee chee  what are u doing this ..trying to susu on me''.eek 'all men are dirty '.kahee bhee kar lethey hi.. Shameless creatures ..Yuk " She made a disgusting face and thrown her weapon down , Maan literally jumped from the noise .

hand pump !!!!!!!!!!!!!! '''..and she thought 'besty as as a  choooha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Only a   A chooha !!!!!!!!!!! Again series of NAHEEES '.How can she kill me like this  '!! Why cant she think of some anaconda ..or python at least ..chooha ''.
ye Ithna gira hua socha mera mardangee ke barey meim''.

BANG BANG BANG ''.  He will be more happy   now after the turn of events he will be really proud  'if she accused of him attempt of rape'''''''.
Then she thrown another bomb , a fission bomb that crashed him to 1000 pieces ''.

Geet :"Are you sick , why your hand pump is like that ??? swollen ????"

Maan just wished ,better he would hug and kiss the mobs doing terror out than staying with the Barbie devil ''''.  She is accusing of his only pride ''
The only secret pride of stupid loser Maan Singh stupid ,oh no Maan Singh something like Khurana ''.  Babaji wah ji ji wah , it was your vicious funny plan ,he wept ..with tears  '.. that u shown glimpses of heaven before sending this torturous hell''.What I have done '. Akhir Mera Kasoor Kya hi'??

He understood in emotions how an insan usually become dramatic '. All hopes ..just crashed to ashes '''SIGHHH
Then he started to doubt , is he his thing no'he is alright what else he can expect from the cute monster in front of him, but .., he shook his head and turn his back  and outraged ..before she put another bomb ..]

At Mahalakshmi Apartments Courtyard
 .Geets Brothers without them Torture Will not be complete : Guys Please pay a visit to Geets brothers Pictures ..Sab Ka Dil Khush Khush Ho Jayenga ..Imagination bee Acha rahenga..
The watchman had closed the Main Entrance of the apartment as directed by authorities, the police vehicles roaming the road ,announcing everybody to be in their home only .

, One boy in an opulent Shervani and the other very well built  well dressed  Man were anxiously worryingly paced restlessly in the courtyard of the building , some relatives of them are worryingly looking at them ..watching them from a distance none dared to go near them.
The third brother of them joined and said ,in little relieved and yet extremely concerned voice ..with the cell phone in his Hand ..
Arjun:" Geet took lift from Maan , an Ambassador car '. 4 hours back 'evening 4 itself 'I Talked to Robindo , Thani's brother ..I told Appa not to worry .. "
Bheem Raj : "Maan , Maan the stupid "with extreme discontentment in his voice..
Dharma Dev: " You contacted Rahul..,?"

Arjun " Yes , But he said Geet preferred to Go with Maan ,as she was finding it difficult to sit in Bike ..with Saari , she was wearing for first time 'na.."
 he felt sad for his baby sister..

Bheem throw hands in air frustrated .."Damn. , She only got that coward Stupid to Take lift .., who always need a support cant even do a thing properly .."

A lady , their mother crying rushed to them , Dev hugged her ," Don't worry Amma ..Its ok ..She will be home Soon..please ..Curfew is announced and the riots stopped , They will be stuck somewhere ..on their way .., " He angrily ask Arjun.. " That stupid Don't have any Cell phone "

Arjun " Yes , but it was in Thani's house only , That stupid put it in charging and left without taking it.. You know what kind of irresponsible guy he is...  "

The crying of the lady stopped and asked calmly "Is she with maan ", ya ya ..After all that family know only one stupid , Maan
Dev sadly nodded .."She will be ok she will be ok .." She muttered and , retreated as other ladies took her back to their apartment ..

Bheem sadly frustrated seeing his mothers reaction .." There is no meaning in waiting like this ..." , "That's it ..i am going to get her .." and went to start his bike..

Dev Turned Arni " Ask him where is Rahul , I want to talk to him ..Wasn't he supposed to bring Geet back ,,,? And she went  wish him only Right , So why cant she sit now.."

Arnie " Bheem Bhayya Me too coming .. "
Dev "We will take car .."

From the balcony of their flat Nayan Thara, Dev's Would Be , Screamed .."Bheem Come Quickly ..Uncle '" She wept.

They all rushed back to their Flat.
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