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Chapter 31 The Blessings Of Getting punished


Chapter 31:The Blessing Of Getting Punished

18 August 2011



Chapter 31 The Blessings Of Getting punished


He loved hunting and he thought he will be having fun that day '


But her dead body like reaction agitated the man more and he tore her clothes like a wild animal and bite her Neck , she did not protested her body was cold as dead her eyes fixed lifeless on the roof , the man got violent seeing  her lifeless form lying in front of him ..made him mad '


 , he took bottle of brandy




from shelf drank it and pulled her legs apart to enter her ''''


And he did 'Geet bought back to reality ...She Creamed her Heart out 'he tried to dig her more 'he violently bite her lips and neck  tried to move ...the more he tried the more 'Geet Screamed ..It was rather an outburst of her inner turmoil than the pain of being disgusted 'Before he could fill the dirt'



He took out  he was no more in passion or lust ,her cold dead like body just put off any of that kind feeling , he was just hunting his pray  ,and stared ,little scared too..



from where suddenly life come to this dead body She was continuously screaming non stop. She pushed him away , he was not that strong and drunk to , he fell on the ground 'tried to rise ..




[ dear friends I know u all angry at me , but I don't know how to explain , the way in which Geet bought up her values never forgive herself for her deeds to Maan .Even Maan tell her how much he wanted her , she cant accept and forgive herself.




Its simple human psychology '




Magiciaic explanation .. Please don't ignore post below..]




Geet was burning inside , the extremist pain of remorse all her heart yearned is the punishment , for what she did , and now she felt , she got punished for her sin , for her deeds ..that brought back to the dyeing inner soul of Geet Back .. Yes according to her , there was not any other severe punishment than this , any women this is the extreme cruelty that can happen to her , women prefer die ' any death 'burn alive 'but never will let her go through this ''and thus ''. When she abused ''life came back 'and she reacted save herself . Now she no more hate her 



'''..she will live for her ''.and with that new born self love she reacted tried to protect no more numb , she rose and cover her chest with hands , dragging the spread in nearby bed she escaped to the next room locking herself inside it  crying loudly leaning her back to the door, before Sajjan Kum-eena could register whats happening ...








Then he heard knock on the door '.. Terrible voice followed '.




"Sabjee ''Anhoni ..Bda Anhoni hogaya..,,,, it happened which should not be happened ''''''''Sabjee  "




He irritatingly came out . Leaving crying hard geet who locked in the other room 'She was crying ,just screaming like a mad women




"kya hi be'.Ek tho Saali ek dum cold type kee ..aur .."




The other man informed him about the seriousness that they just done '




The news is out ''.. , its only 3 hours , but the place is covered with media people '




Then busy days for him ahead Now within no time he had to cover up , the real plan of wipe out his enemies , The minister who helped him also told him to make everything clean as central governments sudden confusing scaring interest in such a small case


, Now no more relevancy just 2,3 days celebration for channels for such brutality ..wah re Mera Bharath still mahan , we can forget and forgive'.






Yes , When government did not get the message in time they had send their other team under disguise of common villagers , and they found what all Happened there . Government come to understand some of Ministers helping Sajjan's,  keen interest and the way they used their power , but CM cant bring those culprit , he is more worried about his Kursi , so he tried to cover up everything , don't want to let the public know their hand in it ..Before anything else come in news from the opposition..they let the news out themselves , all blame to crazy villagers mad in bigotry killed missionaries helping converting tribal '




Sadly In India Nowadays bigotry on religion is something respected ..and encouraged




They did not mention the indulgence of their men in it '.they were never registered or any proof that they existed in team '''..   All the place conquered by police and even from parliament they got pushing to take charge of the village.


The local government ,ministry terrified by the sudden force from Central Government'army took Charge the next day   They did not able to understand anything . It will make , lead them to severe problems they know if anybody come to know about their hidden agenda.




Sajjan was out.Day and night .Last three weeks where hell   '  for him '.he never returned Haveli , making things ok in his way ,bribing treating and even begging '.




Finally he was able to understand its not at all a political issue 'as it looks now '.something else 'he is very clever and crook ''''and ...and he heard the Name Maan Singh Khurana''




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