Saturday, September 10, 2011

Chapter 28.Exile

Part 28.Exile

11 August 2011


Chapter 27.Exile

Multiple orgasms she hit she was just not able to realise , finally he felt her body is getting colder and he realised she can no more bear with him in his pace of love making and ''''..he  in extreme contentment '.. Thrust  harder and harder even he felt he will tore her gen* and ''.finally '''

He collapsed wiping all fears of his mind of losing her '

Then he tried to sleep but was unable to do as he was missing her in his chest , he lifted her and make her lay on his body and slept peacefully in their useful position , happy contented anticipating the beautiful morning waiting for them '

It got very late when Geet finally woke up . Maan was exhausted from mental trauma and physical stress of last night , further after years he was getting a 'real sleep ' and he slept peacefully .

Waking up in Maan's arms had became a routine for Geet , so that day too , She woke up ,She felt her whole body aching and sticky. She tried to stand up , looked at Maan sleeping as usual .

She saw his tore swollen lips and the blood stains and his completely messed nude body under her, she is a doctor after all , within no seconds she realized what all happened ..

''.but not completely ' a very wrong way that over turned their lives.

Yes she remembered her taking dosage of Morphine and walking to Maan and blabbering about Rahul. Only up to that she was able to recollect .She tried hard she felt like her head spinning. She remembered each and every word spoke to Rahul , her taking the exact dosage to tranquilize her mind..Well she don't need to think much , the answer was in front of her laying bare .

The dr.Geet suddenly get in to action did basic check up on Maan, his pulse ..eyes. Confirmed he is ok...Maan slept peacefully Geet's touches did not affect him at all, because of his used to be. If somebody else's hands were on him , he would have awaken .While checking itself Geet cant control her sobbing ..

She was able to interpret the extence of their closeness, How far they had gone ' and her own physical uncomfort just reassured her fear of doing the very 'wrong',' sin' again.

The last thing in her mind was Maan's participation in it.If she is not a doctor some one else they at least can doubt his chances ,But being a doctor herself Geet cant just believe in miracles so easily.

Now the punishment is inevitable , the guilt don't even dared to peep in her mind as there was only storm , heat of executing the judgement only .

She silently took the bath and took her belongings ,most of them were already packed during those days of waiting of convocation.

Her heart was deserted , her eyes no more pouring tears , only the heat it spread. no more fighting herself ,or repenting on her deeds , because she had closed all the limits of sanity now..Nothing left 'doomed in sin ''.

''''''even the acceptance in hell will be a boon to the tormented soul ..or she felt whether she had a soul or not?

She was neither running away from others not from her , because now there is no more her , even to think herself .She waited at the sit out for Kesar and Romeo to come , She dared not to enter in Maan;s room again , because after what happened last night again '''''''she just cant ''''.

She already called the taxi and that was kept waiting ,It was Romeo who first reached there, Romeo found it really odd seeing a taxi waiting in the outhouse , and seeing Geet ready to go somewhere with bags and all.

Without even waiting for him to park the bike and take off his helmet she quickly sat in car and asked to drive "railway" station.

Kesar was just behind him and at the gate , they almost missed an accident , bike horn , car horn , the instant breaking sound , at a moment it all was seemed like a heavy traffic road with horns and too much sounds, And the consequent unpleasant events shifted as Kesar saw seeing Geet sitting in Car , unaffected like a stone ,He sensed tension ,and assumed it is urgent as he had never seen her using a taxi , and Gave side without confronting the taxi driver even the error was not in his side'.

Kesar asked dump stuck Romeo what all this he twisted lips like that he had no idea. Then they heard some sounds inside falling glass breaking and all and rushed to Maan's room

They shocked for what they seen there ''''...


She dragged her soulless body to railway station and took her ticket to Delhi, from there she has to take another to Odissa as father Benedict and rama Massi doing Missionary work there in a Tribal village.

Her mind was like the desert in heated sun, with howling sand storm making everything invisible .


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