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Chapter 27. A Substantial Coalescence


Part 27.A Substantial Coalescence

11 August 2011



Chapter 27. A Substantial Coalescence




His hugs get tighter and passion seemed limitless And started to kiss her Madly ..Geet moaned that make him realise what he is doing ''''..         He felt his heartbeats louder than anything and felt it will come out pounding out of his chest ''..




Yes ..yes '''   Geet .i love you ..He was not getting any words ..his eyes flowed non stop ..  Trying to control his emotions he bit his lips ,which were busy in Geet's necks making Geet scream in pain'..and pleasure ''he cried




And in extremest happiness 'he got tired '..he panted  trying to breath ..he layed there '.]




Whether the effect of Morphine or the spark of maan's touches ..or her anger on herself 'Geet rose , Maan happily smiled at her ''with tears in his eyes ..tears of happiness..




He was not getting words to express his happiness , or its after a long time he is trying to move his tongue 'he tried '.but unable to start ..




Geet stood on her knees ' looked at his face , sadly she was not in her senses , she was in her own world of extreme remorse and anger , and wild with feminine desires aroused by his touches which were new to her ''''''.




''like never before ''''''..




Memories of last night flashed in her mind ,  the pleasure relaxation she obtained was in her subconscious mind and  now it needed that back mercilessly over her conscious repenting soul. The selfish "id " of her  took control of her in its seek of immense pleasure it once experienced over the darkest pain of the body it resides and she lose all her sanity , and again sat on him adjusting herself hating herself 'tearing harshly away his and her clothes .'






Maan was in deep pain seeing her pain , he understood her plight and just laid there for her to take out her frustration anger and get relaxed hugging her. She try him to be in her '. On her condition she forgot to remove their inners   And he helped taking his own and hers controlling hard the shaking Geet's body to be in to his '. Finally when he done he released her a wild tigress on prey she sat on him  and within no seconds he tore inside her ..she screamed in pain and pleasure ...'' he cried ..along with her 'when the pleasure of feeling in real teased his senses.




She tried to start the rhythm of their togetherness ..of pleasure journey ..but ..her tranquilised body and unconscious mind hindered




she cant move , she was tired of agony and repentance yet she tried , her inner self seeking pleasure tried but ,,she collapsed on his chest crying 'unable to do anything ..and moved side cried loudly like somebody died , may be she was mourning of her own souls death , Maan can't see her in pain anymore he rose  and carefully took her lips in to his..




She vigorously bite it and sucked the blood oozed out as if complaining .


He enjoyed her impatience , She was continuously rising her legs trying to wrap around it expecting him to be in her..




He smiled at her complaining face , its no more sad , its getting angry like a small baby to get her favourite toy . He too played , she was finding it difficult to open her eyes due to may be affect of the drugs '


She twitched her lips ,complaining when he rose naughtily. Watching her disappointment , instead of letting her leg wrap around him he pulled it apart with his one leg and with one hand he hold another not letting move.


He bent and took her lips softly and hardly kissing with his hands kneading thoroughly one by one without any rest her breasts and thrusting harder and harder . When she started to enjoy the hard rough part of him and smile, he will go for soft tortures , making her wild with passion , she dug her nails in his body complaining and compelling him to do the assault and pulled his hair and bite wherever she can touch him .




That night he felt was his , how long they tried he just don't had any idea , the storm and rain had stopped ,  still he not yet come , her pleasures and complaining moans already turned to whimpers still he was not anywhere close '   with each thrust he just passed the feeling of his eternal love for her ,




Her thoughts of their happy moments make him run his pace slowly and ' the recollection of her sorrows make him wild with passion and his thrusts get harder ..




The pain in his balls made him smile thinking about his plan to visit the sexologist 'and the wet wet dripping her *shh* was so delicate and became elastically shivering with his continuous efforts non stop..




Multiple orgasms she hit she was just not able to realise , finally he felt her body is getting colder and he realised she can no more bear with him in his pace of love making and ''''..he  in extreme contentment '.. Thrusted  harder and harder even he felt he will tore her gen* and ''.finally '''




He collapsed wiping all fears of his mind of losing her '




Then he tried to sleep but was unable to do as he was missing her in his chest , he lifted her and make her lay on his body and slept peacefully in their usual position , happy contented anticipating the beautiful morning waiting for them '




Precap :exile ..any guesses'''..



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