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Chapter 19.Let me Study This..


Part 19.Let me study this ..

06 August 2011



Chapter 19.Let me Study This..


[and he cant hold his laugh but the sight in front of him leave his mouth open ..and will usually turn a gape gasping session as her childish pulling of cloth to him to have a look reveal ..some beautiful precious assets of her depends on where she pulls '..maan  deep sigh..hhh  well he was used to such "heart wrenching tortures" leaving him  *shh*  most of the time 'by mere sight and soft touches '.and his decision to see the sexologist got harder''above all the close encounters ..which will take his "izzath Ka falooda..]




After the vacation Amitji' went back to US to continue his studies and ..Sapna  missing Amit terribly  , became a complete "Besharam" according even to Arman , with explicit sexual comments , and non-stop naughtiness , usually this syndrome is shown by almost newly married cuties  living away from their hubies.With that non stop 'masala's she was unknowingly trying to fill the missing *ssh* .


They all medicos , they know things well .. But the only one with practical experience ,(there may be some others too'but they cant claim their experience due to "legal" problems was Sapna, with "right to speak" authoratively about the"subject"  . Geet too included in her gang for a while , ' and when she described 'her experience with friends and all , Geet was not able to hide her sweating and 'panting , she got ashamed and worried what others feel if they see her in like that, then was relieved everyone including Riddima ,and Anjali ,who was supposed to be deficit of "female hormones" too in that same predicament.




Then evening her usual Drama ,'tricking Maan and accomplish her task drama , similar to the one she played to get his Kurtha , ...


They already covered the subject at first year


She took the syllubus ..and dramatically sat beside him ..


" uff aaaj mujey bahuth padna hi'. U know'(and she showed him the syllabus )'..ithna kuch cover karna hi'u see '.,"


[Maan noticed , its not just waving the syllabus , it took a little more time , as she want him to read or have a thorough look at the syllabus ..hmm he got doubted and looked ..the syllabus ''. Oh ..No ..Geet ''.Please ..Please don't do this '''''.yup he know his Geet well




The syllabus:


Histology of various organs/organ systems


Male reproductive system : Testes, spermatogenesis, spermatozoon, cycle of seminiferous epithelium,


sertoli cells, interstitial tissue Leydig cells, histophysiology of testes, epididymus, vas deferns, prostrate,


seminal vesicles, penis.


III. Embryology








And he clearly knew that this one she had finished earlier long before she came to stay with him , in the first year itself .. Due the admission procedure first year starts late and after vacation , during second year they had to give first year exam .. And he heard her studying all these 'well Maan is very clever intelligent ,and he is a fast learner too  with very good memory']




She started to read from text book , looking Maan through the corner of her eyes ' .. 


[he can sense her reluctance to start'. And he was praying all the gods ..'no no no''  after all "izat ka'*ssh* ka sawal hi , ek marth ke liye issey badee beizzathee']




"you know ..its getting really difficult to learn without computer and internet nowadays 'ha college they provide the facility but my all the time in college computer room ,goes in typing assignments and taking printouts '.during lunch break'.   ''''




And how can I afford to buy a laptop with the salary I am getting ..hhmm bolo bolo.."


[oh no now ..she got her '.critical biscuit she will not stop .. Ye rukhney wali nahee ab'oh no Maan]




'" ' and thum or thuhmaree ..chacha mama jo bhee hoo not ready to increase it either ''ab bolo ..its all because of you .."




[ya here comes dog tail too' .oh Maan ']




"so its your responsibility , helping me in my studies ..ok  and a man never run off his responsibility ' "she said the last words pointing pen , in whispering emphasizing tone




[scaring Maan to death , his responsibility to help her in studies ..and the dialogue '. A man never runs away ''''.ooo  all the riddles ''..




Nahee nahee nahee '.maan sar patak fatak ke roney laga actress depict shock in hindi serials .old times .lol]


(and the word patience is not in Geet's dictionary especially when she with Maan)


" Okee let me study study this ''''"


The she asked straightly


"can I see your willis and doodleberry '.??"



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