Saturday, September 10, 2011

Chapter 26.Resurrection


Part 26.Resurrection


09 August 2011




Chapter 26.Resurrection



[Maan relaxed rejoiced ''.  His happiness now no bounds ..from the extreme pain of losing her forever he got her back ..and he hugged her tight '.




Tighter ' as if she only belongs to him..and he will never let her go now..He hugged her and dipped his head in the nape of her neck 'wetting her shoulders'.crying his heart oout '










She was not in her senses , she was unable to register the hot drops of water dripped on her shoulders .She cried along with him''..


And she ''muttered .."Maan 'he asked me ''.. He asked 'Maan'and father don't expect me to be a nun either 'he asked me Maan ''  if it was yesterday '..


I ruined his life ''. I ruined everything ''.. I don't have any rights'even to take my own life '.


I ruined yours too''". Why me '..She cried ''..cried 'and cried ..






Maan ''was in the deepest abyss of regret ,remorse was him was him' he wanted to scream ..guilt was overpowering him eating devouring him from with in'..he don't know what to do ..just to take all her sorrows and pain in to him and burn it in his remorse '




When he hugged her with his hands he not just realized ''.


He crushed her body in to his embrace .. Dipping his head deeply


He hugged her ''.. 






Today Maan moved every muscle , he not realized .Because everyday he was living in his illusion for him which was not less than reality 'so he was ok ,and not at all bothered its just his imagination..




 Maan usually lives in his imaginations ..he always felt it like he touched her.. That's why it was never bothered him of his immobility '


But today '..the agony '.the remorse and above all the love just ..made his muscles move ..for him it was just another illusion that he usually have on her , and that illusion he never try to realize it was just an illusion '..for him its like magic , it happened to him , he lived in it , he felt every moment of it no regret for him that it is just illusion'.but today was different           her heart her soul wanted it yearned for the deep hug 'unlike never before '








She too never ever expected yearned his physical closeness , his embrace to sooth her like today




Both '..just wanted to be in each other and god heard them ,,and it the miracle happened ''..




Sad part is none was realizing it was real




They were in the magic of their togetherness like never before '..




( I know I am confusing magicia-ic explanation 'I will try




Like when u got very good sleep in the ground itself ,by imagining u are having sleep in the cosiest bed ', after waking up from very happy sound sweet sleep will u bother that u never had a bed '?  Same feelings were always in maan and that's why he never bothered of being in a vegetative state..because he was happy contented with his imaginative life)




He hugged her closely , just wanted his every part of the body melted with her .She was in deep anguish. The penitence and affect of Morphine just conquered her ability to think .Above all finally in attrition she lost her conscious.






His hugs get tighter and passion seemed limitless And started to kiss her Madly ..Geet moaned that make him realise what he is doing ''''..         He felt his heartbeats louder than anything and felt it will come out pounding out of his chest ''..




Yes ..yes '''   Geet .i love you ..He was not getting any words ..his eyes flowed non stop ..  Trying to control his emotions he bit his lips ,which were busy in Geet's necks making Geet scream in pain'..and pleasure ''he cried '.]



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