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Chapter 2 : Maan the stupid Hit by the cupid

Chapter 2 : 
Maan the stupid Hit by the cupid
12 August 2011

Bang ,  This was the least expected from an 18 year he felt like she is teasing or taunting him..., maan ashamed to death in embarrassment  , he tried to rise ..instantly and in his hurry the sari pinned to her blouse at shoulders torn with blouse '.exposing her chest ''..

Making her scream when the cold air chilled her small nipples her scream terrored Maan
And maan fell again with his lips crashing her nipples

Well the manly lips that too a virgin completely when gets such bonanza will not let go its chances in normal cases ,and it did , sucking nibbling ,exploring the nearby area and the other hand too , was removing the clothes left of the other mount eagerly. Geet feminine body arched back and adjusted to help the exploration then the fingers got the precious stone it wanted and started squeeze and his legs were urgently trying to part that of hers which was trying up to wrap around his waist and in its struggle the saari and the underskirt puddled around her waist, his hands was about to unbuckle belt'''Geet was feeling the unknown ecstasy when the irritatingly aching buds get sucked and pleasured ''.


A heavy explosion sound followed by some thing heavy flew and landed with a bang just behind the car blocking the small street' s entrance to the main road. It was a heavy truck burned by the Rioters exploded when fire reached its petrol tank . Maan somehow managed and saw what happened behind them.

Fire and smoke spread the atmosphere .Geet too came out trying to cover herself with the sari pallu . They forgot what they were doing ..

Seeing the blockade in front of them Geet shook her head in anger and muttered.

Geet :"Now how will we go back , I told u don't come to small streets .."

Maan: irritated , " hello Madam if did not I acted smartly and hid the car here , it will our car dancing and flying in the fire "

Geet : " oho .nobody touch this old trash car " and giggled

Maan wondered how can she laugh even in such situation , Definitely some screw of her is definitely "dheela" (loose) , But her laugh is so cute . Before again get casted in her spell he controlled

Maan:" Umm has lo if it is not Gatala,  remember what the goons said "

Maan for the first time felt happy that his dad not yet bought him a sports car . He rarely takes this old gatala out most of the time he prefer to be in his bike .
Today when Geet requested him to drop , his happiness had no bounds .He thought its all babaji's decision , the strange sound he heard when trying to start the bike and the problems in clutch and above all his mom's worry to take that bike Just disappointed that What Geet will think seeing this old car..Thank you babaji , Thank you mom' He done quick prayers again.

Geet too thought , he got the point .But she cant easily let it go , after all he is "Maan the stupid ,hit by the cupid " she used to sing it with her friend Thani.

Geet started again "Mujey Kisee bhee keemath pe Ghar pahunchado .(take me home at any cost).,in a arrogant demading tone , in which she usually speak to Maan. 
Maan knew ball is in his court , smirked , as if he did not listen.
Geet added "otherwise I will tell Bheem bhayya that u torn my blouse and steal my milk.."

Maan felt dizziness and his eyes got blacked out and he lean the car bonnet for support ,not to fell , looked disgustingly at the Barbie doll in saari in front of wondering

"ye akhir cheez kya hi " (what is this thing??)

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