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Chapter 6:Restrained Frenzy

Chapter 6:Restrained Frenzy
14 August 2011

Maan got infuriated he watched her silently. His whole face was shivering in anger , he slowly inched towards her , She was lost in her own world not noticed Maan coming closer to her .He hold her hands in air and pinned her to the wall .She protested and the Saari pallu slide down falling on the ground making her upper body completely naked .

Maans body crushed her to the wall , and their bodies glued , , looking at her eyes he got intoxicated  as the small nip* with little softest  flesh around it smashed with his denuded skin of his chest , he don't know when he dipped his face in the nape of her neck , and started to nibble her earlobe and licking softly the area below her earlobe. As he was getting more and more hallucinated by the serene tenderness of her nave body he unknowingly started to rub on her bosoms with his body making her dipping in between her legs and dangerously prickling nip*s
She was not able to register what is happening to her ,
She don't want to stop him from what he is doing , instead her urges started to over power her conscious  self
what she could understand is she is getting ticklish from top to bottom of her body , and she want to faint in his warmth, her innocent age and feminine urge was driving her crazy , she dig her hands in his hair and pulled his hair making him dig on her more ..and more '..

When his pants escaped from his waist he don't know , now fully hardened ready to fight manhood of him pierced her navels stretching the cloth of his inners, she fluttered open the hazel beautiful enticing eyes of her, realizing the presence of the strange thing moving harshly against her tummy  that is making her  tickled to death .She giggled uncontrollably ,

then she tried to sense what it is ? ? ..

 As far as her knowledge and Maan is not stranger too, there was  nothing fleshy hard like thing was not in his body popping out  like that to tease her , come between them '!!
even before 4,5 minutes before he start to bite and crush her..(according to her) there was no grown growth  in his body'

[[ what it will be ?? Fleshy hard ,running playing across her tummy 'like ''''
'''chooha'."''.AAHHH  CHOOHA CHOOHAA ']]

she snapped ,waked tried to escape from Maan holding her'.after all it's a matter of life and death .!
Within few seconds she gone through rat fever ,suffered red skin rashes and then got plague swollen parts and died a "black death" in her mind thinking about the potential  rat bite ,she is going to have from the fleshy rat moving across her tummy .

Maan scared , and jerked back , and the pants puddled in his ankles trapped his movement and he fell down '

She was running all over the room screaming "Chooha Chooha .."

Then she was Maan laying on floor, . , eyes about to come out in scare , shock ,worry ,,,she ran to him and hugged him , tightly and cried 

"Chooha maan ..i am sacred , it moved in my tummy , I may got a rat bite , I will die .. I don't want to die like this ..without even getting married ..'. Save me Maan me.."  She sobbed hugging him 'sat on his lap , without even noticing his pants are off.
He wanted to thank the chooha (mouse) , from the depth of his heart.
He was scared of her reaction of losing himself like this and super angry at himself without thinking about the consequences how can he just ''But right time god has send the chooha and 'saved '"Babaji thussi just too great one after other you are showering your blessings on me'.above all she on my lap in my embrace am I this much lucky ??"'.
 and in his greed he adjusted her in the way he wanted '.

Geet in a jerk stood up ..screamed "Maan Chooha , mouse , in your pants.. No it reached inners..., ok remove it let it out and kill it  , it will bite you '.  , she took the iron rode from the ground that used for breaking in home and with its hooked tip she caught the waste line of inners .. before Maan can understand anything she pulled it down''''

Now its time for Maan to scream

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