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Chapter 8. Fiddling Riddles


Part 8. Fiddling Riddles

02 August 2011



Chapter 8. Fiddling Riddles


Still in flash back '



When he regained conscious he felt like he died and he is in heaven and Geet the angel serving him playing with him ..




The rest of the story he get from Munshiji ..




It took six hours for the police/rescuers  to take out Maan from debris .unconscious not at all responding ,eyes closed, when the docs lifted lid up checking his eyes , to their shock the lids remained , not at all tending to close. He was in a condition in which he cant even a single muscle. He was in Extreme Intensive Care Unit, docs trying to wake him up , News papers celebrated Young Khuranas unexpected accident, and within one week police dismissed all thoughts of rumors of any kind of conspiracy and news lost its sensation part and shifted to second page who visited who not, response ..etc ..




Dev was so much mollycoddled by the dark side of life ,that he sparely get any time ,even to collect his allowances ,He will drop by occasionally when he ran out of money. Same happened that day after 2 weeks of Maans accident ,while waiting for his allowances at Aadi the accountant he just asked if Maan dies will his mother or him get the property ?


Small brain think so straight and stupid


But Aadi the dedicated loyal employee got scared worried and immediately informed Raj Kaur, Amruth's cousin brother and Khurana's non Official Legal adviser, Raj discharged all scares from Aadi's mind that nothing to worry , After Maan it will go to Amruth then after her some charity , They will never get property. Aadi shared this to Dev to dismiss any foul play if there is in Dev's mind ..Dev had some clue about this ..took his money and gone. Saying "chill man u took it seriously " laughing merrily .Stupid he is like his mom..




But Raj , just waned to double check no triple check the will once again ,because he knew the last thing Amruth want is the property given to Pamela .Knowing his sister he was sure if Pamela a good women she would have definitely fight for her rights , but she did not liked Pamela at all not only because of her bitchy life , especially the way she raised Dev . Even Amruth herself tried to make  a change in Dev's life , by getting him admission in best School , from where he got expelled for selling drugs .After that ,  Amruth never paid any attention to them .




And Raj , come across with that clause, silly funny one results of Dharmanath's lethargic thoughts  , Yes by all means Maan is unable to handle , by that time Amruth and Raj knew well about Maan's condition.


Pamela and Dev can not do anything their own , but enemies of Khurana can definitely use them if anybody have clue about this .Amruth a true Kshatriya knew tactics of war and triumph. Within no time she made arrangements for Maan's funeral at India, declaring him dead  officially  to  the press .




Flashback continues '.




One more update on flashback after that I promise Maneet .sorry if I am boring you ..




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  1. heyyyyyyyyyyyy,,,,,,,,,its damn sooooooooo interestng

  2. itssss somthng ssoooooooo magical......i cnt wait fo maan to b healthy.......come on maan b a dude..........

  3. hey its nt borng at alllllllllllllllllllll.wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww..

  4. sorry for posts in parts.heheeheheheheheh

  5. Very good story.


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