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Chapter 3 : Grotesque (beautifully Ugly)

Chapter 3 :  Grotesque (beautifully Ugly)

31 July 2011




He tried to regain is that was the dream he is used to see last 2 years .  But the pleasure , the way she is lying on him giving him realization that whatever happened is not just dream ..and the hot fluid that oozing out of her streaming through his thighs   He has seen the fallen angel's face . So divine , in moon light , just started to smile after the heavy rain peeping through clouds '


Geet slept ever peacefully she nevr had , The barking of dog outside disturbed her sleep , maan desperately wanted to pat her back and make her  sleep again '.

She tried to move her legs one of which was between his thighs .

It was stick to his thighs due to drying of *shh* fluid and blood . .Really painful ,but she not realized and tried to stand up , waking in to Maans arms was not a new thing to her , she smiled innocently at his staring eyes as always , she don't had a clue that that staring eyes missed its rest , not slept ..


( doubt clearance ..Yes u all guessed it correctly  clap clap ... , Maan Is in a coma state , he cant even blink his eyes .. No traumatic brain injury .. Type severe coma ..but a vegetative state .. A state called

"coma vigil'  he is awaken from coma inside he know very well what is happening he feels every touch 'but can not respond , but in coma ..doctors says he is in still a  coma , but they don't know he  is awaken inside always don't have full knowledge right ..when docs don't have can I have ..??    with coma '' I don't know much ..remember munna bhai anand babu


Similar ..)


It was like tearing her skin when she tried again . He touched there softly to find out .. She moved her hands softly inner thighs of both his and hers to unstuck it , still not remembering anything ..then the sudden hardening ..she realised each and every moment she had ..and and instantly tried and stood up , scratching tearing  both their skins  of inner thighs ,making him and her falling on ground ..him top on her ...


She still was not able to realize it was mutual , their intimacy .. Tears non stop followed from her eyes , the guilt , the pain , the bebasi (helplessness) and thinking herself so low , that she just wished the earth tear apart and take her in .. her already heavy burdened heart was throbbing hard against his strong chest , making him understand pain she is going through '''.. It pricked his heart like 1000 needles .


He was not able to breath , its his breath only that is giving some signs of his being alive , with that he responded , the pain ,she is in which he want to sooth ..


Grab her to his embrace and love her to ecstasy .


Feeling his choking the doc in her acted , she some how managed to come out of his heavy toned still masculine body .


( well he is surviving on some drips and tablets that will be done during day time along with some physio therapy , assisted exercise session .. .during day time with the professional nurses attending him 2 male and 1 female nurse , along with a doc do his regular check up. Almost daily )


Then she turned him, pressed his chest .. Tried to give him a quick CPR ,

And while blowing she strangely felt , smallest , did he just slipped his tongue , it try to catch her and his taste '  with shocking eyes she rise then ..same stare dead eyes , in her tension ,being doc only then , she missed the twinkle sparkle in his eyes 'She was not crying anymore .. He is in peace '. Enjoying dipped in her proximity  her seductive smell 'her luscious lips softness ...

She continued and soon she felt his breaths in rythem she stopped blowing but continued playing with his lips and tongue if she tricking him , as if she wanted him not to realize (as if he realizes ) what she is doing ,she is just is giving him cpr she tried to trick both him and her conscious ..


Then she heard the voices of other nurses coming quickly stood up and gone to washroom ..they should not see her in his kurtha was the only thought in her mind then ..that was the thought she wanted to feel .

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