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Chapter 4:Home alone

Chapter 4:Home alone
13 August 2011

Geet in a jerk ran and  hugged Maan and wrapped her legs around his waist ,clinging to him
Maan said " Patting her back lovingly its ok Geet its Ok .. "
Geet cried "Mujey Ghar jana hi , Chitra deedi's family will already be there and rituals too started ..mujey ghar jana hi .." whimpering she blurted out.

Maan:"ok ok ..lets move away from main street , its danger to stay here in street and car ..get down lets move .."
Geet:still clinging to Maan"no no..U take me like this ..i am scared .."
Maan, [ she is heavy, but it's a golden chance ] and walked towards the gate at the other end of the street.

There was no lock at the gate and the bushes around the area clearly said it was not been used for months. As they expected the house too was locked. It's a small area surrounded by shop building's rear part there were no other houses near by. Geet get down from Maan.

Its not completely dark yet ,and the things in verandah of the house told Maan what is it been used for .He really got worried seeing the alcohol bottles and empty condom packs .
Before Geet could ask anything he told Geet  holding her hands .".come lets move to the back of the house , if the goons return they will see us , lets  try to get inside and check whether there is any phone" but while saying he was almost sure there wont be any phone .
Maan is not a very intelligent studious boy , so he had other qualities , like he is an expert in Home break in .He succeeded many times in his own home breaking since thirteen , when he started to roam out alone without parents permission.

Within no seconds he managed to get an small iron rode .He inserted in to kitchen window gap and opened the window , then he bent the tip of  same rode with his hands
( a sight to watch ) and he put his hands inside window with the bent rode and opened latch of kitchen door ' And dramatically welcomed Geet , "welcome Madam "

Geet was seeing him in admiringly , she felt wow he is just great ..But he is Maan the stupid hit by the Cupid , she cant show any admiration because he is "sar pe chadenga type" and how can she miss her chance to tease him.

As soon as they entered .
Geet started " Don't you have any shame in breaking in anybodies home like this "
Maan:"No" seriously replied what else he can expect from him.
Geet:" hmm ,,"very much disappointed with his cold attitude ."Now where is the phone"
Maan was scanning every corner of the kitchen and shelves ,without looking at her answered in the drawing room,
Geet" Where exactly it is ?"
Maan:"In front portion of this house " Again Maan was busy in searching something.
Geet nodded then thought for a while ." You know whose house is this ?? " little happily she asked

Maan "No"
Geet:"then how do you know where is phone and drawing hall and all '
Maan shook his head thinking a 'hopeless case' making a face.

Geet :"batao how do you know all these ??"
Maan:"I studied it in college"
Geet understood completely , "Oh u started studying ..hmm , Thank god  uncle decided  the right thing by sending you for civil engineering ..u can be at least some useful ...good good., I will tell Appa that u are slightly intelligent now..".."slightly " she showed litle , pinch , in sign .

Maan hit his head with hands .and shook his head. By then he found the knife and a candle etc , need for them ..And ask her to move inside of the house .
They reached the middle room with no direct access to outside .then he lit the candles and placed in one corner. He was careful that the light in the house do not get any unwanted attraction.

Geet:"why candles ? No electricity ?" she went to switch on the night and before she do that Maan pounced at her .making him and her fall on the ground , before she start screaming his hands covered her mouth , but she bite it and tried to move away from under him . She slid away he tried to catch her and //"treek "
Her blouse now completely tore by two pieces  and one sleeve with half of the back part and half front part   came out of her arms in Maans hands..Maan shocked.

She looked at the piece in Maans Hands and the sleeve part part slid down from her other shoulders fell on ground and about to scream Maan pushed her to the wall in a jerk and closed her mouth with his hand and whispered in her ears "sorry"

His hot breath when fanned her back she forgot to breath for a moment and then after a while and exhaled heavily . Which made her Saari pallu fall of making her stand for a minute with bare chest. Now Maan's heart beats stopped

 She immediately bent pushing the Numb Maan away and took it and covered herself , when rose she hit on Statued Maan bringing back conscious in him. He thought her's got bigger than the last time he saw it, or may be my mind's wild imagination.

Geet accused " thuhme sharam nahee aatee mere 'milky pouch' pe goorthey hue??" pointing at her chest now covered with pallu with her eyes.

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