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Chapter 16.Drama Starts


Part 16.Drama starts...

05 August 2011



Chapter 16.Drama Starts


"everything ..and my baby I teach you'don't worry"  with that said she patted his cheeks 


"but before that ..we need some costume change .."




[her soft fingers burned his cheeks '  and what she mean by costume change ..oh god , what if she notice '' he desperately wanted to cross his thighs and crash his har*shh* in between '.  ]




She moved him and made him to sit like , the usual knee pos of Dulhans .


["wait a minute drama queen is it me Dulhan ..or ..oh   no 'its Geet , Oh Maan Vo thuhmey dulhan''.Koi Cyanide lakey dengey ..]


"I know I know ..u may not like this ' but u know ' if "1" sat near , "2" or "2" sat near "1" '.hogee tho 12 hee hey na.."


[No 'it will be 12 or 21'both different my donkey ' , it will be same if both same ..1 and 1 ..or 2 and 2 '. I am not Gay , and U are not Lesbian'''.oh god ..Iska koi Barosa nahee ..Ye Lesbian bhee Ho Sakthee hi'.eek'''Ha '..but baby ''.


Ahem ahem ..there is a "69" '''Oh Maan ..u such a cheapo ..Suhag Rath thak hoee Nahee u started to think "69" with her 'kuch tho sharam Kar ''.(Maan make baby face to himself ) ..Meim Kya Karu ..Isney .(pointing busy Geet , with some Shall) , Isney Mujey besharam banatha hi..]




"yes ready ", she put the big red shall of hers ' covering Maans face '.making him look like a bride in veil




[Maan was curious to know , what she is up to ..]


And like Arman taught , she walked towards him taking each steps , doing same Arman style of pulling his collars little back , same she did with kurtha , shocking Maan to stop breath , when her soft smooth "assets: hanging loosely moved slightly up when the Kurtha pulled backwards and , fell vibrating , making all Maan's senses '..shivering '.and "thingy" ,done what it warned him'..




She slowly get sat in bed, opened his veils , looked at his eyes looking at his eyes manly passionately ..then she kissed his forehead softly ''..




[he cant hold his laugh , Well Arman is a good teacher and she a good student , hmm ,


May be he have the clue that she is My girl , '.]




Then she stopped , "Bas ithna hee ,," sat like a baby crossing her legs , 


[bas ithna ''disappointed ..]


"u know arman is such a sweety ..really romantic ''''' oh god ..he is a god of sex .."


[Mere suhag rath se Ye Arman kab Jayenga 'eek isey thum God of sex kahthee hi .., u want to know what ..*shh* is 'Geet '.thum mujey suno na'']


"Riddima is such a lucky girl , why cant she understand him'' Sabka nazeeb meim Pyar nahee Hota '"


With that said she looked somewhere far , the same haunting piercing pain in her eyes came back , she stood .. Took the shall from him ,,, and said ..


"I know in my life , I am never going to be a bride and have  a suhagrath , '. But this red colour ''is  .sso tempting 'u know ..i love red ..and I always say I love white '




Then she took the shall and the sari that Sapna's Mother gifted her to wear, but she was not able to wear it ' .  She was feeling uncomfortable ..because she know in her life red sari .. By then Sapna's mom really loved her , simple chanchal , innocent .. Totally angelic different from Sapna's other friends . Geet don't want to disappoint her she told her the half truth that she don't have blouse and they laughed and lightened the mood.




She took the sari put it in her chest ,across .looked at Maan thinking deeply and smiling sadly .  "U know the Sari , sapna's mommy gave it 'but what to do ''. I don't have blouse na'."


[Maan clearly know why she don't wore it , then he promised one day you will my girl , now you are not wearing it because '  i am not there to see u...but one day u will ... when u are going to wera Sari , for the first time it will be For me'For me only .."]


" Now I think I will try it , don't tell anybody ..she whispered .."


[he smiled , she is happy again .. He closed her eyes accepting her request , I won't tell anybody ]




She was busy in looking the Sari works she actually forgot to close the bathroom door , she stood infront of the mirror , She can not see Maan now and Maan can't see her , .but ' Her reflection in mirror''that he can see''' she was trying it above her Kurtha 'making various faces cute faces...


[Maan was enjoying how she tries it , looking like a baby girl trying sari ..for the first time ...hiding her mother ...]


Then she stopped .thinking of something ...




The neck and Full sleeve of kurtha with sari reminded her of Bengal's Missionaries of Charity sisters 'she angrily took off the Kurtha , Covering her *shh* with Sari pallu '.




[Maan forgot to breath ''']



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