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Chapter 32. Belief : The Best Shock Absorber


Chapter 32.Bilief  : The Best Shock Absorber

20 August 2011



Chapter 32. Belief : The Best Shock Absorber




They were all decided to go in person and surprise Geet , Maan was super excited , They just waited for the non stop baleful rain to abate that day .






The news shocked Amruth and Jai Singh to their Death , Maan was in his exercise room , doing some physiotherapy last touch ups..He is fully recovered ..




The news was




"Christian missionaries attacked by violent mob , Father Benedict with his Medical team burned alive to death in the Van they travelled.. The other victims are  ..Dr.Geet, Dr.Bernard , sister Leena .., Rama Behen , Govardhan ..'"




Amruth fainted thinking about her son and his future ''who was..just behind her watching this news , in full Maan Singh Khurana Attitude , not shocked neither scared , but watching as if trying to hear with all curiosity some  discussion on upcoming Market fluctuations .Frowned face and suspicious analysing trying to register each and every point .


When news was getting telecasted Jai Singh looked at Amruth then noticed Maan behind her and he was shocked closely watching Maan's reaction , seeing his 'not much affected' type of effect , Jai Singh actually got scared , he thought of Maan Getting another shock and in some disconcerted state, he looked at Amruth who fainted in the sofa and . Rushed to her ..'Amu ..Amu.."




Maan heard his Nanaji's squealing and saw Amruth fainted ,quickly acted ''... sprinkled water on her face then ..said holding her hands .."mom don't worry , nothing happened to Geet , You know what all things coming in news .." he laughed ''.


Jai Singh lost all hope he thought Maan became lunatic , .Amruth confused'


Savitri who was in a totally perplexed state there also shocked seeing Maan laughing ...




Maan continued "Would somebody believe if I myself say ..i am Maan Singh Khurana , very much alive 'even after five years after my death announcement , funeral ''.dont worry nothing will happen to Geet ,






To relieve them further he added '




Nothing '.she is my love , we have to live 'you know my drama queen always says . "lived Happily ever after ."  No mom , don't worry ..




Now I am sure ,actually more than certain about god and his love for me, love for us '.'


Don't worry ' ''''' "




Filling hope in them. Actually it was the best they wanted then.They were all worried about Maan , how to convince him'and all and he himself convincing them and giving hope and assure nothing to worry and confident for Geet ..


They all just fell in love with that unseen Mysterious Angel , more and more , Because what they are seeing in front of them is a New Maan Singh Khurana , full of life , full of Hope and extremely passionate , very much , far far different from the cranky Maan Singh Khurana ,the complete businessman before accident.






Maan was confident , just because his 'dil' says Geet is Ok , Actuallyhe felt very very very restless , suffocated as if he is going to die while he was doing exercise a while ago , he felt his heart beat rising so fast as if he felt it will come out breaking its walls his rib cage any time '..




Then suddenly felt so calm ' so pacific and '.composed , relaxed ..some heavy burden just taken out of his heart 'and thrown to dustbin forever






{ It's the same time when Geet was attacked and then she regained her lost ,dead soul and protected herself  '  }






Then he didn't felt like exercising anymore thought about having a chit-chat with his Mom , that he started for the first time in his life nowadays ..., and he thought of having some fun too , because he know well all this years alone managing everything the tough sturdy time Amruth Had been gone through '




Everything was then quick , Raja Jai Singh is not just some M.P spending his time in parliament sleeping .He is very active and definitely will come under "Real political person playing politics " after all what is this politics is for a person so practical like him, still in politics at this age ,because of his habit of power.




All the trio get in to action .They are brilliant actually excellent in their respective works ,with a very manipulative logical attitude in lineage.




They each started their part with full confidence and unshaken hope '..that too just within two hours of the terrifying news .


Savitri was trying hard to understand her bahu .. Who is now busy in phone with somebody 'May be Raj ,her cousin and legal adviser


Who just 2 hours before fainted thinking about her son's future now making


a  future for him'in a way none can imagine..



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