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Chapter 23 .A Decent Proposal

Part 23.A decent Proposal

08 August 2011


He was struggling to  form words ..then suddenly , he stood on his knees , his eyes fixed on hers '


"Geet will you Marry Me?"


Geets contemplated  on the fine Gentle man on his knees proposing , and the twinkle in his eyes , his anticipation 'any girl could ever dream of '

A smirk formed on her face ''''

Geet in her mind " Yes ''..Rahul'I 'will ." '''..Her mind one moment rejoiced '..


It was her dream 'she just wished in her all life a Man come and in his knees 'ask her 'to be his , A poor girl , who don't have anybody , a display piece of some bodies kindness  every month , will be ever able to wish ?


Even if she wish , she herself will doubt whether I have any right to wish ?


  Even if she is not chosen to be a nun because of her obligations herself ''''...,


 They might have married her off in some community marriage ceremony ..and her most memorable day of her life will be just another charity event.


She was never raised as an individual , ..a girl with a soul ''. What all she got is set of rules to follow to 'live' ..They were cared , but never pampered '


They are given everything in life , but they are not allowed by themselves to think about 'taking' ..demanding even from their own life '


Whatever they got is gift from god ''..


Every bodies life is gift from god, whatever we are getting is from god only,,


The difference in them and us ..we remember and get reminded of it occasionally or on specific times even if it is frequently ..there is  a time between frequency right ..where we live think about us'our lives ..our dreams  'but poor souls orphans on charity '''.


Each and every single moment of their life , they are reminded , give harangue to themselves about it   ,chanter about the "bliss full " life they had  every moment.


( I am feeling I am not able to express the feeling of Geet , Magicia nor a  poet ,neither studied literature I try my way now..


A girl don't have any food 'any ..

She is given rice '.She is thankful '.

Decent she is , so she wont ask for 'curry' or even dream about it

She will just eat it and thank '

People who gave food expect her to be thankful too , just for tehir personal satisfaction 'everybody expect right ?



So what about ice cream'...

That does not mean she don't have right to dream and taste ice-cream


Well for Geet ,Rahul's proposal is ice cream 'a dream she can never ever thought that she has right even to dream'


That's why friends her answer is 'yes' '..try to think in her place ,,)



Geet :in her mind .."yes Rahul I will '..but ''"


She don't like him in particular , but he is very good indeed , Decent ,extra decent .Gentle Man , but human , no man is perfect ..he too ..his trying to be over decent made him a kind of show off guy '..

He was in love with Geet , since he ever seen her.

But she was in Arman's gang , his arch enemies 'he is scared to propose her because ..campus love ', "corner satisfactions" etc .not just his way ..the gentleman Rahul's way .he was scared too ,of Arman ..he is not a serious kind of guy ,according to Rahul..

And Rahul ,learned all about Geet in his way from the beginning even her destined to be a "nun' unlike Arman..Arman don't know about it ..and he is not that kind of guy who peep in to friend's life '.but for Rahul Geet is his dream'so ,, so he feared to approach Geet ,If Arman play any stupid usual pranks of his , out of his indifferences with Rahul..Rahul will lose Geet for ever ..which he don't want ..


He was serious about his when he was unable to express , "telling I love you " is difficult for guys like Rahul

..He tried in traditional way ,,, He convinced his parents ,,gathered courage , paid a visit to Geet's guardian father Benedict .. Father is her guardian not Rama , Geet being a ward of Orphanage. Rama herself is a dependent of church.


He thought it will be easy to convey his message to Geet without her being hurt is through father only .But father smiled and asked him to ask Geet first .

Father too much engrossed in his charity works he never tried to see what's in Geet's mind .he will not be able to understand it either for his life is dedicated to do service and that is his dream ..

He thought Geet's decision to be a nun is not of her obligation but from her inner soul to help others ,and he don't want to push her by any means and feel her hurt , he just don't wanted to show any right on her , because he knew she will do whatever he want ,he don't want her to do that , he wanted her to think and make decision for herself .


Rama , well she is uneducated and her life itself was a mess until she is saved , she loved Geet very much, wanted Geet to have a good life ..and according to her what she is seeing in church life as a nun is the best anybody could get , but unable to register there will be other dreams ..that is in life there are "dreams' she just did not had any knowledge of dream or love ..poor lady


So when Rahul approached father , he was impressed by Rahul's status perfect for Geet. But as far as father knows Geet wanted to be a nun , only he don't want to interfere in any of her decision ..and he asked Rahul to approach Geet straight .He know his this answer to Geet will make Geet understand his consent over the relation..and if she don't want she don't need to feel anything since father did not actually asked for her to do anything 'by all means Father wanted Geet to be happy in her life '


But Geet was just not courageous enough to dream ,and ask for her something ..or just she don't know anything '


She looked at Rahul ''.

Then she felt staring eyes of Maan on her looked at him 'She know ..She cant hide to herself '.and Maan's eyes , she felt like it piercing , she misunderstood it as it is towards the sin she committed '.

Now it became a sin with another meaning '..she cant marry anybody ..she is not a virgin...


She asked Rahul "shall we talk in another room " 

Guys i am posting as much i typed ..enough play ..dont get tensed ...Rahul is not a bad guy ...

another update on the way ..just take little time ..dont worry nothing happen to Geet ..ok 

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