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Chapter 2 : A hidden Invitation

Chapter 2 : A hidden Invitation 

24 September 2011

A usual day in any college, Maan was leaning to the pillar surrounded by Meera ,Adi-Pinky, and Robindo . Like every morning of his college day  Maan was waiting for his dream girl. Apart from friends circle each and everyone of the college well know the Young Khurana Prince's sole Crush
Geet Handa , the very deserved princess for the prince charming.

She was daughter of  yester years heart throb  of bolly wood Sameera Kapoor and the famous / infamous heart surgeon from UK , Dr. Hemanth Handa who committed suicide 6 years back . Sameera Kapoor still act in films as Babhi's and Mummy's of heroes with whom once she worked as lead pair .Even though her surname Kapoor she only related to Kapoor family's of Bollywood as most of the Indians related , the relationship of actor and a spectator.

Almost everybody even Maan himself thought Geet one day will definitely be an actress , because extremely speechlessly beautiful and a highly talented dancer like her that too daughter of Sameera Kapoor a typical greedy for fame and money type lady can not stay long away from the alluring mesmerists of Silver screen. And Maan do not have a problem in it because he himself Son of Raj Kumar  HarshaVardhan Singh Khurana , and Raj kumari Suhasini Devi Singh.
Raj Kumar HarshaVardhan Singh Khurana who is no more was the Crowned Prince of Devi Garh,( he died very young age 44 ,his death still a mystery to public and Maan)  was the world renowned legendary Sitar virtuoso and musician. He nominated for the Oscars trice and won 2 Grammy awards . His mother was an excellent classical singer once , now a famous business woman in music industry based on UK.

The Maan team has seen Geet and Khushi coming . Maan walk forward and stopped , Geets gait as always quick and sharp , she was heading towards the classroom totally ignoring Maan who was heading towards her  with definite expressions to start a conversation. Seeing Geet's attitude he turned to Khushi , who was walking behind Geet , trying to cop up with Geet's pace and above all seeing Maan , her legs started to shiver and her walk trembled , She turned her head to Geet and Maan continuously as Geets way was got blocked by Maan now , She expected some sparks as usual , still she scared about their fight as always and end up in tears making a joke of herself.

His eyes still fixed on Geet ,
He stood such a way , so that he can block Geet in an ignorant manner ,and .

Maan:" Hi Khushi .."
Khushi with her usual doubtful face , shivered , looked at Geet and Maan confused don't know what to say.. , and as usual she fixed her spectacles again
Geet stopped , turned , seeing Geet turning Maan quickly completed
"Khushi I was waiting for you , today evening a pool party at our farm house '  Mom might have called you ,,, (now fixing his eyes on Geet and stressing his words he continued ) .and you know the occasion "
The 'Occasion' reference was for Geet , and she did received a call from Maan's mom , thanking her again , once more again among many agains, seeing Maan doing arrangements of the party
Because Suhasini Aunty clearly know without Geet requests and efforts , her son would never had accepted her and the little angel. Maan not only accepted but also doing everything possible as a brother for little Abigail's sweet cute demands and dreams

Maan tried to continue "Khushi , Buaji se bhee kahna ..Khar meim bee party hi .. Pool party for us ' youngsters ..ok .. Anjali deedi home .."
Geet smirked , She turned to Maan and with her index finger tapped Maan's broad shoulder  back , "Maan , what are you doing , when u are talking to a person don't you know how to "STARE" , " Her voice started to raise , as always , seek unwanted attention from the surroundings , seeing it Maan and Geet everybody stopped as if someone played "statue" then Maans one glare '.. Like they heard a "release " and everyone ..moved as if least interested what is happening there ..well that is Maan singh Khurana

But Geet was not let it go ..she paused and ..chuckled '"seems u forgot our school prayer classes too 'remember ""
Let your eyes look straight ahead, fix your gaze directly before you"  Maans eyes intensified 'he groaned '"yes there was many " '..

In a jerk he pushed her nearby old telephone booth , which was no more used as frequently as before ..he pushed Geet inside and leaned back the door 'Making a block for an outsider to push  open the door, Maan gang rushed ' but dare not knock it '.

Adi looked around ,none seen it ' , he eyed pinky to cover up ,Meera paced around the both ,..Khushi started to whimper ..Robindo rushed to console .

as the walls of booth was covered by most of the notices advertisements etc , what was happening inside can not be viewed
Maan pushed his body on Geet making her immobile from the struggles, Her *shhh* crushed 'against his broad chest 'He caught her hair behind , and with all emotions just consciced in the husky whisper "Yes there are many things we forgot 'and i want you to." and Geet felt her heartbeats which now beat faster rytheming with his ...

his lips where mere inches away.. beutiful pearl like sweats started to form instantly above her upper lips and ...

Now the hidden Invitation   for what and on what guess? LOL)


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