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Chapter 35 : Hope or Worry

Chapter 35 : Hope or Worry
22 September 2011
Geet tried to open the closed window , alas! ..then she ran around like some mouse trapped and she understood there is no escape ..
Geet felt again defeated helpless and dragged herself to the corner and sat hugging her knees .., whimpering ..   In her mind all she could see that time was Maan's staring eyes which she was unable to look and his bruised lips ''and poor she could relate it to only the depth of the sin she believe she committed only.

Yes Sadly She was not realizing her love to him , because she cant find any logic in it 
But now she felt she had punished enough , she need her life back , the precious life with which she can do as much as good as possible to poor , her bringing up always made her believe which is righteous too that 'service to the needy' is her mission , it's the only think she had to dream

The small delicate extremely secretive dream , which she believes she only knew { but we all know Maan too knew it } is now dead in ashes 'She was trying to fool herself , a cheating game to herself

(guys are u able to understand what I am trying to say ..if not I will try explain later now ..situation critical here need to take geet out that ghost house..)

So she believed why Maan's face only coming to her mind was part of her remorse or crime that haunting poor she was not able to understand that we remember , we will be able to see the faces of our loved once only when we are in trouble distress , and how would she ever knew it too?  There was none in her life to 'love' actually , whatever she felt for all those close to her is either in gratitude or respect.

Then she heard the Phone ringing and the lady shouting ""Abeyyy  Stop it all "
Then the silence ..she heard the lady only shouting , typical illiterate type ,as if their phone is not enough to cover the long distance , they themselves need to put extra effort on it by rising their voice as if their vocal chord just going to break  to communicate over mobile phone. So Geet did not missed a single word what Mrs.Sajjan spoke

Though  the conversation was in their native language ''Oxxx" she was able to understand that her son and grandson is coming. Then Mrs.Sajjan's voice started to tremble as if she heard warnings ,scold from the other end.
And the call ended after a while . The two as Geet assumed masculine Gundas' cum servants of house quickly called by the Lady of the house , for making arrangements for welcoming the special guests.

Geet felt relived ,just prayed .  She drank little tap water and , she did tried all possible ways out , as no success seen she just waited for her verdict to get declared , but the solitude and the harshness she surrounded made her bolder and bolder.

By afternoon she heard some 'shhhcchhhccchhh khatak khatak patak  ' sound from the lower portion of door , it was then she noticed two small hands indeed very beautiful hastily removing wood tablet from lower portion of the door , The hands are of a young girl's Geet was able to understand , and the soft beauty of the cute hands make her feel better and trust the owner of it. Then followed by a very cute smile a beautiful crawled inside tactfully, with great expertise.

Geet rushed towards her , as she now found an exit , but the opening was not big enough for Geet , before Geet try or speak , the girl hold Geet's hands in rather imperious way and closed Geets mouth before she start speak

Actress playing the role 

And in actions she asked  is Geet trying to kill her , her eyes clearly complained "Marvaney kya deedi" and then she let out some strange voice ."eh ehe.. ..." and nodded indicating herself and with simple eyes and twisted lip movements  she mentioned others outside and shake her head left right , making Geet understand that she visited Geet in utmost furtiveness .Her all cute gestures just made Geet to trust and understand the small stature may be 13 or 14 completely .Then Geet is Geet .She started to worry about the girl in front of her .her safety from the lusty Kameena the man of the house

The bubbly , cute ,young girl will be a feast to Monster Sajjan , She forgot about herself and tried to take , push her out of the room asked her " Thum Kyun aayi .. Jao ..Koi Thumey "
Its then she took some dried 'chapathi's' from the armature pouch made around her waist by folding her skirts ends in some indefinite fashion.
She with signs asked forced in her cute ways Geet to eat the food and told by gestures that she is servant of the house .and her name is either "Champa" or "chameli" because she tried to act smelling a flower when Geet asked name
Geet looked the poor dumb beautiful girl in debility
The next day also she gave Geet company. No more trouble from any one , Geet understood , that "mrs.Kameena " busy giving orders in kitchen as some of her really important guests are coming and servants busy making arrangements
Geet was little relived , and was really able to sleep at the night when her new friend sneaked in her room at night and she slept

Indicating The telephone calls , arrangements , and Geet asked "champa" or "chameli"  in her signs who is going to come ,
She conveyed its Sajjan's son , by then they both developed theiir own way of communication
 They heard sound of Car horn , the general hustle bustle in house followed by a young man's sound calling "Daadimaaa.." ..very fondly, Geet with eyes asked who is it , she was little able to get away from the agony as she was not alone and "champa" or "chameli's" angelic face
A beautiful gush of blushes just poured on her cheeks with all possible shades of red
She shied and hid her face with her hands , even in that situation both the girls giggled Geet was able to understand what was that voices owner to the shying doll in front of her , she unknowingly smiled , in her mind Maan's face wearing staring in his white Kurtha and rays of sunshine falling on his cheeks . The typical Happy morning of her past

The bliss of unconscious , uninvited memories and the enticing site of angel smiling broken suddenly , when they both heard the bellowing voice of another man shouting
Chapter 34.  The Bird still in its Guilty cage
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