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Chapter 4: Battles of Mind

Part 4. Battle of Mind

31 July 2011


Chapter 4: Battles of Mind


She was too busy to think anything .

Her mind was totally lost , devastated by all types of thoughts , what she had done , how can she stoop down so low to take advantage of ' what is the difference in her and that so called her ex-husband for 3 hours kalanath whatever .. She did the same 'he tried to take advantage of a 7 year old , sure about her not reacting back and she .. Tears flow down as if , it never going to have an end.


The moment the trio entered they saw Maan laying down and the lady Bindiya screamed , guys too panicked , and they heard water flowing from wash room , geet opened the shower and cried closing her mouth with hand .

Romeo knocked Geet madam , Geet madam ., geet replied "Romeo Gabaraney kee koi bath nahee .. I was trying to clean him and he fell down ,I hurt myself too ..I will come now ,She wore her dotted salwar and came out .By that time Romeo and Kesar Make him lay in bed , They have seen blood and all no need to mention *shh* but the guys small and straight brains, has seen the teared skin of his thighs  and thought its from there and started to clean ,


It has been 4 years Geet joined , there ..

Then slowly they all come to know that she is pursuing her mbbs and they respected her a lot .None knew about her going to be a nun, Since nobody visited her in 4 years to be particularly noted

They all assumed she is an orphan and did not asked any questions , they all good people they just don't wanted

to hurt Geet .


But bindiya did not missed the dried , stain of some sticky liquid and geets baffled face , she had some doubts ..But she is too busy to think too much she got a family and for her attending maan was just duty most comfortable schedule, she do all house work and send huby and kids office and school then maan , then evening going back .Ironically simple soul always praised lord for  sending Maan babu there and her getting the best job  .She forgot morning incident



Geet without giving much chance them to talk excused her of some head ache , that she woke late and now got delayed for college On her way ..

Thinking about the last The four years ,and the last night in her mind , battling herself  a doctor , a soon to be Nun , above all human being fighted argued accused being so low ' , but sadly there was no advocate  there for her as a women with flesha nd blood , feelings and thirst to be fullfileld


She has noticed his thingy getting harder while she changes , wipes , gave him sponge bath . Last two years only she has found that change .And she being a medico , had some case study like that .But being very nave and shy type do not dared to discuss it with the duty nurse that take charge from her at morning 8.And she never met the doc who usually visit him after his duty at the hospital . well by now she has understood he is not simple rich guy met with an accident, she is not that dump ..but ..she cant just close the loops .. Mystery still prevails .. , she had many doubts , but all come to in a dead end they way his caretaker fixed her salary showed kanjoosi. Then her mind got convinced that something mysterious with that guy , but not something so big  she cant handle at all  she dismissed that thoughts long back.May be his family don't want to keep him in home seeking Munshi's help.

If he is that someone she is thinking then the Munshi , definitely will offer her more , its not like he is cheating his master type , he is very loyal and fond of him treat him like son.She has seen him , Many times caresing him talking in some low voice to him and wiping tears . Everyday Geet return from college at 5.30 pm , 17 the other nurses goes home and those half an hour Munshiji sits with him . Then the Munshi is kind hearted , he gives geet to settle down , and 18.30 she takes charge and Munshiji leaves . After that he all hers .


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