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Chapter 25. Fringe


Part 25.Fringe

09 August 2011



Chapter 25. Fringe




Maan was numb , crying the last words of Rahul Echoed in his mind'




"i am sad at myself angry at me''''


For not being able to mark any place in your heart for me.. "




Yes he was not '. If he was then she wont feel what she feels now ' she will cherish the moment of their closeness , like he do '' because she made her mark her place in his heart his soul '''..


He got mad at himself '' for ruining her life '''..


Because whatever happened between them will not happen ..unless he had done his part '




I ruined her life '''Maan screamed in agony .








 She woke up as if she heard his crying ,his bewail.


She moved to him , sat beside him ..


She wanted to look at him, but the guilt ..shame above all hopelessness meaningless of her own life ..


Her eyes were cloudy , she cant see Maan' face '.. And ..and the ..agony in it ''.. Yes it was expressed , his eyes flowed , but he was not in a condition to realize it , his eyes fixed on her .  Her soulless face '''




"She sarcastically told him..looking ground 'utter desperation in her voice .


" There went my life I always dreamed of .."looking at the door ..


"Now ..nothing left ''neither the path of god , nor family life.    I am not worth of anything ''. The sin I committed  ''. My mistake 'my lust " she cried hard '




No ..No ..its not lust ..its love Geet , if its Lust you don't need me '' Its your love that you need to register in your conscience ''.Its the closeness of our hearts 'He screamed ..My prayers '.. Geet...]




"I cant cheat anybody , I cant be nun now '.and marry a person .i am not worth of anything 'I myself made my life worthless 'What have I done ..why '" She cried hitting her head again and again at the rim of the cot ..




[Maan was trying his life out to move his body]




She quickly stood up as if she decided something and opened the drawer of dressing table , took needle and morphine bottle .


Maan was shocked ''.He remember the day when she brought it .and the story behind it.




Some Past:




 She and Arman caught red-handed the lab assistant while he was trying to smuggle Morphine from lab for money ,which he needed for his mothers Operation.


When Arman understood the poor man's plight he decided to help him. Arman tried to call his rich father , but he was not reachable he was out of India ,having a vacation ,Arman left a message for him, not sure when he will be able to get the money .The operation was scheduled on the 2 nd day  ,The plan was that if Arman not able to get money on time they will sell it some pharmacy ,illegally .And it was impossible to put it back it in its place too.


After hearing some usual pranks of Arman , funny talk he used to do to lighten every tenuous situation, like he wanted to try it go to heaven for once , or give a dose to Dr.Shashank and all, Geet decided to keep it with her until everything get sorted out. Later Arman's father send him money and they forgot about it. But a few days back while Geet packing her stuffs she saw it and ..her usual drama ..




She took a kerchief tied it around his neck like some Goon , put the pack in Maan's lap and asked Maan in a 'drug craving' pleading tone as if she herself a drug addict hit by 'withdrawal syndrome  ..


"please give me ..please give me.sir .one dose ..just one..please try to understand me... 'try it yourself for once then u know ..please ."shivering voice , one of her usual drama , like one of the patient asked Dr.Shashank during their internship.


[ oh god whats her irada , will she try it on me..hey bhagavan']




"people says we can see the heaven lets try ..thum bhee kya yaad rakhenegey ..please "


[ ya I am in heaven honey with you around']




Then she got angry ' " u idiot , u were trying to make me a drug addict ..baap re baap '."




[yes .. Now me the culprit]




That time she thought for a while ..then said "I will keep it ..its very costly I think.. May be one day if I need money future'. "'sighed sadly in dramatic way " koi soney ka gahna tho mere pass nahee hi na ..girvi rakhney ke liye ..." and she laughed loudly




Back to Present:






He got scared 'He feared ..of her losing for ever , He doubted which was almost sure for him , her intentions '  He feared '.He saw her taking injection taking the dose ..and '


He tried ..he tried 'to stand ..and hold her hand ..and tell her she did nothing wrong


'and she had a life ahead ..


And He will be there for her '.as all hers ..


He tried to move his hands to stop her , which gone in vain .in. desperation he pushed his head back and cried ..yes he moved his neck '


By then she had taken the injection ' it started to affect her ..her steps became unsteady  '( buddies me not dr.of pharmacology how long it will take to affect I don't don't have a clue)




[maan was crying his whole body was shaking ..Geet what have you done ..what have you done..]






Her eyes were cloudy , she cant see Maan' face '.. And ..and the ..agony in it ''.. Yes it was expressed , his eyes flowed , but he was not in a condition to realize it , his eyes were closed and his body shivering in fear of losing her .  Her soulless face 'and her mind unable to note any change in Maan ..




With unsteady steps she reached him . Fall on him.




She hugged him ,her huggy teddy to cry her heart out '






'.. Today I geet died 'I will live ..but without soul '.. My life no more for me''. Nothing for me''..everything finished '.. I cant do it .. I cant take my life .. Its now not for me '  I am no more ..i cant take my life 'but I cant live .." She blabbered 'Yes she took only the dose necessary for her to relax her nerves ' she cant take her life because she knew well the value of her , especially as a doctor ..




[Maan relaxed rejoiced ''.  His happiness now no bounds ..from the extreme pain of lossing her forever he got her back ..and he hugged her tight '.




Tighter ' as if she only belongs to him..and he will never let her go now..He higged her and dipped his head in the nape of her neck ''.crying his heart oout '







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