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Chapter 5:Challenged Hankerings

Chapter 5:Challenged Hankerings
13 August 2011

His hot breath when fanned her back she forgot to breath for a moment and then after a while and exhaled heavily . Which made her Saari pallu fall of making her stand for a minute with bare chest. Now Maan's heart beats stopped

She immediately bent pushing the Numb Maan away and took it and covered herself , when rose she hit on Statued Maan bringing back conscious in him. He thought hers *shhh  *  got bigger than the last time he saw it, or may be my mind's wild imagination.

Geet accused " thuhme sharam nahee aatee mere 'milky pouch' pe goorthey hue??" pointing at her chest now covered with pallu with her eyes.

[milky pouch '.yak ' for a moment he felt geet standing in front of him half exposed chest with 2 milk pouches hanging on her chest  'the thought ..eek maan shook his body vibrantly like a dog shake its wet body spreading water droplets around'. he removed his Shirt and passed to her.

{go to the note at the end of this post}

[hey bhagavan what type of a revenge is this , I fell in love for the first and of course last time with this much 'eek  girl ''']

Geet:" chee chee , I wont wear your sweaty shirt ' smelly ' eek '.. And don't you have shame to take off your clothes like this '.. "

Geet was getting furious with his silence '
Geet:" Chup kyun ho ..Maan stupid ..Bolo '."

[that's it .he dropepd down the shirt he holding .]

Maan with one hand hold her both cheeks and push her to the wall with his body crushing on hers  looking at her mouth that spit the word and rebuked grinding his  teeth "one more time you said the word ''.u are'." next moment he doomed in the fluttering hazel eyes.

She tried to push him with her hands and the more she tried the more he leaned her trapping her hands between their chests.

Geet scared she innocently looked at Maan's eyes and asked "which word"

[oh god , her naughty innocent eyes never seems lying to him , seeing fear in it he instantly moved turning his back ]

Little Background on the Special term "Stupid'

After he started tuitions at Iyer sir he forgot his surname was once Khurana .
Because every time Iyer ask anything to Maan it will be like this
"Maan stupid bolo ,..what is limit cosx plus sinx by x as , x tends to infinity.."
Or "Maan stupid did you ever heard  differential equations  ..".
Or "Ok Maan Stupid , how much you got in last internals .."And his friends at tuition class  too started to call by that name. With them every other day he had to fight for it.

And geet the princess of the Iyer house will be giggling hearing his new surname .
Happily watching TV ,  and looking thru the corner of her eyes at Maan, who whenever he get scolded his eyes will automatically search for Geet , fearing she heard it or not .To his unluck she never missed a single taunt of her father for Maan .Because as soon as Maans tuition starts she will be present at the dining cum living room of that apartment
And in worst cases when Maan will be blabbering some stupid answer , Prof.Iyer Proudly call his daughter and ask her the same question and she will answer as if somebody asked her name, and professors tagline '"even a 12th grader knew the answer and Maan stupid you don't know???"

Back to the scene'..

He heard her singing "Maan the Stupid Hit By the Cupid"  Many times .But the line Hit by the cupid he really liked , because she knew what is his feeling for her and he don't need to explain her that and making her understand something is really difficult, now he don't need to scare of her coming with some Rakhi in her hand 

[oh god , her naughty never seems lying to him , seeing fear in it he instantly moved turning his back ]

Effortlessly when won in her drama , she stepped little far away from him ,and jumped chanting
"Maan the stupid , Maan the stupid " and swing her hands in air and her waist whirling around doing some dance steps like this..
Geet calling him by that face to face too much for him. Whoever may call it , But Geet ! My would be wife ??!!
Maan got infuriated he watched her silently. His whole face was shivering in anger , he slowly inched towards her , She was lost in her own world not noticed Maan coming closer to her .He hold her hands in air and pinned her to the wall .She protested and the Saari pallu slide down falling on the ground making her upper body completely naked .

Maans body crushed her to the wall , and their bodies glued , , looking at her eyes he got intoxicated  as the small nip* with little softest  flesh around it smashed with his denuded skin of his chest , he don't know when he dipped his face in the nape of her neck , and started to nibble her earlobe and licking softly the area below her earlobe. As he was getting more and more hallucinated by the serene tenderness of her nave body he unknowingly started to rub on her bosoms with his body making her dipping in between her legs and dangerously prickling nip*s

{like in the other ff I will put Maan's thoughts in square brackets [], Geet's in double square brackets [[]]
Explanation in (), and magicia's in{}    the colour coding is difficult for me}

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