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Chapter 24 Laments of Hearts


Part 24.Laments of Hearts

09 August 2011



Chapter 24 Laments of Hearts


She looked at Rahul ''.


Then she felt staring eyes of Maan on her looked at him 'She knew ..She cant hide to herself '.and Maan's Staring eyes on his immovable body ,his helplessness, she felt like it piercing , she felt it as if  it is towards the sin she committed '.


Now it became a sin with another meaning '..she cant marry anybody ..she is not a virgin...




She asked Rahul "shall we talk in another room "


Rahul was getting befuddled by her presence ..and he forgot his mission , he is a caring person basically. Instead of thinking for himself first


Stupid he blabbered " Your Patient ,,"


Geet :" ha ,,Maan '"


Rahul ":His name is Maan'" he is innocent types , like Geet 'one moment he forgot why he is there and started to discuss about Maan.


Geet: " Yes .. " Geet was getting suffocated unable to speak ..


Rahul :" Oh ya .. ..How is Doc. Shashank's treatment going on' "


Geet :" dr.Shashank is treating him'????" she never had a clue on this .


Rahul just got caught , while in his stalker life , he had understood Dr.shashank treating him..and always lend hear to Dr.Shashank's phone calls whenever he say "Maan" .. He is a teachers pet basically ,most of the time he will be around him. Discussing , studying and helping.


Dr.Shashanks treating Maan was shown as a part of Dr.shashank's social  service 'for which he is very famous for .And as there is no money r politics involved in such dedication people pay less attention.


Rahul baffled when he realized that Geet did not had a clue , and how could she , ..he tried to be convincing with his words and the facts putting together " Ya on his way to village clinic almost everyday he pays visit here .Sometimes I accompany him to villages and 'he usually join me after finishing .. ." Geet nodded. What Rahul said was a fact too actually .




Dr.Shashank told him that he got some patient ..But Rahul's interest in Geet make him double conscious to be up to date in Maan's case .Its not on silly thoughts like that one day if Maan wake from Coma and hurt Geet, no .. Anything related to Geet is just very Important for him'he will pay a double attention.




Geet knows Dr.Shashank and Rahul. Rahul not only a "decent" Rahul but also a teachers pet , if it is Rahul saying then it will be..




She know Dr.shashank .


The ken he has in neurology..the works he has done.


He will be able to get each and every change in Maan 'what she is worried is not her getting caught ..but she more worried about maan and his health , she feared her taking advantage of Maan that way, or its affected maan or not. Because Dr.Shashank is treating maan they there is hope not only hope but she is sure maan will be alright one day 'And as doc .she knows Doctor treating should have the knowledge of each and everything about the patient , medications ,diet ,the circumstances atmosphere and even sex.




She hated herself more ..She heard Rahul further .Rahul innocently trying to please her .He understood Geet's concern for Maan , Rahul just wanted Geet to be Happy as he always wanted.


"Dr .Shashank has a very keen interest in him , u know him right ? how he takes challenges , he is going china today regarding Maan's case '" pointing Maan


Geet:" China ' ???  How do you know?"


Rahul:"I heard him talking with some experts in Shaolin Monastery, I mean  Monks and their treatment methods, Some sensory control type 'when I went to discuss about the convocation ceremony to be made at the earliest upon majorities request He agreed, by the by Its day after tomorrow. But ..He will not be with us 'But we all know his dedication' His two daughters are taking oath on the same ceremony '.."sigh"   and he is not there ..just for this guy lucky dude ..." Rahul told merrily , he just wanted to please Geet '


Assure her Maan will be alright '.




Geet knew now , Dr.Shashank either got the cure or to be worst Maan is may be having something really serious .She got panic.Shee don't exactly why she got so much sudden'




The sound of the Thunder brought them back to situation ..




Geet wanted Rahul to leave as early as possible. She wanted to be with her Maan , She was scared and she don't know why '


They both stood silent for a while ..




Geet started conversation "Rahul..Please ..i me..u '.what u .."




Her hesitation and her face told him everything , but he don't want hear , or bear the rejection'He stopped Geet..from speaking further.




Rahul.:" please Geet 'no need to tell'.I got your answer .. Guys like me is a comedy for others I know , but ..i cant help me being myself ..i know I am not "cool" type ..and I cant tell teachers "Chill Man" and flutter in admiring eyes of girls '. But u know Geet , in this heart ..  I was just not able to place anybody else other than u '


Even if you don't love me , if u cant think about me I wanted to tell you  .. In my life I took u in my heart and thats enough for me' I can live with that


I am not going to a "devdas: or psycho..or any hard feelings '.




Kya karu "decent:" jo hoon.." he smiles  with tears in his eyes




Geet tried to speak..




Rahul stopped " I thought a 100 times before asking you ' , but was not able to ask and then ye dil hee nahee mana ..that's why I went to Father ' It was always easy for me to do any speech on any subject for any long hours  but when I come in front of you ..i just feel paralysed 'numb '' I fighted to come out of this 'I know your dreams .. Ur dedication'.and above all  I know u don't like me.  And I was too scared of that feeling of rejection I never tried asking .. But after day after tomorrow when u leave 'I just wanted to make sure that .. I did not give a chance to my dreams' I don't know I can bear the pain or not '. And my dil just made me '.. " he shook his head.




Poor Rahul misunderstood and he was given with the information that Geet always wanted to be a Nun. It is the image she maintained at her orphanage and her cold attitude among friends and colourful life just made it a silent accord. Nobody in this whole world Know Geet's wishes other than Maan.




"I know what I am talking is illogical connection''"




"But geet ..all my life ..i never thought about any other girl 'until I met u ..and    after that my each and every nerves just .. Breath for you . '"




(he just blurted out whatever he feel he felt , he was not able to gather himself and his words scattered 'he tried to maintain calm' with a deep sigh he continued concluded ... )




"Bye Geet ..I am leaving tomorrow 'itself to Delhi and then to US the day after 'My sister is There ..i don't know we will be ever meet again .or not '..




Double Congratulations for your Doctorate and''.and... Novitiate 








With that said he stormed out, he was angry that he was not able to change verdict , he failed above all  , he just don't want to see Geet's tears and she see his.


Then he came back'.and  and tears ..cheated him and it flowed... .


" I am sorry ..for everything '"




.Geet was crying ..its for Rahul or for herself ..she just don't know , she don't know why she cried ..she just cant see the pain..or her heart just cried ..for herself..She shook her head in a no..  And just hugged Rahul, to console him to pacify herself ..




They both cried, they were on same plight ..they don't need each other to give an answer. They were just sad 'after a while..Rahul instantly snapped .and said..




" I should ..go now..its really late '''.." Geet stood still'


Rahul cant leave her his bubbly Geet like this .he tried cheer..




"ha ..Please don't tell this to your Arman ..ok' please '" try to laugh , Geet tears in her eyes smiled '.her heart pained more '.




Rahul smiled 'and took two steps ..and turned '.."Geet '.


Geet if you never thought of choosing God's way ..If we met ..just Yuhi '


..will you be ever able to love me'"






Geet dropped her head ,


he stopped by hand as if he don't want Geet need to say anything






I am not sad about your decision to be in god's path and u cant be mine .or even u cant love me that way ..but .i am sad at myself angry at me''''




For not being able to mark any place in your heart for me.. "




Rahul leaving the door ..stopped without turning said '" Bye Geet ..."






After few seconds she heard the main door opening and closing ,


She break downed and cried '.Hard ' Loudly that all the walls of her heart get tore by the depth of her sorrow. She collapsed down ..






Maan was numb , crying the last words of Rahul Echoed in his mind'




"i am sad at myself angry at me''''


For not being able to mark any place in your heart for me.. "




Yes he was not '. If he was then she wont feel what she feels now ' she will cherish the moment of their closeness , like he do '' because she made her mark her place in his heart soul '''..


He got mad at himself '' for ruining her life '''..


Because whatever happened between them will not happen ..unless he had done his part '




I ruined her life '''Maan screamed in agony .





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