Saturday, September 10, 2011

Chapter 2 : Fallen Angel

Part 2  fallen angel

31 July 2011


She sat on him legs putting either side look in to his eyes again . Cried .. Broken down at his chest crying hardly , then she woke up .. Pecked his lips .. Whispered sorry .. I don't have any other option . Took his lips ''''..carnally biting it nibbling it , her hands moving in his hair.


She struggled herself not to do it, then her future , the heavy rain outside and all ,took her to some unknown world , she was not wering any inners , she used to take bath and wear maans kurtha and sleep in the same bed , beside him warming him But as her time is getting nearer to back , leave the life she is having now full of life and again that dull coloured clothes with deep sorrows in eyes .. She was getting restless until today he was a cute big teddy to him , she never had a soft toy . She talk with him play with him , sometimes tie his hair like dolls . Her big cute huggy teddy . But today while she reading that book which arman presented every girls of his batch as farewell gift from him for their beautiful succesfull future according to " armano" theory , and the maasi's call 'above all all those years silent dreams , which not even dared to give  a visit in her sleep .she lost it


She pulled his hair , bite his ear lobe , she just wished he could grab her getting numb b*ts and move his face on her B*s .She catch his hair wildlya nd rubbed his face against her chest partly open by now again and again as hard as she could ..she took his both hands and put around her waist which when tried to drop down lifelessly she entwine his fingers together and it as its own can not untwine It rested tightly just above her b*ts circling her slender waist , and she continued kissing him , and her *shh* was already wet dripping was rubbed , at his now harder standing *shh* , whatevr she did , her that parts were little arisen above not touching it completely his ..due to some unknown tension ,worry , some block she still  had ..


But as she just felt her tongue is twisted with his  before thinking .., and below her waist something ...tickled  knocked her her to insanity .. then ..tearing all barriers making it bleed , a thrust he is inside her , she was not conscious to think , how it entered . She moved up and down continuously , and whimpering , out of pleasure but she cant go back , as his hands were tightened her to him , un known to her .. , unknown to him

She moved and moved , she cant have enough of it finally she screamed and screamed , the movements was from both unknown to her and unknown to him ..finally they reached there panting collapsing on each other , she fainted on his broad chest.

He realized what just happened , what he just did , he tried to untangle his fingers ,which was entwined by her  and rise his body which was  minute ago vigorously shaking against her 'alas ..

He tried to regain is that was the dream he is used to see last 2 years .  But the pleasure , the way she is lying on him giving him realization that whatever happened is not just dream ..and the hot fluid that oozing out of her streaming through his thighs   He has seen the fallen angel's face . So divine , in moon light , just started to smile after the heavy rain peeping through clouds '

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