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My Wife My Seductive Masseuse : Part 2

My Wife My Seductive Masseuse  : Part 2 ( Mature )
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(Plot Outline : IPKKND Storyline : Khushi is a simple Crazy girl . Her father was extremely sick ,and to save him ,her Buaji and Mother forced her to get engaged to their paying guest Shyam Manohar Jha , with whom people started to make rumours ,which was actually Shyam’s plan to get Khushi.Arnav is a shrewd and smart handsome business man is Khushi’s boss. Arnav could not stand her for a moment as he felt immense attraction towards her from the first day they met and for not to give in he always fight with her. Later Khushi’s work had been shifted to Raizada mansion , Arnav’s home and Khushi due to her righteousness and innocence win over everyone's hearts , Aranv sister Anjali and his grandmother actually understood Arnav’s feelings for .During that time Khushi and her family found out Shyam is actually anjali’s husband and they call off engagement , but they kept their mouth shut as Khushi’s sister Payal and Arnav’s cousin brother Akash’s wedding was around the corners. On Akash’s wedding night Aranv was about to confess his feelings for Khushi and Khushi who was waiting for Arnav was encountered by Shyam once again , Shyam Hugged Khushi and arnav witnessed and heard half truth only , he started to believe khushi is wrong and when he encountered Shyam , he too dont miss the opportunity and told Arnav that he and khushi are going to be one as soon as Anjali get over from their way .Arnav when heard Anjali is pregnant decide not to tell her truth a sit will affect her baby and to save his sisters marriage he forcefully marry khushi saying if she did not marry him ( A contract marriage of 6 months ) he will stop Akash and Payals wedding and khushi agrees .Later Shyams truth is out and he was kicked out of raizada mansion.Arnav and Khushi patched up. But Anjali try to commit suicide and out of rage Arnav blames khushi for all the mishaps, Khushi too felt the same and decide to leave then Arnav realize his mistake and try to stop her but she do not listen , so as a last hope he reminds her of their contract marriage and the contract is not yet over .But she realized her presence making Anjali sad and Arnav can not be happy without his sisters happiness and decide to leave Raizada mansion before contract ends and make reason of her Aunts unhealthy she come back to her house , and Arnav understood why she left and try to get her back to his life )
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Mera biwi , who already mujey uska pathee maan chukee hi ' paused and now I think when I have such a sexy wife I should seek her help for massage , not some hired help ..
Who don’t even know how to massage properly , like my excellent wife ..and he pecked her again , this time her cheeks .
Hum Hum , she don’t know what to say , all the arguments she thought so far just vanished in the deep colour of her cheeks ,aftermath of his little peck
Ji Ap .. Ap ..he mocked her fumbles ..
Hum Hum , she got some voice , hum nahee janthey kaisey massage karey , vo tho buaji yuheeee …
She just felt her legs swing in air next moment she felt herself laying on her stomach and him straddling her saying very very unbelievably casually …
Koee Bath Nahee …I will teach you ..after all Husband hoon farz Jo bantha hi …and he leaned closer to her ears .. She felt his hot breath fanning her neck ..
That I should teach you those things , you don’t know , his last words were damn sexy and dipping with honey of desires melting all the blocks she tried to put in between them
And he slowly pulled her dori and opened her kameez , khushi who was mesmerised by the husky musky voice snapped open her eyes in wide shock when she felt cold air on her back ,, she also realized arnav lift himself from his straddling position little up so as he could roll her anarkali suit easily and he did , in a jerky movement. Before she could realize what is happening , he pulled out it from her body making her upper body almost bare with only her inners
Arnav hold his breath , the hunter became the hunted , the perfect beauty of grace and innocence laid before him in its most seductive delicacy
Khushi was too far from the reality to realize her own effect on Arnav , silence .. Loomed in the air magic of their love passion and restrained desires .
A slight movement in khushi , brought back the chimes of her Payal and bangles alive as her body felt unable to cope up with the weight of Arnav straddling her , who actually nonchalantly sink and sat on her calves forgetting to shift his weight on his knees
He quickly moved , tried to cover his getting so lost easily
Aaj Mausam hi suhana ..malish ka hi Bahana …what the what the…. He tried to concentrate everything else in the room and slowly moved his hands along her spine …
Fire !!, her back was on fire and between her legs it was streams , she quickly turned between his leg , to stop him , to avoid his touch Alas …………..It was stupendously wrong movement!
Her quick turn made Arnav to put his eyes on her again and her heaving chest and full bosoms under the thin clothes of her inners broke the hell of his control and he bent down on her claiming her lips and his hands searching for the cherished treasure on her chest .
As he deepened his kisses , his fingers trolled in her inners and seek out the erect nipples and started to squeeze it where his other hand kept itself busy on moulding her mounds
She shivered feverishly and insanely under him in the craziest desire , arching her back giving him all access to claim on her …
The desire to be one was getting stronger and deeper by every passing second and the barriers of the clothes covering their lower body given them extreme hindrance , Arnav busy in kissing fidgeted helplessly with the knot on her salwar , as her hands roamed on his back, his strong forearms for support and pulled him down him on her more .. Feeling his weight a divine feeling , the passion was letting all its wild forms and Arnav slide down her body continuously her kissing her naval making her audibly moan and giggle uncontrollably , driving Arnav to the edges of explosion .. He plunk his tongue in to her navel and rolled in, twisted ,sucked out making her moan more and more , she hold on his long hair for support and grabbed a hank of it pulling strongly , the pain only cause him to go wilder
( Now those demand his hair cut please stop , its really very sexy to pull guys hair during ahem ahem OK , like controlling a wild horse .. ;) , so ask your guys to grow their hair and enjoy taming wild horses and leave my arnie boys hair , I need it ;) )
He slide down trailing kisses along its path ,and gently nibble the waste line of her salwar and khushi cant hold more she pulled him up to her chest , and he instantly rose leaving her and hold one end of the salwar waste line and with his other hand he torn it exposing her heavenly thighs and he feared to look further as he feared , the mere sight may cause him to explode before trigger any actions
He cupped her beautiful face and looked her shivering and inviting lips , he took it again and whispered in to her mouth I love you Khushi ..I love you ..More than anything in this world ..you are mine …..i don’t want you to leave me ,..Ever ….,please don’t leave me ….i ..i want you and he slid down his pants with his leg movements ,which was unbuckled some while ago, and quickly adjusted in between her , and swiftly pull down the last barrier, her thin cream panties ..
He left her mouth trailing wet kisses along her jaw line … her cheeks .. almost biting it a mouthful while his lower half trying to get in her to claim her completely , she knew it is the time … the time ., her dream of being completely his only .. , her …
Like her it was first time for him too, he was driven by the instinct only and he don’t know how to perform with complete perfection as this was the only thing Arnav Singh Raizada never thought of mastering and he never practiced it either due to the strongest sustained morality any sister could teach any man ever ..
He continued kiss her senselessly ,while trying to surrender his pure human urges , and he kissed her closed eyes , he tasted salt !
All the heat coiled in his groin is nothing compared to his concern for her , he instantly stopped ..
Tears ! ..Khushi … he rose from her little , and called her with all love and care
Khushi ..thum ..thum ro rahee ho ….i did not ..he quickly rose and got himself away from her
Hearing him , his tenderness or her being emotionally very high due to extreme amount of female hormones due to sexy Raizada’s proximity ,she started to cry , he pulled her in bear hug … and patted …her back ..shhhhh khushi …shhhh
If you don’t like , I will ever …he paused …
Its Ok … don’t cry , I was just … Khushi ..he shook her ..and detached her from him and looked deeply in to her eyes ..he knew well she love him more than anything , so he concluded that its only her fear for physical intimacy …
Khushi don’t cry now ..if you don’t like I wont even touch you ok …her eyes quickly darted to her arms he is holding and he too saw it and dropped his hand instantly with complete remorse in his face …
OK …shhhh …now don’t cry , his hands itched to touch her sooth her …. He clenched and grinded his fist , she saw that
Her heart overwhelmed with love for him , she felt extremely sorry to disappoint him , her lawfully wedded husband , she instantly hold his hands , no …nahee ..nahee.. she quickly added before he could make out her words wrongly and feel pain
I thought my suhagrath will be of flowers and candle lights and all … like ..in …the movies .. dhooth ..… she hesitated
He once again the same heavy feeling in his heart , remembering how he crushed the innocent souls all beautiful dreams …
He lowered his head and whispered genuinely feeling guilty , Khushi .Sorry …mey Thuhmara …jo thumney socha .. Thumara ..Suhagrath , , he saw her sad face ..he paused ..the last thing he want is she to be sad ,
Then he shouted … thuhmara … What the …. She jerked in shock
He continued ..
Thuhmara …Humara Damn IT …Its Hamara …. He looked naughtily at her …yea …Right Right Khushi kumarai gupta Singh raizada , .. she shyly nodded seeing him smile again and he continued ever naughtily ..
Ok … Now tell Me Mrs.ARnav Raizada
Thumne Humara Suhag Rath ke Barey mey aur Kya Kya Socha ….!!!
----------------- The End -------------

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  1. Awwww.... How Sweet was that!
    Sweet n Hot... Wonderful dear...
    U've kept te suhaagraat part for later naaaa!!
    I got it..I got it..
    Love u 4 dat...
    Let 'em do it later naaa!! ;-)
    Sabr ka phal meeta otha hai!! Hainaaaaaaaaaaa??

    1. Oh LOL , ya suhag rath should be later , khushi ko flowers and dhooth jo chahiye

    2. Ha ha... LOL!!!
      Ya.. Ye Khushi bhi naa!!!

  2. read it all in 1 go n it's really awesome.
    Thanx 4 d pm.

  3. wow..wow...Khushi bhi na...!Arnav se kaho kuch bachake raho phool aur dhoothwale suhaagraat ke liye.....too good yaar...I Luvd The Last Part....

    1. Thank You ..and who are u , please write ur id name next time ..

  4. hey can yu plsss tell me where can i find yur all ffs/oss/ss which i can read and i have send yu a frnd request on fb plsss aceept me on yur fb

    1. please tell me ur name

      u can find all the links on right side of this post , i mean blog ,
      you just need to surf through the archive section of this blog

      you can not find india forum links proper as many of my threads have been closed by india forum admins saying violation ..lol
      adult content


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