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Chapter 14. Saviors and a folded 'Bomb'

Chapter 14. Saviors and a folded 'Bomb'
Thanks 1000 for our dear @Speechless for helping me type first half and  Congratulate her for becoming A GOLDIEEE  ..Congrats Sweety '
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They were searching around then they heard scream and all tantrums geet was throwing inside ..and The Main door was Made of HoshiyarPur ..both Iyer hotties with their single bang in the door made it on ground moment they reached the middle room 'And saw the heart breaking "torturous" scene of an "Abla Naari.."  
you all know ..what all tortures 'happened ..and its Naari or Naara(I don't know masculine of Naari some body please help) Ya tortures on "Abla Purush ." ( Thanks @Speechless for helping ..)
They bang and brought them back to reality from the cartoon life they are just having ..

As soon as the door broke, The Iyer brothers slides through the dusted floor and with in the seconds, sliding with sounds of shoes trying to grip with the ground reached the middle room, where our Maan and his sweet terrible torture in the compromising or LOL... The Missionary position. Both heard the men and with wide wide innocent eyes they stared at the unexpected visitors at unexpected time...

Just like taking the long kick from the mid field of football ground ,Arnies foot quickly acted and next minute Maan is miles away from Geet, hitting his head back at the table in the same room and the flower vase on it fell on his head and "THANK GOD" he fainted.
Yes, so he was not able to feel the kick boxing competition of Iyer brothers which ended quickly seeing no resistance and response from Maan.

Geet was watching, the entry of her saviors and their "THA THA THAIYYA" on Maan the Stupid. Maan was faint and silent, and she heard no sound from Maan so practically she is not worried thought felt little proud too Maan is strong enough to bear her strongest brothers ''She had pink shades all over her body thinking how strong is the stupid Maan '.then''

and she shifted her sight back to the policeman and their pricking slithering lusty eyes on her body, she felt conscious and she quickly covered all her exposed skin wrapping her pallu around her. Then She saw one policeman hinting his companion the panties lying around and they both smirked thinking something tickling to their maturity. She is that much "Matured" to hide her inners. Again thanks to her Mom and a fight of "Dead BAT" with Arnie a few Weeks back.

They can often see bats hanging dead on electric lines from their apartment balcony. Geet is so scared to see that and her brothers knew it.
She fight with Arnie often. Where Bheem and Dev very elder and treat her like PRINCESS. Arine is five years elder than her actually but when her age in certificates is 18 and as she grew up , she stopped calling him bhayya saying he is only 2 years elder than her on papers which only actually matters and she no more going to be 'Yes boss' around him.
Geet is Jaan of Arnie but his favorite hobby is to tease her. And she too often irritates him with her girly pranks.
That day as usual they were fighting for the one and only computer in their Home. Arnie wanted to play Brain LARA cricket and Geet wanted to take pictures of butterflies and make a wall paper collection. Bheem had an off that day so Geet Won the computer , Bheem scolded Arnie and Geet sat on and continued her 'Pinking' works.

             Arnie was getting bored so he was roaming around the room with extreme irritation to Geet,and saw Geet's bra** thrown carelessly with her other bunch of clothes including inners. She is simply just "perfect" in 'Cleaning and tidying up ' and keeping her room decent to the standards of a girl ' LOL

He took the ruler and hanged the Bra** it on one end and pointed it to Geet shouting "Dead Bat:Dead Bat"
Geet saw the black thing , because of less light at room she was not able to recognize it ..
Iyer had strict policy that they will lit electric lights after 6.30 only 'to save energy' and wont use lights during day time was 5.30 pm only , but less light in room.
Geet saw black thing hanging down the stick and ran around room screaming shouting all the way and '.
And Arnie back her 'scaring '.and laughing ..
Finally she quickly climbed and settled on upper shelf of her cupboard closing her eyes tight and putting fingers in her own ear holes so that her own scream do not pierce her tympanum  ' Started to scream .. Non stop..

Arnie had great laugh and he hanged the 'Dead Bat' on the door knob of the cupboard where Geet had settled making her scream louder ,and with a smirk he said
" if you ever mess with ur elders (pointing himself) .. I am going to hand it around your neck .."
And started to load his Game '

Geet peeped out through opening one of her eyes which instantly caught the 'hanging Dead bat' on the door knob , Her screams become louder ''.uncontrollably louder with 5.1 channel surround system
The whole flat trembled with her scream even Arnie instantly stood up from where he is sitting '
Dev and Shivanand had just reached home from University , they heard her , Bheem who was taking a nap at sofa and Rajashree too rushed from kitchen .
Seeing situation going out of control ,Arnie springed and quickly grabbed the 'Dead bat' and hid behind him , By the time the whole Iyer family get assembled the room.

They saw Geet's condition and they understood its from the usual fight and with something Arnie Scared her ..just no clue what it is '
They with their sweet words pampered Geet and asked her to come out ..and as Bheem stretched his hands to Geet like a Mom to his baby ..
She jumped to him in a jerk sat on his hip like baby's in Moms.
Neither she felt grew up nor her Brothers or father .For them she is just grew taller and Fatter.
Hugging Bheem Close and sacredly she pointed at Arnie and complained
"He tried to scare me with dead bat ." no need to mention tears in her big round beautiful eyes.

All Iyers other , including Arnie Chorus "DEAD BAT" , yes Arnies voice was shaking of course.
Seeing him too making confused look ,she twisted her lips and  angrily blamed
"He is hiding it behind .."
Arnie tried to skip ..But instantly Dev more masculine than the three caught him instantly and brought him front holding his hands in front of his father .

He tried to make ease the situation with a faded laugh
Stretching his hand , to the Jury he said .." hi  hi hii, she just made fuss un necessarily ..i was just playing 'Its hers only 'I wonder how she wear it herself when she scared of this this much .."

Dev grabbed the 'thing' to have a clear look and catch its one end presented in front of his parents ..  To show what dead bat is '

Instantly he felt embarrassed ..  ' He is 30 ' Happily surprised  , with tinches of shame ..and reminded him of his huge responsibility ( for him Geet is like his daughter more than a sister) with heavy feeling at heart ' sad of thinking her "Bidai" 'And uttered ..sadly ..
" You are a big girl now .. , no more baby .." patted her cheeks unable to look at her face , he dropped the thing and left the room ', That is Iyers Shy Gentle Man son..
Bheem laughed out Loud ..Kissed no more Baby's forehead ..put her down '
And said .." U big Girl now  " Lol  throw his hands in surprise laughed at his mother ..shaking his head ..laughing .."Yesterday she was running around here ,,in her little petticots and 'Amma when she started to wear all these girly stuffs 'Uff girls .." Shook his head again , Caught the neck of ashamed Arnie's neck , who just realized what is this thing and took him out of room Dragging'.
"You scared my Gudiya ..hmm ..  Lets have some karate practice today .."
"No bhayya please ..please .., I will do with Rahul leave me .." Arnie cried fearing Bheems heavy punches'

The guys where too innocent and straight 'bought up very bold and scientifically with lots of love towards their princess as usual they just blurted out what they felt ..They had nothing to hide in front of their parents 'Now I think , what type of family is Iyers ,
They may sound weird ..but ..I think ..Just Innocent .Simple 'Not dramatic ..

For Rajashree who was bought up in traditional Indian Background it was all too much , already she fed up with her husband and kids talks , thank god she understand only half of it , because most of the time the rest talk in English or Hindi ,,and she got proficient only in Tamil Channel ..only ..

She became typical , Indian mother instantly , gave a serious angry glare at her husband who understood her situation perfectly .. To escape he instantly pecked her on her cheek , making confused by all that Geet giggle and left the room before shocked Just became Red Rajashree come back to her senses.. Still ..the effect ,,,hayee ..

Then she caught Giggling Geet baby , and finally at the end of her harangue Rajashree some how manged to make Geet understand that
A lady should keep her secret from men , and Inners is one of such secret.. 
That she must not display any of her under garments in front of men ,any men .. That applies to her father and brothers too .

Geet finally nodded Thinking about her best buddy Thani always hiding her inners when she put it for drying at her house , where she is a frequent visitor

So finally the after sharing some sweet moments of "Milan ka Meeta pal" Brothers hugged Geet , wrapped in sari Pallu completely ,with her folded inners in her fist , like a Kerchief , and putting Maan's unconscious body in the jeep ..., The Saviors  headed straight to Mahalakshmi Apartments as Directed by Dev ...Where Mr.Khurana was already waiting for them .. ...

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