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Chapter 8. Keen and Skeptical Student of Biology

Chapter 8. Keen and Skeptical Student of Biology
15 August 2011
Please Read The post below of mine and press like its important..
this story is not an instruction manual for teens ..its just a fiction .. fantasy
and next  part is ready ..once i get 100+ likes for this post part is up..and teaser on 53

Bheem sadly frustrated seeing his mothers reaction .." There is no meaning in waiting like this ..." , "That's it ..i am going to get her .." and went to start his bike..

Dev Turned Arni " Ask him where is Rahul , I want to talk to him ..Wasn't he supposed to bring Geet back ,,,? And she went  wish him only Right , So why cant she sit now.."

Arnie " Bheem Bhayya Me too coming .. "
Dev "We will take car .."

From the balcony of their flat Nayan thara Dev's Would Be Screamed .."Bheem Come Quickly ..Uncle '" She wept.

They all rushed back to their Flat.

They informed ,as Professor Shivanand watching TV for any information on the riots, he fainted , They all seen the Ambassador car burning , As it was repeatedly telecasting ..
Dev "It could be somebody else '"his voice shaken  he was sure he is lying , because they can clearly see the Khurana construction Emblem on the bonnet And Lucky Khurana Got only one Ambassador car in which in old days he gave lift to Iyers Many times.

Dr.Bheem was checking his father gave injections , Dr.Anjali their neighbor was there to help him...


Maan:"Don't you have any shame '.ladkee hokey ladkon ke kapadey utharthey '"
Geet:" I was just trying to help "the apologetic torn soon changed to accusation" and u torn my blouse what about that ''"

Maan wanted to dismiss any further talk ,He hurriedly put on his pants and shirt too ..he was scared of her 'it was sure she wont wear his shirts , at least save his own "maan"
Maan" OK OK 'hissab barabar ..ok I torn ur blouse ,it was an accident and u pull off my.., hmm ok'we both wont tell this to anybody 'think what people will think about you when they knew that u '." he somehow had clues how to deal with this crazy devil..

Geet thought ,well he is right ..Chee chee Geet , if people come to know that u tried to strip a boy , that too stupid Maan... che chee .everybody will count you as yet another stupid girl behind him drooling ..."Ok , done we wont talk to anybody " to his unluck or luck her brothers do not come under this 'anybody' list of hers

Well its difficult for her to remain silent , and Prof.Shivanand always told his kids ,never let any doubt remain un cleared. And Geet listens and obeys her fathers every word in its true sense , now she got doubt and any cost it should be get cleared

Then Geet "why your ..  Hand pump like that ' are u sick" this time there is real concern in her voice , but in extreme embarrassment he cant register that
Maan snapped" Be quiet , We should not let anybody know we inside this house , the mobs may be roaming ..ok '"
She nodded in fear.
She said .again ,really worried ..".You should See a Doctor , I can set a free session with Bheem Bhayya '.if you insist" every time she start with concern and end in arrogance , well big tom after all and small Jerry.

[eek , shameless girl , babaji 'meiney apka kya bigada jo mujey iseesey pyar hogaya'
Ab kya kya sahna padenga ..  If I insist '..eek ..i hate myself ' , why she is talking like that ''.    If its Rids then ..well she is smart might have seen in movies 'oh god this
Little beautiful creature in front of me not less than an encyclopedia ..  Is there ..any '.

Oh no maan dismiss such stupidity ..u macho''..  

But she got second rank in state , in her 10th 'board exam ..and we study all this , and maan seriously studied that part in his biology really sincerely '.. Surfed internet a lot to clear doubts ..even now too he is studying that branch of biology '

But  Maan think again , its brilliant geet and u stupid , u cant learn things like her ..

He thought he will get mad'.

Ok ' u ask her straight that's better , and clear ur doubt ..

And again blackmail her ..not to tell anybody '..
 yes ask her '

What made her feel like this '.

Yes common Maan ask her ..


Maan:"hhm cough hmm kich hich  ..hmm  geet kich hicthc.."
She sang instantly  "Vicks ke goli lo hitchkich door karo''''''."

Maan literally banged his head the wall he is leaning '..
Please Read The post below of mine and press like its important..and next  part is ready ..once i get 100+ likes for this post part is up..and teaser on 53
this story is not an instruction manual for teens ..its just a fiction .. fantasy

i have to say something ...will modify it later

this story is not an instruction manual for teens ..its just a fiction .. fantasy 

Some people is really worried about Geet's age and the storyline..

Well Maan thinks geet is 17/18 around a perfetc girl age he can love a 19 year boy , he dont know the real age of Geet and he treats her ,and look thr the eyes a 18 year old ..
thats why nothing holding him when his feelings *sshh * ok...

Now dont say argue   without marriage how can he think like that

anyway i got answer fro that too my maan in this ff is a simple below average boy with hot body and looks ..,  .and about  attitude Maan the stupid Hit by the cupid ,,so u can guess his attitude by this line right ...

And Geet having sexual feelings ,

Now global temperature shifted , the platonic shifting and the scientists say even our milky way got shifted ...OMG

So the age of girls .., last centuries "solah -sathra  saal"  now shifted to "therah -choudah saal"

And naughties ... dont say a 14 year cant have feelings ..liars ...
they do ..but most cases it will be very weird ...

and above all this story is not an instruction manual for teens , its just a fiction take it that way and tickle ur senses ...laugh ..and sometimes wink wink  wet *sshhh* ok 

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