Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chapter 1 Ecstatic Screams of Room 143

Chapter 1
Ecstatic Screams of Room 143
29 August 2011
She trailed her fingers through the hair asked briskly ." When you are going to shave it '".She replied '  "Mujey Dar Lagtha hi'.yar everyday I am cutting it na' she was giggling "
Geets hand squeezed khushi's *bests , heartelessly , Khushi screamed ..When the assaults with her hands over , she cupped one of it with her palm and her thump non stoppingly rubbed the bud and the other hard bud she took it in to her mouth ..  Sucking making Khushi scream louder and louder ,

"Tok ..Tok.."

Matron gave a knock hearing the sounds inside from the room , she was just in front of room no 143 ,on her usual rounds.
Voices inside stopped Music , Giggles .. , Geet thrown one of the teddy in the bed to the cd player making it close and it fell down ..
The falling of Cd player along with flower vase bottle on the table and teddy 'the hustle bustle inside along with the noise of falling objects , made Matron warn .."Geet ..Geet "" knocking again '

Geet Lazily replied lifting her head little up with a naughty smile " We already slept Maam" Bothe the girls giggled .

Matron throw her hands in air exclaimed loudly "Aajkal kee Ladkiyam Bhee Na ..,Ladkon se Kuch kam Nahee .."

They heard it , Geet laying atop Khushi..huskly whispered ,near Khushi's ear biting earlobes sensuously 'softly  "Yes , who would better know .."

Khushi blushed '.seeing her shy face in the mild blue room light drive Geet Crazy ..

She moved instantly , Khushi got alarmed "No No more Geet I will faint ..Please '.Its my turn now.." please ..she tried to move up ..Geet more powerful pushed her down hid her head between . Khushi's legs '''and .. Her hands and toungue started to dance '.

Khushi's ecstatic screams can be heard outside ..

On her her return to room from her rounds..Matron shook her head '.as if nothing can be done ..Now that music stopped playing ' no light 'and no switch to turn of a women's mouth '.

"Crazy girls .."

ps: some friends says some may not like making Geet a *shh* ..but what to do... ..You cant judge a book by its cover only that i can say now ..please wait ..sabra ka fruit painful hota hi.. ...or should i change the names ...
no comments even from buddies ...magicia sad ...ok will open after 12..bye now  fingers crossed ...
 OOyeee  thank you Buddies ..4 pages comments ...all no problems thank you 10000 .. ok ...relieved ...most of  u accepted .. thanks once again my beauties with brains thank u  ...


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