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chapter 15.Rehearsal Begins


Part 15. Rehearsal begins...

04 August 2011



chapter 15.Rehearsal Begins


Sapna Marriage Day Geet Returned early by 3 o clock .The Muhurath was at 9 a.m , then the Bidai was also early just after lunch .Sapna's Sasuralwaley insisted Gruhapravesh should be taken place at 4 pm  only ,  before sunset, the best time. Amit is a perfect Mummy ka pilla type and Amit's father is a strong believer of astrology , good time bad time .. Anyway Geet got released earlier I must say maans prayers changed the position of stars . He got her early




Vacation time Munshiji leaves early , Evenings are very cold in Phulvaadi ,especially for a person suffering from Asthma. Geet came and (wearing his Kurtha , now it is hers ) little sadly ...,..sat beside Maan,.. Looking somewhere her mind was definitely not there ..


[Maan wanted to hug her from back and turn her to him , drink the silent intoxication of her eyes , lick the color of seduction of her lips ']


Sitting quiet means not Geet .She started all the days event and shared the worry Arman shared for Sapna's Sasural waleys over ,or extreme believes in good time and all . Tears escaped from her eyes when she said about Sapna's Bidai '




[he don't felt much , because After Geet's bidai only he will get her  Maan was as usual was in a bamboozled state of mind where he is in clouds with a sexy angel ..]




They don't know when the clock ticked 7 .. She suddenly stood up , moved in a pendulum fashion until the clock stops , blushed , shied ..and turned to Maan ..


"You know what will happen at seven ?? Bolo bolo .."




uff there she goes to kill me , moving in front of me , and her chest fleshes giggling not controlled by any Braz*** .sudden break ...stop man'don't think ..just don't think '.his "thingy" warned him ..stop right there or I will start show up...  The sight of Geet in one piece white kurtha with neck line According to Maan's measurement is low cut for her ' is really a pricking , torturing breath taking sight  ..and as his some parts started to react to such sights '.and Maan can sense that 'he should be extra careful ..  before his body parts hood wink him... he must ..stop..., u stop moving in front of me my drama Queen , Now i feeling helpless at my state ..Uff i cant even close my eyes ...




u tell me how will I know what is at Seven .. for me every minute ..eek tell me what the crap is . , my drama queen '.  ???






"bolona'"she cutely complained ..


["haieeeyee  ..i am dead .."


She blushed further turning Maans cheeks to red in color , deep brownish red .]


"she huskily whispered .. .."shanthi muhurath .."


(It was discussed that gruhapravesh and Reception should be completed at the earliest for the swamiji gave time for shanthi muhurath at 7 , for healthy babies that will bring "Yash"(glory) to khandan ..ignore karo babes we have nothing to do with amit's *sshh*..what matters here is  word "Shanthi muhurath ..wink wink)




"aaj ..matlb abhee Sapna ke Suhag Rath hogee ..hayee .."she was in some thoughts suddenly ..


["oh no no baby ..dont do this '.please ..raham karo 'please ..dont ..Maan knew what is she up to '.]




She just said him.. "Chalo Hum log apna Suhag Raath play karthey hi'."


[Maan just choked just cant breath with the thought ,,"Suhag rath play karna ..Ye ladkee bilkul Mujey pagal kardengee'hey bhagvan why cant I just die before she take her next step..]


(she said "apna" suhag rath while saying she is not at all aware what she was saying ..and he too not noticed "apna." apna was a fact for him ..she is his only and he hers ..they are together  one was the unspoken truth that all their mind sub conscious ,super conscious  , every part of their body shared ..only conscious was not willing 'because of its stupid ego'.)


She as if read his worry ..


" I know u are worried 'Meim Samajthee hoom .."


[o ye really ..sighed  thank you ..thank you .. ]


"thumey patha nahee hi na suhag rath meim kya karna hi,,,, "


[bang! '.EEEKKK  what what u '..crazy ..#$$%^&]


"arman ko sab kuch patha hi' he taught me .."


[arman I will kill u man 'WHAT THE * he taught u !...How DARE HE ??!! ..oh  what he "taught"  ..u  and u listened ..]


"everything ..and my baby I teach you'don't worry"  with that said she patted his cheeks 


"but before that ..we need some costume change .."




[her soft fingers burned his cheeks '  and what she mean by costume change ..oh god , what if she notice '' he desperately wanted to cross his thighs and crash his har*shh* in between '.  ]




Next part Drama starts ..will update tomorrow 'until then u can cross your legs tight and relax if u want to ..well I manage myself when I type these 'thank you for ur love and support  'Please 'please press like button ''''''.as I promised more likes 'more '  I am sending PMs only when three updates get ready ..dont get Khaffa on me 'me ur magicia poor soul , I just don't want to spam ur inboxes with update s, every day I am updating three parts '.



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