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Chapter 29. Emergence


Chapter 28: Emergence

14 August 2011



Chapter 29. Emergence


doubt clearance : His eyes where closed when Geet woke up , its like that everyday , Usually before sleep Geet rub his eyes and close ,


chapter 17 .silent betrothement


She felt the weight ..and then realized her on posture, jumped back ,.. Exposing the visual ..that brought life back to ..his unconscious exhausted *shh*'she covered her chest quickly rubbed to close his eyes ..and he felt she move from him lying the other end trying to sleep,,,, but unable to sleep she turned back and forth ' then came to him , made his chest ready for her like she used to make it as her pillow .. And slept peacefully leaving him for another sleepless night ..



she used to rub his eyes to sleep ,she might have thought the other night too, what mattered is his tore lips with blood stains and the position they slept ..



sorry buddies for late doubt clearance was such a long update ..and sad..too





Kesar asked dump stuck Romeo what all this he twisted lips like that he had no idea. Then they heard some sounds inside falling glass breaking and all and rushed to Maan's room




They shocked for what they seen there ''''...




Maan was on the ground among broken glass pieces crawling ,swaying and the glasses are hurting him making him bleed still he  frantically moving , within no time he collapsed in the pool of blood . Maan heard the chaos outside and had woke up , finding Geet not in his embrace he got scared and the unknown indication of his soul , about her leaving. In panic he tried to stand and run to the entrance in search of Geet ,


But he is woke up from the vegetative stage that too really long just a few hours back only , After years of stagnancy his brain and body parts lacks coordination..




And the performance in the other night was miracle , the extreme power of mind , unexplainable to any science , and we easily name it miracle ,divine etc ..




Of course it will take time for him to be back again, and that was not realized and in the hurry and in his struggle of balancing he got hurt himself .




They immediately laid unconscious Maan in bed and called Dr.Shashank immediately. They cleaned and dressed his wounds , in panic both the guys failed to notice the visible symptoms of Maan of messing with a women last night and sufficient clothes lacking . They might be not bothered because after cleaning his body Geet usually put some powder to avoid bed sore and leave him in that state for a while in the past , because Maan is a heavy man for Geet's petite stature to hold and put dress on .So if she was in hurry she just cover him for Kesar and Romeo to come .They might have thought its just another busy day for Geet.






Dr.Shashank immediately arrived. His happiness knew no bounds . Because just yesterday he was about to board to Delhi then China , for Maan's case, But due to bad weather in Phulvaadi which was very common in that hill station,all the flights were cancelled and he missed his flight to china which was from Delhi. He immediately called His  Chinese doctor  friend, a Monk and they discussed the next level of treatment online . And he promised the demonstration of some of their research at later time. But Shashank was very much disappointed that he cant make it as early as possible. He want Maan to be cured fast .And here the miracle waiting for him without any effort actually.


He get in to action started examining and give some injections to nerves to get triggered and all...




Dr.Shashank heard Maan in sleep unconscious state, muttering .."Geet Geet .."




Dr.Shashank immediately able to catch that 'mrith - sanjeevani' medicine of the miracle he is seeing now , He inquired about Geet to Kesar and Romeo , and they told about her.




She being Maan's nurse during nights ,and she studying in medical school , everything they know and they think left for her village  urgently on some unknown reason etc. Now Dr.Shashank  within seconds put one and one  together , and he understood everything , not in detail , but the involvement and the extence of Geet's contribution in Maan's recovery .Geet was his student , but he used to maintain a distance with the students , but as a good he knows each and every one of his students , the character of his student , he know how dedicated innocent and pure at heart Geet is .Shashank contacted Sanjeevani Med school and ,got the whereabouts of Geet , because now he knew the medicine which is not less than 'amruth' for Maan's life. And he need to answer Maan when he wake up ,and use these information as his medicine.




Maan woke up ,as Dr.Shashank expected , he wanted Geet, Well Maan is a well educated and very contented type Man , It became very Easy for Dr.Shashank to convince him , and he shared whatever he felt and asked Maan to answer him sincerely .And Maan did , he even committed that they had made love . Just not went in to detail and Dr.Himself don't wanted to stress Maan.


He told him Geet had left ,  but not to worry he got her address and whereabouts they can trace her and they can be together , his blessings and all bringing smile back to Maan's face.


Maan , is some big Maan Singh Khurana , the Heir of Khurana Empire , He knows , with his money and the political power of his Nanaji , it will not be impossible for him to find Geet in India like country, if she alive .


And he know she cant leave this world , just like that because he want her , she is his life  and he started to believe in god more than anything ..




Yes there is a God , loving caring ''.just  hearing every prayers of his children and in fulfilling them.




Everything then happened fast. Dr.Shashank as an excellent doctor can understand everything much easier than any other person , he did not wanted stress Maan too , He just asked induced Maan that he need to get well soon , that will only happen if he wishes his own 'for his Geet.




The recovery was much faster than anybody thought, Amruth Savitri and Raja jai Singh  all informed , They reached in no time ..discussions mission search of Geet , and recovery all went perfectly well hand in hand




A week Passed.




They come to know that Geet joined Father Benedict in his medical aid mission to some very remote village JunglePur. And the person informed them these Details was Mother. Trssia who don't have any idea about Geet's novitiation , because its all under father Benedicts decision .and she said geet Directly joined father at Katak , not even visited the orphanage. But the church knew the details about the medical team they are sending etc..


She also able to find them the contact number at their camp , a land line


And Maan tried to contact , but they were in the village will return the next day only




An Member Of Parliament can do so much in India .


Khuranas once again realized.




They were all decided to go in person and surprise Geet , Maan was super excited , They just waited for the non stop baleful rain to abate that day .






The news shocked Amruth and Jai Singh to their Death , Maan was in his exercise room , doing some physiotherapy last touch ups..He is fully recovered ..




The news was




"Christian missionaries attacked by violent mob , Father Benedict with his Medical team burned alive to death in the Van they travelled.. The other victims are  ..Dr.Geet, Dr.Bernard , sister Leena .., Rama Behen , Govardhan ..'"




Amruth fainted thinking about her son and his future ''who was...



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