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Chapter 1 Hiding Our "self's"

Chapter 1
Hiding Our "self's"

11 August 2011
She was only fourteen , but nobody knows that other than her family, she looks more than that with her tall slender body and her decent dressing hid her not fully developed curves .
Maan was nineteen , he just wished that night never ends her aroma driving him crazy , but thinking about her brothers and father , he tried to control his emotions manliness trying to *shh* '. Hmm

She was scared , she just hugged him , They saw torch lights fall on the front seat and back seat Maan Pressed her down harder trying to hid them maximum between the seat gaps , she tried to speak and his hands instantly closed hers ' deeply looking in to puzzled hazel eyes of her he indicated the violent mob coming towards their car ' She scared ' And hugged him closer , closer ..maan happier happier '

Maan thought "Hayee marjawa gud khakey ..   Even if I died now complains babaji'"

They heard them talking

Mob :
"burn it '"
"break it "
" somebody give me matches ' "
" yar its finished .."they tried to hit it with the stick and they hit at the dickey before breaking glass ' One Man shouted from far
"Stupid don't waste your energy here on this old  Ambassador,'..there is another big imported car on the main road 'lets go there

Remember Netaji was talking about to be maximum people at main  roads doing terror ..dont waste time in small streets , where there is even no streetlights is present '

And will be on main road only '..  Come move ..move "

Maan made a face see I told you '
Geet nodded in fear ..

Geet tried adjust with Maan on her body ."uff he is heavy" she thought "Chicken Bahuth Khata hoga".

Then they heard mob again..

"oyee what are you waiting for "

One Goon asked another ..
"susu .."  Everybody laughed  '.

"ok do wherever you want beta aka mumbai is ours ..'

They all moved ..
Again geet tried to come out ..

And they heard again ..

"oye now where are you going " Another man
 " I think I too "  They all laughed louder

Another man came near car and Maan and Geet heard him peeing ..Geet made a disgusting face and looked at Maan accusingly, blaming him

He felt ashamed men usually do that ..what to do..,made face , then thought
"eeh  why I feel ..i did not do anything .tried to make angry face and looked at Geet."

She had turned her face to another side his proximity like that was 'tickling her and making her heartbeats faster , she thought it is out of scare ,, her milky white skin  , his hot breaths where fanning her cheeks and neck  , and she felt heat in yet to be developed curves ..

The same itching feeling that she usually have when she watch a kissing scene on television and she ashamed of scratching it in public .so she turn the channel..making her brothers laugh at her innocence '

Bheem Bhayya who is a doctor told her that all the feelings she have in her private parts is her hormonal changes 'the things she studied in her 10th , but she was only 12 then , she just by hearted and managed high score again ..
Then took math's with computer science and said good bye to biology ..her most difficult subject .She indeed believed that hen she need kids she will lay egg  and she is too much scared of that'. (Magicia OMG)
Yes in text they refer it to as egg and for her egg is exactly like a hen's egg , with some homo sapiens modification.
As she by hearted most of the part she forgot about the size

Maan just felt like licking her face and before his thoughts go wild he took his hands away from and they rested on her chest accidently, sending shivers the most unbelievable feeling in her .she shot an angry glare at him , and he instantly try to rose , but he hit his head and fell on her again crashing her body under him dipping his face on her chest ..his mouth accidently cupped her curve which visible now for her sari slid her chest in his trial to move away .

She giggled as she felt ticklish as her irritation there vanish as his mouth started to suck the exposed skin. She arched back to give him more access , then she suddenly asked with concern in her voice ,chuckling

" Thum mama ke doodh nahee piya bachpan meim ..,sadly continued ..meim bhee "

Bang ,  This was the least expected from an 18 year he felt like she is teasing or taunting him..., maan ashamed to death in embarrassment  , he tried to rise ..instantly and in his hurry the sari pinned to her blouse at shoulders torn with blouse '.exposing her chest ''..

Making her scream when the cold air chilled her small nipples her scream terrored Maan
And maan fell again with his lips crashing her nipples

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