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Chapter 30.Atrocious Bigots


  Chapter 30 . Atrocious Bigots

17 August 2011



Chapter 30.Atrocious Bigots

please forgive me sob ...sob ..crying ...assure u happy ending ... but next 2,3 updates ... naheee  ..mera likes nahee bhoolna ...i doubt ...

and today u will get a 'torture update'  as early as possible..i want u all sleep good ...

 ...loveu all 1000

She dragged her soulless body to railway station and took her ticket to Delhi, from there she has to take another to Odissa as father Benedict and rama Massi doing Missionary work there in a Tribal village.

Her mind was like the desert in heated sun, with howling sand storm making everything invisible .


She reached Katak ,Rama was waiting there .Their Monastery and orphanage were at West Bengal, Rama thought she will be curious to know these things and on their way to their Camp at village junglepur she told what all things happened .


Father Benedict was getting famous by day by day with his Charity works , community marriages , and  Medical service he provide for the areas where none reach . One Day A  Minister from Odissa visited their one of such camps and requested and offered them Governmental aid to start such a one in Odissa , and also promised his nomination for the next years Bharat Rathna


He agreed ,Poor soul thought it as a publicity stunt by the politician ,even though he don't like such ostentatious charity, but he cant just turn away the offer .It involve a lot money ' and exposure . Which he can later use for the help of poor.


Father was rejoiced , he was never greedy , never any positions allured him.

But he was really pleased by the name he is going to get by that. The appreciation that mattered a lot, he is suffering from many rejections and accusations those days  even from the church itself for his social service extended to other community people .

And the amount he was getting is really big as award money .he made plan , that that money is not church's it his private fund and with that he can help Children like Geet who wish to pursue higher studies ,Because he know the struggles Geet faced , but he was helpless and bound by the rules of his predicament.


But there was more vicious plan underlying it , big political conspiracy in governmental level.

The camp place, the village  was really remote and  surrounded by forest area. Government suspect , as informed by local authorities of village and intelligence investigation it was said that Maoists are camping and training the tribal community in the forest .But none have any clue or access. So the plan was that under pretext of medical team of Father Benedict and his good will reputation they can send some of their people ..and succeed in the mission.


Without any clue of this knowledge they headed the village Junglepur.


It was the feudal territory of a cruel jamindar Sajjan Kum - eena ( well I don't want hurt any caste or religion this person is really bad and his surname I am using as 'kum - eena' ok)

The kum - eena family ruled the village in its real sense , they spared only those belonged to their caste  and biraderi (status ) ,and every body else ,especially the adivasi's life was really pathetic , they are not given any status , or worse than animals . The Aadivasi  were slaves according to the myth and in belief and above all in treatment for  the religion higher cast most the villagers belong.


The medical Team got warm welcome from Sajjan and his people 'And they helped them everything , but Father sensed something fishy , then eventually after 2 days they were told to provide aid at Adivasi cottages little far away from village in jungle.

The tribal army recently formed will not allow any villager to enter forest , they will shoot with poisons' arrows if any Villagers try to enter.But they desperately needed medical aid as presumed by Government and Sajjan's people.

The medical team got entry along with the spies in their team unknown to the missionaries and tribal .people

.And they started their work .

Geet was so happy in her involvement in such strenous services and she some how was able to forget everything at least pretend as if she forgot everything. She kept herself 24 hour busy not to let any thought in her mind . She decided she wont become nun ,  but will dedicate her life to the service and she did ..She mingled merrily with the needy 'She started to smile again


And everything turned upside down when


A small girl of just 12 was admitted of extreme stomach pain .Geet treated the girl , she was too skinny like a Skelton and her mother complained her of gas trouble , but Geet was shocked , the small girl was having labour pain and she delivered a pink baby and died .The pink fair baby the proof of the lust of her culprits caste and creed .

The whole team shocked Then they come to know the dreadful and dirty things happening there .The tribe were used as slaves by the villagers to do work in their farm. In their houses and even fulfil their dirty nasty lusty desires

They were considered as untouchables .. , but the dirty village people want the warmth of body of the women of tribe .The water has long spilled over heads ..the cruelty extended to the level some dirty village guys used to steal girls from tribal cottages and brutally rape them and when they have enough of them they leave the girls in forest to die.

And the particular girl was taken from her moms side when they were sleeping .Tribal people started to protest.


And then the some educated youngsters of village united and they decided to organise the innocent poor tribals against the atrocities they are facing now.


When Sajjan Kum- eena come to know about it try to abolish but failed and then he e informed ,seek governmental aid complaining about Maoist attack.


Soon father contacted the revolutionists and , he promised his help .Now the whole idea of Sajjan just backfired. He called villagers and  they accused the medical team as they are trying to convert villagers and tribals . All the villages stood with him , when it comes about religion people got mad ,and the bigots attacked the medical team who were trying to escape , in the van they came

Soon the lustful eyes of some villagers fell on the ladies and soon they attacked  women tore their clothes publically raped ,and beat father and the guys to death , the policemen and women was with them under disguise of compounder nurse etc are also trapped , ''Finally they were brutually burned in the van ...


But in the midst of these Geet was taken by one of rioters , kallu he put her on his shoulders and took her to Sajjan's Haveli. Geet's remorseful mind accepted her verdict and she laid in his shoulders numb , like a dead body .she believed it's the punishment of god and she was not at all protesting.. And the atrocities she just seen the shock made her believe she is in hell for her deeds


He dropped her on floor she lied there , she was dead with remorse .

It was done as directed by Sajjan himself , He was man in his mid fifties. From the day he saw Geet , he was admiring her beauty and wanted to make her his' he loved her chirpy nature she showed when she mingled with her patients ..


He loved hunting and he thought he will be having fun that day '

But her dead body like reaction agitated the man more and he tore her clothes like a wild animal and bite her Neck , she did not protested her body was cold as dead her eyes fixed lifeless on the roof , the man got violent seeing  her lifeless form lying in front of him ..made him mad '

 , he took bottle of brandy drank like a mad man...emptied half of it


came back to her and pulled her legs apart to enter her ''''''..



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