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Chapter 12.Little Boy syndrome

Part 12: Little Boy syndrome 

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03 August 2011


Geet " wait a minute don't worry 'touching his cheeks ..abhee teek kar dethi  hoom'" She started to unbutton his White Kurtha he is wearing...

 Knowing her well by now , Maan scared to death.

 That day she did something really strange Maan wondered what made her do that , while removing his Paijama she just covered his .."*shh" with dramatically closing her eyes with one hand and with other putting a blanket and said "meim ne kuch nahee dekha ."and giggled .Maan felt happy . Yes she at least cared him as a human today .and [ he blushed , he felt some feelings at there "*shh" but too busy in blushing he did not noticed ].


And then she took her big dotted Night Dress and started to try it on him'and he was..[ really irritated by her each touch , yes he started feel her touches mentally ..and started to show angry glares tried to move 'tried to push her 'please this all happening in his head , he is moving hard with his mind ']

 he somehow after a lot struggle which almost angered her turned her face red , she managed to make him fit on her Nightdress and when she finished she started to adore him , like a doll. She giggled , like a kid , with those sparkling in her eyes just made Maan to forget the Embarrassment Maan Singh Khurana just going through .Then she made baby face .."hmm abhee my baby ko beaeetifoool baaanaana hi " in a cute voice and took out her make up kit Riddima gifted that she never used started to put on Maan,  when she is done .."abhee is hair ko kya karenga 'badee mushkil se pala hi , touching his hair ."

[maan don't like anybody touching his hair at all , his Nanaji used to do it and he will get really annoyed ..and now she ..and iske saamney tho kuch bhee chalna wala nahee..maan lose]

Then she tied it in some way lord Krishna when baby do his hair in front


And finally , she just gave him a peck 'on his cheeks .. Maan felt electric shock just gone through his spines giving it life .. Then it became a real "comatose" state , he totally hypnotised by her simple gesture '.

She bent her head left then right , tried to see him through various angles ..then ..not satisfied suddenly rose and said .."thum na ..ismey bilkul achey nahee lagthey ho.. , thum mera macho man hee teek hi.." with that said she wiped the make up out of him untied his hair and everything just adding , fuel to his burning senses and ..his hallucinations .


Then she tried to take her dress off from him..''treehh '' it tore apart and came in to her hand in a condition not at all repairable , and her mouth dropped open ,


In anger she wacked Maan's bare masculine chest knocking him down from him

dreamland ..blaming him' non stop hitting him'


"You tore my night dress dress .. I only had two sets and ..that u .. How dare u .. When I ask salary increase , tho thumarey log  badee badee bathem karthey hi and .. Look what u have done'. u ..dusht danav ..ek tho ladkiyon kee kapadey phadthey ho ..upar se shamelessly goortha bhee hi'I hate u ..i hate '"b

aby crying ..tired of hitting him fell on his chest . 


Maan was angry of her blaming , but when he feather like fairy fell on his chest , her palms on his now exposed nipples now ,tingling it teasing it , he just wished to hug her and took her soft petal like lips in to his'and .. 'and ' cutting down his excitement and imaginations brutally abruptly she rise and said a settlement statement..

 " ok ..i should have never tried  my dress on you .." [Maan nodded exactly my point ] 

again her face turn to red ..

"and u should have never tore it ."

[ Maan me ..tore ..hallo madam .. Did I tried to pull it 'moved a muscle ..]

 ."you should have adjusted , u just not moved 'eek ..hmm so ..i am taking ur dress  and then I will  forgive u .."

[ ha ha ..hud mujey lootey and mujey hee forgive ..well thank you madam ..]

 ", I don't have any money to buy new ..ok my boss and his poora family  is so kanjoos makkichhooos '.."

 [ Oh god ab ye mera Khandan ko bhee nahee chodthee ..]

 " Ha .tell u one secret ...and I liked this kurtha always from the beginning'now I got it 'hi hi ... thank you 'very much ''..."

 [enough . Mujey cheat karey , mera dress churayee ,mera family ko bhe gaali dey  and sharing the secret how she fooled me '..all this drama with me and finally thank you .tooo ..uff  ye ladkee mujey pagal kardengee..bilkul pagal ...

Yes you are lakhon meim no no karodon meim ek ho'uff ]

 While Maan thinking all these '

 " Ha .tell u one secret ...and I liked this kurtha always 'now I got it 'hi hi ... thank you 'very much ''..."

With that said she gave him another kiss ,in his cheeks, hugging him tight , laying on his bare chest ,her another hand rested on his chest , and her fingers unknowingly started to play with his small cute nipples barely big enough to catch, ,pinching it caressing it , softly  then hardly  . And remained in the hug making Maan loose all his control..and he . All the wild thoughts run in his mind '. His all body aching hard to feel her ..his breaths got faster ' and in his mind .he did ''.  And he *shhhed* wetting the boxer he wore and sheet below him..he just had his little boy Syndrome Embarrassed 

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  1. itssss,,hhhhehe....gigling..heheh////wht to say..MAAN ko jaldi thek honaa hogaa...;pp


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