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Chapter 1 : Forbidden Fruit

Chapter 1 : Forbidden Fruit 

14 July 2011



She came out from bath room , wearing his white kurtha ,wet hair dipping droplets , sat near his bed took her book , and started to read , ya today too she sat in that same relaxing position leaning back stretching her legs and rest it on Maans bed .Maans eyes wandered through the slithering white curves of her thighs and the beauty of her toes .She was engrossed in her book , her phone rang , she put the book on bed and took the phone "ha Maasi next 12th only ... Convocation ?  Its on .. 10th .. But next day farewell party  I promised Anji..  12th only I will start , ap station pe math rukhiye it will be really cold ..please Maasi I don't want you as my first patient ..please ', ha everything ok , my huby baby is sleeping , same his eyes wide open , I wish' ,Ya ..ya ..dont worry Maasi , I got my passport ready , '.. Bye '"


It has been four years like this . She rise up and kissed Maans nose said cutely "handsome I am going to miss you , your Kurtha , your bed , and you ' I don't know in my whole life I am never going to share my bed with a man ,playfully ..seeing me no men is going to share the bed like u shared ..ha ha ... you know they made it all ready .. After I go back they are going to

Take me some village ..i don't know ..father Benedict , what he do when he go come ,, no clue '.anyway I should have to accompany him and six months in various villages ..good right ..i will get enough experience too ..i am the lucky girl among my friends ..right '. They are worried where they will join .. And whether they will be able to get enough exposure ..Dr.Anjali  my buddy she is really scared .. Dr.Arman was making fun of her even  after becoming docs she is  scared scared ..thats why he says about do practicals on that ..hi hi giggles ..u know what I mean '. Her marriage is ..'She stopped



 flashback : Some 14 years back very remote village in India , a girl was sleeping in her mothers laps peacefully '

Uto Geet , beta fera lelo .. Uto ..she has been waken up by her mother .. "she sleeply tried to stand up , but the duppata tied with Dulha's pagdee she almost hanged , then the Dulha 29 year old Kalanatha Lal stooped little down so that 7 year Geet could walk with him, he want all to be done so fast , because Munshi Ramkishanji is waiting for to collect the money that geets father is going to hand him as soon as that marriage over .


As soon the ferey was over , the bride and groom took blessings of elders and Geets father gave money that he hand over to the Munshi .Geet's father "Daamadji aap aaj hee jaana chahthey hi.."

Kalanatha Lal :" hal kal kheth meim kaam hi and Ma kee thabeeyath bhee teek nahee .., agar ye ladkee aaj hee hamarey sath aaye tho .."his voice started to show some irritating tone.


Everything set ready Bidai Rona dona '. Geet was feeling very sad ,she was leaving her mother , but excited about the travel in van the barathwaley came.

There was not much space left as it already came fully packed with Kalanaths babhi bachey .. Maami mousa mousi etc,

Finally kalanath had to take her on his lap .

Her dupatta was giving disturbance in seeing front so as soon as they reached over the sight of Geets family he took out her Dupatta ..after half an hour mid highway their van being stopped by father Benedict , Rama Maasi and Police ..


Everything happened quickly . Geets father and Kalanath Arrested ,apna suhag ko jail pahuchaneywaley Geet ko Uskee Maa nahee maaf kar sakthee thee and she was taken by Rama Maasi ,geets mothers sister

Rama was a widow at the age of 12 then , her mother in law send her to do laborer jobs , her dewars and jets (Husbands younger and elder brothers ) slept with her whenever they want , her life became miserable and frequent abortions too .She was a laborer when fr.benedict came there in missionary work and they started to build hospital .Rama admitted there due to extreme bleeding due to the intake of some herbs that they locally used for miscarriage . Sister sofie really felt sorry for her and gave her a job and when they moved from there they took her too Her sasural ladies felt bala talee ..because they started to feel unsecure because of their husbands interest in her .Then Rama learned to read understand the world and when she was invited by her sister to her daughters marriage within no time she reached village and took Geet .

Rama being a non catholic and a widow was not able to be a nun .. Some rules .( I don't know much details pardon me )

But the protection they provided the care she received she wanted to full fill her dream to be a nun through geet who was her dependent .)

But geet , respect Rama Massi a lot , but never wanted to be a nun . She wanted to be doctor and the church provided her facilities ,after she received the habit of order at 18 soon after her 12th result .

She don't wanted to be a nun at all , but she never even got a chance to think that she don't want that.She loved coloured dresses , flower garlands 'But she was raised everyday , in rama maasi dream of her novitiate ,period , her oath taking day ..liek that .She sit and listen only . She don't know what to say .she know where she would have been left what will be her fate if Rama not stopped that van , because she cant forget the black beedi stained fingers of that Kalanath (She don't remember the Mans name full now ) lustily pinched her b*ts while sitting in his lap and its snaky scaring movements .

For her marriage is an unknown feeling , she is married , officially ,, but '''  and thinking about that marriage she don't want to get married ever again 'but then chunree , sehra ,,dulha cute , '.and suhag raath ,,,,,,,,,,,,,"


Flashback terminates ..



She looked in to Maan's eyes .cupped his face , " u know me well na ..remember the first time I saw u ..i just wished I could get some Sundar dulha as u if my Maasi hear this she will definitely have heart attack ..ha ha ..saying that she kissed him , then look in to his eyes '' took the book she was reading Arman's farewell present ..a book , read some part of it ..then ..


She sat on him legs putting either side look in to his eyes again . Cried .. Broken down at his chest crying hardly , then she woke up .. Pecked his lips .. Whispered sorry .. I don't have any other option . Took his lips ''''..carnally biting it nibbling it , her hands moving in his hair.


  1. wow....what a story dear.....sab se maan in coma ri8....intresting....ff india forums pe bhi he kya????
    pls update soon n msg me dear.

  2. thank you Dhani u read all 33 parts ... ?? all IF link in this Mystery Girl intro page ..


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