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Chapter 14.Wedding bells


Part 14.Wedding Bells

04 August 2011



Chapter 14.Wedding bells


Then chirpily said .."ooley ye kya , meri huggy teddy choo choo ..oo  no no , don't cry ..mama not going to scold you ..i loveee ..u know mama happy ..i am going to Sapna's house today , her mother called 'no more boring days and u too will be saved from me.."




Maan waited all day , he was feeling really boring and dull , He just hated Sapna's Mama. .Two days before only Geet had meet her at bazaar , and now what  she want?. Geet had started to share everything with him..


Sapna's wedding preparations was going on . Only two days left for her marriage day and as it was vacation most of her friends were in their home and there was less chance of attending of many because of the very bad climate , Due to heavy rain and land sliding the road to Phulvaadi is blocked . Sapna's groom also from the same city , and its not auspicious to change the "muhurath" too so Sapna's family decided to go on. And being alone as her marriage is just in two days away Sapna too very much worried tensed. And a mother can understand her daughters plight well .So To cheer Sapna , her mother seeked Geets help whom she met 2 days before only,even though biker boys like Arman and Rahul able to reach there, they are having fun and making everything lively , but considering "ek ladkee hee Ladkee ka halath theory " they want Geet there  (eek Geet ! ), even though she is not that much close to Sapna' She decided to help her classmate.




"So whats up buddy."she tried to be cool like Arman ..the only "cool" person she know .. poor Geet baby don't know what to do , Seeing Sapna walking to and fro playing with her Dupatta end , thinking wrinkling her forehead ..


Geet too tensed , just don't know what to say she definitely understand Sapna's plights , they are after all medicos ..too much biology ..Sapna suddenly stopped and asked ..liek the idea hit her head ..


"ha I will sleep act , like in movies ..then amitji (Sapna's would be ) will cover me with blanket and sleep ..peck me forehead and sleep right???"


Geet instantly "Very good idea .. Good .."


Both the girls did not discussed a bit but they know what in each others mind


"Very bad idea ' " Arman , oopsie Geet and Sapna shocked they don't know what to say .


"U all ladkiyam stupid ho.. , all girls .. Like Riddima , she fight with me , now not attending ur wedding .." before he go gaga over Riddima again both geet and sapna asked same moment " Why its bad idea .."


Arman " like girls guys too have dreams yar samachthee kyun nahee ho .., like walk towards bed  taking each steps slowly , then his bride in dupata  he lifting , seeing her chand sa chehra ...blushed face ..slowly lifting .her chin 'up .then look in to her eyes''whispering '''.." Arman was seeing Riddima then suddenly his thoughts snapped how Riddima threw the gift on his face ..he stopped then looked at the girls ..both




Totally lost , eyes not in their control looking up imagining something , blushing'Arman tried to have joke..seeing their fantasized forms ..he huskly continued '" whispering .. Near her hears heart beats background music 'thum ..thum,,,"


Girls become restless in their dreams ..they together .."thum .."


Arman shouted "THUM SO RAHEE HO KYA '"


"ARMAANN'" both the girls fell badly from their dreamy creamy land


Then they had a great time having masti , Sapna back in her bubbly form .Arman passed her all his knowledge's of being Man  , most of them in "*shh* mode too , enjoying the cuties blushing thoroughly .. While Arman was giving girls healthy married sexual education their classmate "decent" Rahul was busy in Marriage arrangements , he too dropped by and give his advises for becoming a good wife and bahu in  his always goody boyish "decent" way, and Arman really made jokes out of his preach once he left ,  they all had a great time '




Geet returned , tired her heart contented with happiness .


Once her time started , she chirpily said all that happened in Sapna house ..the decorations , the preparation for ceremony .. While ..talking ..she was sitting in his bed ' her hands intertwined with his , ..holding it she pressed hard against her chest ' ..asked him "


[Maan's heart start beating faster louder that he cant hear anything ..]


"Could u hear my heart , see  ..., now beating like wedding bells '..u know in church .. Other community lovers used to run to father like this holding hands and father ,gets them married in church ' then non of their family relatives can do any harm or separate them ''then me rings the bell some times ..and u ..know sometimes wish ..i just 'go this holding a guys hand ..and father marry me off too'sighed 'just dreams '. ..but ..beutiful isn't it '"


[He can hear her heart paining , weeping ,the abyss of sorrow echoed in her voice ..then she is Geet 'and   she cant be sad ']


" aur .. Sochoo.. Kaun ullu ka patta aisa mera haath aisey pakad ke  jayega'( looking at their hands) .thum tho aongey na'.'


[ 'yes .. Kyun nahee '.., with that said he realized what he just said ''he whispered ..yes ..i will ''. I will i wil. i will'he said to himself , all the restlesness he felt in her absence and all the contentment , he is feeling now .. Peace , the magical illucination in her presence ..everything shouted ''..stupid maan Singh Khurana 'Yes Idiot ..You love her '''''''.and it started a way very long back'''..  His heart fell on its knees kissing her toes .   '' thanking for being his love ..'']




".once we get married I promise ..i will not open my mouth .."


[ha ha '. he smiled at her innocence and naughtiness '.acha ..if you don't open ur mouth how u will say I love you to me everyday , I want you to say I love you every hour , ..or better safer option for me is that  u open ur mouth only to say I love you to me']




Then the next day was also she busy , sangeeth and all , and she came really tired , told him


"aaj koi story nahee ..mama tired baby , ..come huggy hggy ..chup chap sleep "


[he really got irritated , when u were all the day waiting for ur partner dreaming of making every moment special when u finally gets together and at the end of the day she  say I am tired and sleep...


what will be in a huby's mind ..?



 'but ..her smooth breaths , like breeze fanned his bare chest ,   all his irrigations smoothened  and he dozed off  ''..well she got the habit whenever she sleep on his chest , she will naturally remove his buttons and lay on his bare chest , like somebody making pillow before sleep..and 'for him it was like 'chocolate syrup on ice-cream .  ]




That day was special for him , he realized accepted that he loves her and she is going to only his .




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