Sunday, September 11, 2011

Character Sketch : Actors I wish to play in it

New characters in Torture ..i know Another torture ..LOL  without Them Torture will not be complete ...
They are Geet's elder Brothers Three hotties  i like in soapywood ...

Dr.Dharma Dev   Iyer : [["Dev Bhayya"]] Professor of Mathematics Mumbai IIT == 30 years
Dr . Bheem Raj   Iyer :[["Bheem Bhayya "]] MBBS  doing MD at Sanjeevani Medical college == 25 years
Arjun  . Iyer : [["Arni"]]  Final Year Mechanical Engineering ,Shivaji Rao Engineering College ,Mumbai , == 2o years

Please Like the post if you like them ..aren't They cute ?

Like Geetanjali Iyer ...Aka ..Geet ...

ps:  i am modifying 3 names appeared in the earlier update ..
if anybody have noted .LOL


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