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Chapter 20. Repercussions


Part 20.Repurcussions

07 August 2011



Chapter 20. Repercussions


"can I see your willis and doodleberry '.??"




With that said her slender fingers touched his boxer waist line to pull it down'.






[Its not like that she never saw him ..but the things and "things" changed ..he was scared what if she 'notice it 'and the reaction of it , to her touches '..what if she understood his feelings for her ' I mean in sexual way girlfriend will like her boy see her in that way 'even if they like they wont admit it even to themselves tooo .Moreover like most of the amateur youngsters 'in that matter he was worried  not confident enough ...


He was actually in his heart of heart more worried about '.her impression if she see his pride , will loose the battle easily '.*sshh* just by her single silly touches that usually happens '.and he started to control , control'


All the "Yoga ..techniques" he ever practiced ..learned ..]






The boxer made its humble exit just by one pull .. And "he" stood up facing the world confusedly looking at 2 pairs of staring eyes..




{this in braces {} is thingies ..convo ..ok  }


{what the ***  ..i mean where ***''it stared at Maan , May be in this whole world it may the first one to face that situation , it was so confused 'it looked Maan for an answer ..Oh Man I am waiting whats all this .?}




[hey bhagvan ye din dekhney ke pehley meim mar kyun nahee gaye..]




"Arey Ye Kya '."




{[ Geets exclamation caught both Maan's and thingies attention ..thingy was cool , it was confident , and Maan even in embarrassment felt little proud ..seeing Geet's wide open eyes ..and blushed ..profusely .]}




"Na koi Respect Na sharam aisey hee khadey ho rahe .hi.. Kyun nahee ye tho thuhmarey hi na " she blamed .






[and Maan ..bang bang bang '''.eek 'he just wanted the help of a butcher and he will offer all the Khurana empire to him , if he promise to make keema of Maan''''ek tho sarey ..besharamee karthee ho and blaming me ..Maan groaned in frustration'.]




{thingy shook his head and rolled its eyes at Maan and still confused and irritated '..I am going   tired groaned .}






"and thum bilkul besharam ho gaye ho close your eyes 'don't look at it ... sojao ..bachom ko jaldee sojaney ko hi'.  And mujey bahuth padna hi ." without looking at him she rubbed to close his eyes 'and put a blanket over him..




Thingy was getting tired standing up in the "oddest" situation , but when her hands feathered it while putting blanket it got its energy back and


{stood in confidence again "attention.."}




Then she just turned the pages and looked here and there through the corner of her eyes ..and touched the blanket , once again assured Maan's eyes closed ..peeped ''and welcomed back it to the world '




{thingy happy ..  It can see her admiring eyes ..and its confidence just boosted up}




[while maan was in deep prayer and extreme power yoga so that his 'maan' do not go easily just by glaring of that hazel eyes ' Maan shut all his senses '...]




But '''.. He waited ..nothing happened ' he felt she covering him again..  And hugging him kissing him... Madly 'in more apologetic way, in extreme self detainment , remorseful ,ashamed of her stooping down , the hot water drops told him everything ..he felt helpless ' he want to hug her kiss her madly 'make her feel ,make her understand that she only have complete right over him'.And only she can do anything , anything she want with him ..and he liked all her pranks more than anything '..




She whispered moaned in her crying " I am sorry , I am sorry 'I know I will never in my life with a .. I am sorry "




After a while she regained herself 'well she used to that , from childhood 'she learned how to ..get out of her sorrow sadness without the help of any shoulder to support '. Here she is ..lucky 'she got Maan ''




..Later  she made bed for sleeping ..arranging her pillow his chest ..she naughtily little playfully said ..  "u know I studied it all long back and had given exam ,and passed too .."


With that said he kissed his forehead and slept peacefully '




[Maan was happy , that she no more crying 'and got happily annoyed ..hmm acha ..tho mujey bewakoof bana rahey they 'as if he not realized it earlier ..and slept ]




Geet noticed that change every now and then following that day ... but was too shy to discuss with anybody , further whenever she touches it , while giving sponge baths , it just stood up ..and she decided .."may be a coma man's thingy will be like that only" ' and gave retirement to her doubts . Further poor she don't had any computers or internet 'her salary ...




He was happy contented with Geet around him and her closeness just enhanced his yearn for her.




Dr.Shashank's treatment was proceeding slowly , he can sense Maan's improvement in controlling his vital action and all.. This thingy thing not noticed , because it never shown up in Geet's absence '...Dr Shashank knew he need a strong motivation to get back in life , but he don't had a clue what it is '. He tried with Amruth's voice and even Nanaji , Savitri and Amruth paid a visit on the pretext of some post death ritual that performed every year .But none of their presence gave Dr.Shashank a hope 'He was waiting for that one spark.. He was confused , he can sense that Maan do not had , even by himself had any urge 'that kept him in the dark that Maan don't have any conscious of his surroundings ..lest he knew the life Maan having every evening '




The sad , part is In his deep , Maan feared his being well will take Geet away from him  that just took away his urge .So Geet's presence was a curse for his condition than a boon 'He was totally under the spell of Geet and never wished really to come out of it ''. Geet's presence and attitude towards her own life ..was influencing Maan 'in a bad way .. She is such a person who just accept her fate and try to be lively in it every possible moment times she loose solitude she try to be what she want   but other times , she take everything as duty and just surrender to it 'even when she in deep distress  she gather herself and try to move on accepting any nemesis .




Years pass by with Maan happily living in his "married life " , his suhag Rath was over right ?  No complaints and Nok-Jok is common in married life and he thoroughly living enjoying every bit of it'


And Geet unknowing to herself finding solace in his presence , giving in to his silent charisma .




Flashbacks ends here ..




Chapter 6:


Geet smiled.Turning to Arman she asked angrily waking him back "And why you are here , to become Father and Mother '" bye that said she know Armans reaction "Geet their tho ." before he could catch her she giggled and Ran away holding her tears sighing .




And Maan all day as always thinking ,thinking only . Today he felt really helpless never felt like this , just he wished he able to blink at least his eyes and tell her how much he feels for her 'He was worried about her , how much he want her to be his .. And he only hers ..






He heard  Dogs barking Jovially ..Yes Geet is home'''''.



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