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Chapter 13:Basic instinct

Chapter 13:Basic instinct
20 August 2011

Please Read Posts Above .wish my friends clear doubts ..sorry speechless beech meim agaya dont mind she is "speechless" u continue ...  

She wanted him to think that she is asleep and whatever she is doing in sleep , and he did ..!!!!!!!!!!!   Actually he too wanted to see she is sleep and seeing her eyes closing tight his male hormones covered the logic cells of his brain and persuaded him to do what he is doing ' The momentary stop in her hand movements was not at all registered at logic division ..lOl  and the slender soft hands with extreme energy her small nails which just became wilder like the claws come out of tigress dig in the exposed skin of his neck pulling it down..and down '.

And he immediately , the male hormones hit back of his head and made his head fall on the Bests  and with his mouth exactly falling cupping the *sshhh*  peeking out hard '..and ' and ''..

The wet rough manly lips of his started to draw circles around the brown  *shh* to make it ready  for the next 'attack ''..and with his whole lips encircling holding it tight he started to suck harder and harder ..  , she hold one of his hand busy trying to push down her dress from her waist which was not ready to move down ' and placed it in another *shh *  crying hard to get cared crushed , and his slender long most handsome fingers ever seen in any man , kind enough to hear its plea..  It pinched it ..stroked it wiping its unshown tears , and still unable to neglect the silent cry ' shifted his mouth and caressed with tongue and then sucked it to relax and the fingers started to care the complaining other *shh*** '

And she was trying to wrap her legs up around his waist but the saari and underskirt she wore not letting her to lift her legs '. And his magical manliness was just 'taking all sanity remaining in her ''..
And then his hands got busy pushing up her sari and underskirt together up..

Both saari and underskirt had a great laugh in that push up ,push down game ..then they scared too 'fearing what if both crazy tore it to its death t.. maans fingers stroked her thighs and it travelled stroking the inner thighs reaching her fluffy softness between thighs . Once it touched the serene awesome softness it just squeezed , same time making him shiver whole his body . In anticipation ..of murdering his celibacy forever ' and she moaned .  Louder ' screamed in pleasure growled demanding more

His hand automatically caught the panties  'and in a jerk removed it to the ground ..and then  when his hand slightly move from the spot she angered dig her nails deeper and scratching making him bleed and with other hand she took his hand which slightly moved to throw the panties , she caught his hands angrily and placed it back to the '.  , she just felt she became empty ..complete nothing when he removed it suddenly '

Poor Maan the stupid was not an expert neither a "dirty' boy , He don't know nothing ..what all he was doing the primates basic urge to 'mate' '.
He was doing nothing more than with blank head what his body drives him to do it '
And she too responding the same ''..

He placed back there patted , caressed ..and his mouth was non stoppingly doing its duty of 'stealing' mil..

She was restless the more dedicatedly he was doing his assaults the more restless she became ..he started to move his hip up and down crashing his *sshh" over her body trying to control  'its' violent demand..  But that was no where near her 'simple' wishes of the feminity ..  She pulled his belt buckles along with his pants line slightly inserting her fingers inside . Making him go wilder and he bite her nipples to bleed .. "Oouchhh""

She screamed 'he came worried , he lover her na'..   He stopped 'the frustrated complain came from her '.
"ye Aatha kyun nahee ''.ithney tight kyun hi..???  " and she looked straight in to his eyes 'shocked embarrassed 'Both . Maan was dumb numb 'he stood up immediately '.. But''''.. But geet is Geet '. 
Then screamed and shouted at her stupid Maan , "What were You doing ..again
Again You shameless'..''.
I know you are hungry 'we both ''''"

Then the nuclear bomb'''..

"Without Brushing '' How can You ...try to drink it '..".

Maan in dizzyness leaned wall ..Rubbing his forehead 'I cant explain his emotions ..You people just assume ..ok

She stood up , Her Bras* were loose , Ofcourse she was tall to look like an 18 but her *bests were small , not actually needed a br* , yet it needed support
She wore a bigger Br* to look perfect in saari with *best pad ' the only secret she not shared with her brothers 'was about her inners because of her mothers strict warning ,,(that warning will be explained later)

' ..and '

Yesterday  At Thani's Home'A while before they started their "Expedition"  ...When she was trying to wear her *best pads , Maan had seen it and she left Thani's bedroom leaving it there itself as if it does not belonged to her''  That is unknown to her still in his pocket '.which he forgot '..

Maan looked at her puzzled and of course mesmerized by her milky white body he stared  , in his usual "hit by the cupid" look ..

Which agitated her more and she quickly covered , not finding words out of the realization of shameful act she just did a while ago , she pushed him to the wall started to wake him his chest ' shouting "stupid Dirty 'Idiot Maan I hate you '. I hate you .."

Above all the feminine frustration of left half way ' without fullfilling the demands unknown to her ' She became wild and louder

"'Milk chor 'Keetanu Mouth '.I hate you 'Maan stupid ."

That's it ..He pushed her and both fell down .. ..Just before they reach ground he protectively covered her and she was safely landed him atop her' and she continued her 'sweet soft assault as she was 'getting again ..drugged by his maanliness 'atop her ..and'..

BANG ...


Arnie and Bheem Saw the blocked truck and they managed to reach there ..IT seems the fire from the blocked truck reached the car and it burned ..  , The media trying to cover the fire on Truck n different angles saw the burning car and , when they saw the Khurana Emblem'in it ..They just Made it big and gave full coverage in Media as Khuranas has a very Important position in the society...'.

As nothing found inside car they got relieved that she is safe and ,The Iyer Team came to quick conclusion about the situation , as the truck burning might have blocked their way to escape main road so ..the other end   ..Bingo'.they noticed the gate and all  and they reached that house where Maan and Geet where "Home Alone"

They were searching around then they heard scream and all tantrums geet was throwing inside ..and The Main door was Made of HoshiyarPur ..both Iyer hotties with their single bang in the door made it on ground moment they reached the middle room 'And saw the heart breaking "torturous" scene of an "Abla Naari.."  
you all know ..what all tortures 'happened ..and its Naari or Naara(I don't know masculine of Naari some body please help)
 Ya tortures on "Abla Purush ." ( Thanks @Speechless for helping ..)
Ps: Those who don't know About hoshiyarPur Doors , It was made thinking one day One hatta khatta nowjawan will break it 'Agree with me dudettes ..Please comment ..and press like button.. If you don't write cute funny comments in my breaks I will go to other threads and give head ache to them ..or write teasers ,,to tease myself first then u'.

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She is 14 ... in school it 18 ... will be revealed soon...

Please note : Geet is 14 biologically and 18 in certificates ...Maan dont have a clue about it , She is tall fair and intelligent (lol) in her academics to doubt her age ...i will try to paste her pics when she gone to a field trip with her brothers and their friends ...

10000 loves to my buddy @speechless for getting this pics for u...


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