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Chapter 17.Silent Betrothment


Part 17:Silent Betrothment

05 August 2011



Chapter 17.Silent Betrothment


The neck and Full sleeve of kurtha with sari reminded her of Bengal's Missionaries of Charity sisters 'she angrily took off the Kurtha , Covering her *shh* with Sari pallu '.




[Maan forgot to breath ''']




Then she put the remaining pallu around her head , satisfied by her looks , before she coming back she touched her soft curves beneath the sari ,and adjusted so that nobody could see her not wearing any blouse, She covered both shoulders and head with sari pallu , like (eg Pratibha pateel , lol) ..and slowly stepped inside




[Maan embarrassed shied blushed and dipped his head , its for the first ever time in his life he is seeing a girl'*shh*]




She came back and asked him "ji ..Suniye how am I looking now " blushing profusely


["hayee I am dead ''' "]


Then she burst out in laughter ,laughing at her own drama, shaking her whole body her pallu slide down her head and little from her shoulders showing nape of her neck and little of her cleavage.




[Maan angry , he was in his dreamland with his blushing sensuous wify , and '.he gaped at her exposed parts gasping ']




Then she sat down in the bed , covering her head with the red shall she left behind..




Then said half serious and half funny ..




"Now don't disturb me ..ok .enough play for today"




[acha ..o I am playing ..chalo bee mere sar pe ..thank you]




" ..i am waiting my Dulha to come in my dreams and so I will sleep in this Sari'.. May be this may be my 'last night ' sighed .


[hmm  may be your last night alone I wish']




.. "..i want to feel every bit of it ''  huggy teddy sorry today I cant hug you ."


[common hug me ..i want to feel it with you day I promise will make u feel every bit of it in ecstasy '. ..]




".u know 'first night'' let me enjoy .how can I take you..




["your first night is my right ..oh girl when will you understand that ]




."okee tokee ..good night ," she stood at her knees ..dragged herself to him kissed 'goodnight.   His nose .. Then some thing triggered her she gave him a kiss at his cheeks 'cupping his face  driving him insane ..then forehead benting it to her height , his hot breath fanned her ..neck ..chest '.. Instantly she snapped back 'and moved to the other  end .. Sat there hugging her knees .. When she moved in hurry the veil red shall covered her face and she let it remain like that'.


Now she became a perfect Dulahan waiting .




["geet ..look at me ' I know ..what u feeling '.. U are my girl ''. U know what I going to do on my first night , may be your stupid teacher Arman could go that far only ,..with Riddima opposite '''.. With you I can go where nobody ever gone ''  u can feel me''. Feel 'Geet 'I promise ' one day I will drive u insane with my passion my thirst 'feel '..




The play started by you with your rules ..let me finish it '




I am walking slowly ..sit on the bed ' moving my hands slowly to your foot , benting myself I am kissing your toes'.. He kissed ..licked the soft flesh in between her toes.. Blushing she pulled her leg back ..]




She actually pulled her leg back as if she felt it'.he moved further trailing wet kisses on her foot .. She shivered in anticipation ''hissed ..she actually moved restlessly ..stared at him'as if she felt every intimacy he dreamed




[He stopped ' ]




She stared  for long ..not able to register what just happened ' he too was not himself ''.the she , went close to him '.hugged so tightly as she want to crash her every bone in to his 'his face and lips ..found its space in  her neck  in her struggle to hug harder her pallu slid down her chest and her soft curve found privacy in his bare chest making it sweat ..sweetly ...and the her nipples teased his ever sane  and her soft curves slid in sweat little to settle down '..he felt like 1000 volts currents pass through his spine making each and every part of his body bring back to life ..and his already excited for long "thingy" ..just died of pleasure '.. Sheer pleasure'''making his inner thighs wet once again ..'his body heavily fell on her 'as his muscles relaxed , ''




She felt the weight ..and then realized her on posture, jumped back ,.. Exposing the visual ..that brought life back to ..his unconscious exhausted *shh*'she covered her chest quickly rubbed to close his eyes ..and he felt she move from him lying the other end trying to sleep,,,, but unable to sleep she turned back and forth ' then came to him , made his chest ready for her like she used to make it as her pillow .. And slept peacefully leaving him for another sleepless night ..






As soon he felt she slept ... he decided ,the sooner he be able to speak '[. I should ask Dr.Shashank to provide me the help of a sexologist to treat early ej*shhh*  , because I just don't want to disappoint this wild billy sleeping on me''''']




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