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Episode 10 Of beautiful Cockroach

Episode 10 : (for previous parts check page one )


Thank you For comments ..Most of you I pmed is indeed commented I am very happy .so the longest update without any add breaks.. enjoy .and do comment �silent readers ,,you too

its the longest update , sometimes i will not be able to update tomarrow and saturday as we have weekend here (in Uae)

Knock on the door..

"chotey ..Chotey �" Anjali entered, " Who lock you from outside ? and what is this noise ?? " she looked at Arnav doubtfully and the Brocken table ."

Arnav quickly cleared ..i enetered through the poolside ..i don't know who locked ..and looked really annoyed .

She started to get worried .."Kya hua Chotey .." by then Arnav heard Shyam's frantic voice followed

" Khushiji Khushiji kaha hi ..?? " he asked shamelessly ..Anjali looked at her husband surprisingly? he blabbered , when he felt Anajali's Gaze on him ..

"rani Sahiba I heard some fight sounds so , I thought Saleh Saahb and Khushiji will be fighting and ..Inka Gussa .." Anjali

Asked Arnav " Where is khushiji Chotey ?'

Arnav " she is taking bath , and Jeejaji there is no problem here for you to get worried ," his gaze was fixed on Shyam , seems he is burning him with his eyes .

Shyam " But what about the Loud voice I heard�I mean we heard You people were shouting at each other "

Then he looked at his innocent sisters worried face .

" Nothing Dee ,I was working on the lappy Khushi want her dress and the shower was on there so I have to talk to her loudly ..i don't know which dress she want so asking her to take herself �.,just ..that's it "

to his un-luck , Khushi's dresses were on the bed , and after lying his eyes caught it and he got little tensed .

Anjali Seems almost believed "chotey don't you see , she left the dress here .i will give ." walking towards it , then she noticed the tension in him ..

She confused �

Then she smiled happily naughtily shyly �

Yes she is a wise sister , she know now her newly wedded Brother and wife need some space.

Some naughty thoughts in her mind and she ..stoped , she felt sorry for intruding chotey's privacy like that �

May be chotey in some romantic naughty errand locked themselves in room asking Khushi to take dress herself �from bathroom

She self thought Wow Chotey You are so smart

(Lol friends , yesterday before show I typed .and then when the famous bathroom scene happened I was thinking about it �hi hi ..)

She shied..

Arnav confused Now for what his sister is laughing ? whatever ..How they here now ? Anyway good. Dee need not to spend whole night in hospital for that fake weakening of that dirty snake

Dee, Arman had told me , that JJeejaji will be discharged in the morning only

Anjali pouted , Ha chotey ..I don't what happened to him suddenly Thuhmarey Janey ke baad .., He was really adamant that he want to discharge then it self and went straight to Dr. Shashank and he checked the case sheet and Discharged , she continued sadly

He scolded Arman too .. She passed an accusing look at Shyam .

Shyam was smirking , at Arnav , Arnav understood Shyam was dicturbed with his and Khushi's absence together alone ,and came back ..

By then she saw Naani , Aakash ,Mama mami Payal every one at the door ..

Nani asked Ka Hua � Ye Awaz Kaisee.

Arnav shook his head and he don't know what to answer , And a smile formed in Shyamu's face seeing Arnav trapped �

(MU again this time funny)

Seeing her husband's smirk Dumbanji thought�May be her husband also thinking what she had thought ..

She happily told everyone ..

And cutely smiled at Naani ..

" vo Naniji ..i think ..Chotey is really busy and Khushiji ask him to get her dress and they were fighting �", and chotey is right why can't she come out and take herself ..arey ..vo hud ithna bhee nahee kar sakthee ,... " in a taunting tone , she arched her eyebrows in a beautiful way and Naani shook her head with an understanding smile

Arnav turned " Nothing like that dee" , even though he fight a lot with Khushi he dont want others think bad about her (cute na) but surprised seeing his sister laughing and eyeing to Naani about something happily , he confused , but relaxed , his Dee is not in tension , so whatever it is he don't bother , all he want his Dee in peace, so he give damn care what they think ..But was curious what they thought

She cutely winked at Naani ..and Naani made her mouth in an "O" and thought

"Oho ..Apna naanaji ka Asar tho bahuth hoga�"

"Ok Ok " she made a serious face , " come , Wiseman says Husband wife should solve their problems themselves " and she urged others to get out along with her.

And Naani whispered to Anjali "Anjali bitya Hum Sochath rahe hi ...Shadi se pehley hee hamesha aisan ladthey rahthey de ,,and kithna jaldee Shadi hogayee ..Patha hee Nahee chala"

(Anajali sweet heart i was thinking ,They always fought before wedding and in a second , surprisingly they got married)

Anjali Ha Naani � Ab I am thinking aisey ladthey ladthey jaldee se merey paree ko Dee bulaney ke liye ek nanha sa chotey bhee layenga .." chalo chalo ..hum sab uhney unkey hal pe chodthey hi �"

(Yes Yes Naani I think they will fight like this and maybe we will get a little Arnav soon to call my little angel Dee )

Shyam was in extreme pain hearing them, Arnav heard what Naani and Anjali talking .., He shook his head in disbelief and a big WHAT THE played in his mouth trying to escape , but then he saw Shyam's tormented face..

He felt ice on his burning heart with a smirk he closed the door � Completely extremely Satisfied peace he felt , seeing Shyamu in Deadly pain ..(me too)


Scene 2 :

Anjali's room

Shyam : Rani Shaiba ..Vo Log ..

Anjali : Don't worry Shyamji ..You need to take rest ,They may be just playing

And she hugged him

Anjali : You remember how you used to tease me and we � she shied

Shyam fell back in bed freeing herself turn the otherside , and shut his eyes tightly

He cant imagine the naughty deeds he had done with Anjali , Arnav doing with Khushi ..He bit his lips hard

Anjali Got worried ..What happened

Shyam Turned off the light at his side ..

And said , I am just tired ..I want to sleep .

Anjali got confused , but then decided not ask more they slept ..

Shyam's eyes where in fire , it can be seen in the darkness as the reflection of fire that was burning in his heart


Scene 3:

As soon as everybody left , Arnav realized it has been quite a time Khushi is in bathroom , he got concerned ..He knocked at the door ..

Khushi .Khushi �

No answer

He knocked harder frantically , he remembered what had happen between them a while ago and what she could have been going through �he flinched his eyes in pain �Khushi

Before he knock again he found the bathroom door open ,

It was not bolted

He hesitated for a second then went inside ..with great concern in his voice

Khushi Thum Teek Ho ...

( i love when he asks this ..Embarrassed feels like shut him up with a lip lock ..for that teek ho ..hayee you all may be thinking isey kya hua let me tell u i am totally fida on him after watching yesterday's episode ,. the cute sleep , then the shirtless bit, then soundless khushi and she hearing it..i loved it totally ..ok back to story ..)

Khushi was sitting under shower, with shower turned on hugging her knees and her eyes all red , it was not blinking , her gaze fixed on some random point and he could sense the tears flowing from it along with water.

He felt a knife just sliced his heart, he immediately rushed to her

Shook her and asked angrily

"what are you doing � , you will get fever �how can u act so stupid .. for how long you are sitting here ..Gosh �Damn .."he hold her made her stand ..and supported her ,a s he felt she was losing balance ..

She in jerk pushed him � he got shocked

Kyun ap ko kya fark padtha �hum marhee jathey hi na ..ap ko kya farak padenga .

Padey rahney deejiye humey yaha �.she inched back to the shower

He tried to speak something then closed his lips tight in a line and totally ignoring her , he leaned and closed the knob of shower , she hold on knob above his hand not letting him close ..

Khushi let me stop

Nahee stop ..

I want to stay here ..

she shouted back

He pushed her hands away and , just picked her up and moved to bed , and dropped her , completely avoiding the tantrums she was throwing ..

And took a dry towel and hold for her asked to wipe ..

Khushi stop your drama now dry yourself ..

Her eyes was spitting fire ,

no ..never , who the hell are you to tell me���.Throwing away the towel from his hands , standing on the bed

he quickly grabbed the towel and started to wipe water from her body and dry her hair ..she pushed him and , moved to the other end , he inched closer speaking in anger

Khushi come near me ..But she like a child,jumped on bed , started to escape from him in a totally rude Manner moving like a cockroach trying to escape .

Arnav in great frustration Now don't scamper around like some cockroach

Khushi stopped hearing word ..Kya ..

Arnav then realized what he said and amused by it, the way she makes him speak silly things , he stopped and crossed his arms across his chest and yes you heard me correctly..oh ah ..i mean what you say for cockroach ..Ya got it Diljattha ..Hmm Yup . , Abhee Diljatha kee tharah idhar Udhar bagna Chod do .. come here ..

She infuriated greatly �Hum Kackoroach ..

He made a cute face ..Yup .then looked at her paused one second and softly said ..

Ya ..a Very beautiful cockroach

She paused !

EmbarrassedRabba veyyy

Rabba VeyEmbarrassed

He felt he cant take his eyes off her , her marvellous white pinkish body , wet and the towel she had wrapped around clinched to every beautifully carved curves of her body erotically !

The word beautiful from his mouth was enough for her to get immersed in the beautiful breeze of romance they feel prevail around them ..more frequently or almost everytime unless they are fighting ,when they are together �.


She looked in to his eyes , then unable to hold on his piercing gaze she lowered her gaze and fluttered her eyes in disbelief

Rabba vey ..

He stepped in the bed , started to inch closer to her and she started to step back ..

He locked her between bed frame and him ..

No pre-cap: ;) but will be �steamy ..i guess ..;)

Ok thank you ,for your lovely comments that encourages me a lot

As promised without add breaks I completed one episode �

Hope You will shower my love for this Update too , please press like if you enjoy this update and do comment please ..please ..please �

And somebody may have doubt one moment they are fighting like hell and the next moment they behave so normally crazily ..well this is what husband and wife's do ! When they actually loves each other ..LOL


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